Marine Le Pen: “They kill our children, murder our policemen and slaughter our priests”

Dutch Far-Right leader Geert Wilders wants to rid Europe of Islam
The chief of the Freedom Party wants to rid Europe and has accused Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte and Angela Merkel of being ‘weak’ and ‘cowards’ …
 Wilders is wrong. Rutte and Merkel are not “weak”. They are complicit.

A Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders has said Muslims should be banned from crossing European Union borders in a bid to rid the continent of Islam.

Geerts Wilders, leader of the Freedom Party, made the comments in the wake of the latest attack in Germany in which a Syrian migrant blew himself in Ansbach in the name of ISIS, injuring 15.

He accused the Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte and German chancellor Angela Merkel of opening to door to terrorists by not controlling immigration over EU borders.

Marine Le Pen accurately describes the mood: “They kill our children, murder our policemen and slaughter our priests. Wake up!”


Muslim “refugees” heading to the Hungarian border. Take a close look: Who are these people?

Bavarians consider backpack controls in the wake of the Music fest bombing by a muslim jihad yesterday. 

(Once you have banned trucks, bombs, knives, backpacks, cars, anything poisonous, machetes, chemical fertilizer and contagious diseases, we will all be safe again without having to ever admit the problem is islam)

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  1. ‘This was an attack on all faiths,’ says Muslim foundation
    “The attack on a Church is Normandy and brutal murder of a Priest is condemned in the strongest terms and we stand with our Christian brothers and sisters,” Mohammed Shafiq, Chief Executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, says.

    BS meter is overloaded with Taqqiya. If he was telling the truth, he would have mentioned the continuous killing of Christians in Muslim countries. including priests and the burning of churches.

    1. Let’s not forget history either. One of the most glorious historical events in islamic history is the slaughter of priests in Constantinople at the Hagia Sophia. Famous line ‘the streets ran red with the blood of the priests slaughtered’ in the islamic scholars glorification of islam at its zenith in 1453.

      Elections soon, in Sept in one German region, AfD could take that region, and Hoffe gets his rerun in Austria!

  2. If they stopped being “Welfare States” and denied any types of welfare to anyone that has not obtained citizenship and lived in the country for at least five to ten years and without being arrested or convicted of a crime then the flow of this human flotsam would cease. The leftist European governments are dishing out tax payers money to people who are only there for this reason NO OTHER! Stop the pull factor and they will stay where they are, it is about time these so called Islamic refugees stayed and fought for their own country’s prosperity and stopped relying on western support both in fighting their battles and support their economies.

    1. Nice idea Tanya, but not practical. They are already there and numbers aren’t increasing as much. No payment and all these young chaps will need to turn to crime.
      Instead all these fit young men ought to be pinned to initial intensive language classes and then put to any labouring jobs if they haven’t an alternative job found by themselves to be eligable for payments over a 2 year period at minimal wages rates unless able to train up and perform more complex work.
      Asylum ought to be granted on a temporary basis on conditions of remaining employed or voluntary hours equal to welfare payments if no better job can be obtained and no significant criminal convictions.
      For those failing to fit that, restrictive placement in detention camps-unless crime convicted in jail- until they are deemed ready to reenter general society re work rules etc.,or choose to go back to their origins.
      Permanent citizenship could be looked at after 5yrs for elite refugees of high calibre in excellent record and employability rather than ongoing temp status.
      My idea is nice in another way, but just as unrealistic re application.

  3. “Rutte and Merkel are not “weak”. They are complicit.”

    So what do you plan about them?

    Democraticly impeach them? Impossible according to the Eurabia theory.

    Abduct them? Kill them?

    Don’t be shy sheikyermami, tell us your projects!

  4. RIP to the elderly priest..but elsewhere it was stated that a list of Cathoic churches to be attacked was found last April. This church was on the list..What of the other churches? They want to turn France’s catholic churches into mosques.

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