Rita Panahi says….

Rita Panahi says we’re paying a vicious price for free speech

Rita Panahi, Herald Sun

Censorious moral guardians stand ready to condemn anyone who dares stray from the accepted Leftist doctrine.

Hideous abuse and threats of violence are used to attack, intimidate and ultimately silence those whose views are deemed unacceptable.

TV host Sonia Kruger will know to keep her mouth shut the next time she has an opinion that deviates from the narrow worldview of the media and political class.

Kruger has been the victim of a vicious “pile on” for daring to voice her opinion about Muslim migration.

She has been called a racist, bigot, Islamophobic and even compared with Hitler.

Police make arrests during a protest against Pauline Hanson appearing on ABC’s Q&A program.
Sonia Kruger speaks about her muslim migration comments. Picture: Channel 9

The Voice host and mother of one was also labelled a bitch, bimbo, whore, slut and the c-word repeatedly, and told to kill herself by online cowards who inhabit the Twitter sewer.

Even media personalities were happy to lay the boots in; ABC favourite Adam Richard called Kruger an “intolerant c–t”.

On radio on Tuesday morning, Melburnians were treated to interminably unfunny “comedians” on poorly rating shows condemning Kruger as well as rationalising the despicable abuse she has copped.

It’s interesting to see the same folk who were apoplectic with rage when a fringe-dwelling feminist was called “hysterical” a week ago are now happy to join in the abuse Kruger has endured.

Fairfax even used the word “hysterical” in a headline to describe Kruger and its columnist suggested that she was an uneducated blonde bimbo unworthy of entering political debate.

Likewise, Pauline Hanson continues to be the target of some truly bile-filled vitriol from those who believe an elected senator does not have the right to speak.

What Hanson’s detractors fail to realise is that the more she is mocked and ill-treated, the more support and sympathy she has from the public.

On Monday night Hanson had to again dodge protesters before her appearance on the ABC’s Q&A program where she appeared alongside Labor senator and re-enactment specialist Sam Dastyari.

Pauline Hanson had to dodge protesters before her appearance on Q&A. Picture: ABC

Curiously, Dastyari intimated during the program that he was a Muslim, despite the fact that he is an atheist. He somehow failed to reveal that he is an atheist even when asked, more than once I might add, whether he was a Muslim.

The victim narrative is a popular one among some in the Muslim community — including jetsetting refugee Aladdin Sisalem. The Palestinian-Kuwaiti, who has used the proceeds of his taxpayer-funded disability pension to take 16 holidays to places such as Russia, Thailand, China and Indonesia, sought to censor this newspaper for publishing a wholly accurate news story last November.

Mr Sisalem used religious vilification laws to lodge an unsuccessful claim with the human rights division of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

All his claims were dismissed by VCAT on Tuesday but tens of thousands of dollars and valuable resources were wasted during the process.

For the record, I don’t agree with Hanson or Kruger’s position that all Muslim migration to Australia should be stopped but I appreciate the fact that they have the courage to say what they think.

Horrific acts of Islamist terror committed around the world have many Australians questioning the value of migration that introduces centuries-old hatreds to our peaceful and secular land.

On Tuesday we woke to news of a teenage Afghan refugee shouting “Allahu akbar” (“God is great”) while attacking commuters with an axe on a German train before being shot dead.

These “lone wolf” attacks are becoming so commonplace that we barely notice them unless they are of the magnitude of the Nice massacre, where 84 people lost their lives.

Meanwhile, the commentariat is becoming increasingly out of touch with the mainstream, opting for PC rhetoric and declining to even acknowledge the threat posed by radical Islam let alone discuss ways of countering it.

‘Aladdin Sisalem sought to censor the Herald Sun for publishing a wholly accurate news story last November.’ Picture: Josie Hayden

Whether you agree with Kruger or not, the manner in which she has been abused for simply sharing an opinion — one that is far more widely held than the media would like to believe — speaks volumes about the way open discourse about Islam is frowned upon in this country.

Any deviation from the weasel words favoured by the political and media elite results in a merciless attack; Australian progressives love displaying how wonderfully tolerant they are by hurling unhinged invective at anyone who dares disagree.

Conservative women are used to this type of demented abuse from those who prefer to attack and smear the individual rather than debate the topic. Meanwhile, feminists stay silent as women are eviscerated online.

The word “racist” is misused and overused so much that it has lost all impact. Once and for all, Islam is a religion, not a race. It’s absurd to try to paint people as diverse as the Sudanese, Persians, Indonesians and Bosnians as a single race.

If you don’t agree with Kruger or Hanson then come at them with some facts, figures and counterpoints, not just crazed abuse.

Rita Panahi is a Herald Sun columnist



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  1. Sonia Kruger had fear & worry about people killed for no reason which is example happening in Europe,french where people are butchered without sympathy by the Islamic terrorist in soil dosnt belong to them so she expressed view
    Muslim dogs what they know about human values, they are Satan’s to be eradicated from earth.

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