Nobody has a clue. It’s a complete mystery.

People keep dying in violent and terrible ways, and nobody seems to know why. Following the recent slaughter of 44 people at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport, US secretary of state John Kerry told a press conference: “We’re still trying to ascertain what happened and who did it.”

One day, many years from now, with the assistance of global police networks, we might have an answer. At US news outlet MSNBC, this post-Istanbul question was asked: “Is there a pattern to recent terror attacks?”

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Baghdad bombing kills at least 125; ISIS claims responsibility
(CNN) A suicide truck bomb ripped through a busy shopping district in Baghdad over the weekend, killing more than 100 in what was the deadliest single attack in the war-weary country in years.

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Homemade explosive blast injures man in Central Park

An 18-year-old Virginia man was seriously injured in a blast in New York’s Central Park Sunday that police say could have been caused by homemade fireworks.
The Right to Happiness is the Antidote to Tyranny

Obumer, gun grab



Again, nobody has a clue. It’s a complete mystery. What on earth might be the common factor linking mass killings in Paris, Brussels, Orlando, London, Madrid, Bali, Israel, Libya Somalia, Cameroon, Egypt, India, Bangladesh, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, the Philippines, Russia, Burkina Faso, Kenya and now Istanbul? What pattern might there be?

Over in Germany, which coincidentally has lately taken in some million or so claimed refugees, one police spokesman suggested overcrowding may be the big issue.
Announcing that Munich would spend nearly $4.5 million more on security during this year’s Oktoberfest, spokesman Marcus da Gloria Martins said that the huge cost increase was to do with something other than terrorism and its completely unknown cause.

“For me the general problem of crowding at Oktoberfest is more worrisome than a terrorist attack,” he said, which is presumably why it makes sense to hire an additional 100 security personnel, install an emergency multi-language loudspeaker system and conduct bag checks at every single entrance.

All of these measures are obviously about overcrowding and not any other thing that might happen at random, somehow causing people to spontaneously die. Obviously.

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120+ Killed In Two Baghdad Bombings

Meet the Smiling Muslims Who Hacked to Death Those Who Couldn’t Recite Koran

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  1. Its not guns or ideology, but trigger finger that are the cause of mayhem around the world. We need to lop off trigger fingers at birth.

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