Germany: Knife Attack by Mustards Against Doctor & His Wife “Not Enough to Arrest”

Knife attack against a medical doctor and a physical attack against his wife smashing her face is not enough to arrest the perps? This is unheard of. Scandalous!  Outrageous! The Merkel regime has abdicated its responsibility. They are derelict in their duty to protect and complicit in “striking terror in the hearts of the unbelievers”.

Vlad Tepes:


Earlier today, we published a translation of a news article about a Hungarian (guessing by the name) doctor who was attacked along with his wife by a clan of angry Muselmaniacs who threatened to kill him for (?) some reason and made the doctor humiliate himself to be spared death.

Here is an interview with that doctor when he found out that all the perps had been released from custody this same day.

Yes. Three muslims burst into a doctors office threatening multiple people with death and were all released on the same day.

I hope for the sake of this man and his family he moves his multiple medical practices from Germany to Hungary where Orban is keeping them safe from the Islamic invasion. Hungary deserves a skilled practitioner like this and at the moment, Germany does not.

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  1. Merkel has the same plans for her country than Obama. Both want to change the Western culture to such an extent that 50 years from now, it will be ancient history. Sharia law will prevail and Muslims will dominate Europe and the USA.

    It will be really nice to live then, thanks God I will not.

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