Murder, Victimhood & Unislamic Hunting Permits

This is the scum of the earth that went out to kill and be killed in the name of allah to strike terror in the hearts of the infidels: 

FACES OF EVIL: The ISIS scum who massacred defenceless diners in Bangladesh cafe
ISLAMIC State (ISIS) has released chilling photographs of its cowardly gunmen who slaughtered 20 defenceless diners in a Bangladesh cafe.–EXPRESS.CO.UK|BY NICK GUTTERIDGE
  1. Dramatic video ‘shows destruction of huge ISIL convoy’–US and Iraqi armies release footage they say shows a long line of ISIL vehicles being attacked from the air.
  2. Israel besieges Hebron village over teen’s killing
‘Fantasyland Narrative’ on Islam Puts America in Danger

The Obama Regime will at all costs  protect the narrative that Islam is a religion of peace. It’s gone into the realms of the absurd. Nobody believes it. But this is the hard-left approach.”

“Jihad isn’t peaceful. Jihad is militant, usually violent, and it has never stopped for fourteen hundred years. Sharia is law for illiterate Bedouins.”

Arabs murder Jews and cry victimhood. Unfortunately, there are enough Moonbats among us who believe them.
Israel continues siege on Palestinians in Hebron
Hebron remains on lock down as Israeli forces comb the area for assailants connected to an alleged shooting attack.
Sadiq Khan: ‘Leave’ camp must explain rising xenophobia

That’s a real head scratcher: how can anyone be against the Mohammedan invasion? How can anyone not like to be replaced by Mohammedan cultural enrichers and head chopping savages?

Two notorious Paki tosspots (the mayor & Mehdi Hasan) whining to each other about recalcitrant kafirs who don’t like to be replaced by the Mohammedan expansion program. The Kleenex is on me!

The London mayor says ‘you can’t escape the fact the [Leave] campaign was horrible’.–AL JAZEERA
Thousands say ‘No’ to Brexit in colorful protest

Never take no for an answer until you get the desired result. CNN Marxists, the Mohammedans and the globalists are united against British sovereignty:

London (CNN) They simply won’t take “Brexit” for an answer. Tens of thousands of protesters angered by Britain’s historic vote last week to leave the European Union marched down London’s up-market Park Lane Saturday, many of them hoping that divorce …

Tens of thousands of protesters angered by Britain’s historic vote to leave the European Union marched down London’s Park Lane on Saturday.–|BY ELAINE LY AND ANGELA DEWAN, CNN

If ‪#‎ISIS‬ isn’t representative of Islam ‪#‎TheReligionOfPieces‬, why is it considered offensive to Muslims when someone says “Fuck ISIS”?

Now Muslim Are Offended By People Saying ‘F*ck ISIS’ And Police Are Calling It ‘Incitement’
Police have charged Tommy Robinson, a PEGIDA UK organiser, with “inciting racial hatred against Muslims” because of ‘F*ck ISIS’ flag picture.–BREITBART.COM

CAIR-Missouri Says Candidate’s ‘ISIS Hunting Permit’ Bumper Stickers Endanger Muslims

 ISIS is unislamic but handing out ISIS hunting permits endangers all Muslims:

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  1. Hey bobbies! Yes, you, my fine “public servants!” First you have to prove that muslims are a separate “race” before you can legally arrest and charge people who oppose them with “inciting racial hatred” against them! Huh? What’s that? You DIDN’T? No due diligence was done? Then you’re really only a gang of criminal kidnappers yourselves after all, aren’t you? Now go arrest your selves!


    – Your Employers –

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