Serfs of Satan

After spate of Muslim migrant jihad massacres, Merkel refuses to reverse Muslim migrant policy
After spate of Muslim migrant jihad massacres, Merkel refuses to reverse Muslim migrant policy

The worst German Chancellor since Adolf Hitler is bent on national suicide. “Merkel rules out migrant policy reversal after attacks,” BBC, July 28, 2016: Recent attacks in Germany involving asylum-seekers would not change its willingness to take in refugees, Chancellor Angela Merkel has said. She said the attackers “wanted to undermine our sense of community, […]

Juncker: No Matter How Bad Migrant Crisis, Terrorism Gets, We’ll Never Give Up On Open Borders

Mr. Juncker insisted that however bad the “migrant crisis” and terrorism in Europe gets, the EU will never call into question the free movement of people within the bloc.

“This is one of the four fundamental freedoms of the founding Treaty of Rome. It is an inviolable principle,” he said.

“We will never give up” he said.

Juncker and Merkel should know that we will never give up defending ourselves against the islamic invasion and to bring these traitors to justice. 

Jean-Claude Juncker has vowed that no matter how bad terrorism or the migrant crisis get, the EU will never give up on open borders.
The Pope says Europe is seeing an ‘Arab invasion’ 

…. turns around and says ‘nothing to do with islam.’

Pope Francis described the influx of migrants into Europe as an ‘Arab invasion’ before explaining that the new arrivals will enhance Europe for the better.—DAILYMAIL.CO.UK


propaganda is too predictable. Just like MPs not housing one single refugee.

The EUSSR is run by a gang of unelected Stalinists

These people are usurpers, crooks and criminals. This dictatorship will not stand.

Spain & Portugal face BILLIONS in FINES as Juncker pushes PUNISHMENT on beleaguered states
SPAIN and Portugal could soon be hit with huge fines for repeatedly breaking European Union (EU) budget rules.
CHANCELLOR Angela Merkel has said Germany is facing a “major” threat from terrorism but that this should not stop refugees being welcomed to Europe.  | Pamela Geller


French Citizens Gear Up For Civil War Against Orwellian Government
Australian Muslims may ‘take matters into their own hands’

This putz should have his visa revoked right away and put on a plane out and back to where he came from.

The founder of the fledgling Islamic Association of SA warns a lack of tolerance could spark violence.—ABC.NET.AU
Hungary slams the UN “This is not a refugee crisis, but a mass Muslim population movement”
Hungary FM historic speech at the United Nations. Watch & Share this video!…
Keysar Trad returns to be spokesturd for mufti

Muslim leader stands down amid school brawl


The president of Australia’s peak Muslim body has stepped down and been ­replaced by community spokesman Keysar Trad amid a battle against one of its largest schools, Malek Fahd, over $13 million.

After repeat attempts had been made to oust him from the role, Hafez Kassem sent the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils executive committee notice of his resignation on Tuesday night, suggesting Mr Trad as his successor. Mr Trad, a former treasurer of the organisation, was unanimously elected its president yesterday.

In his letter, Mr Kassem said: “It has been my honour and privilege to serve AFIC for the past 10 years and I feel blessed to be working with such an honourable group of brothers … Unfort­unately, my family and business responsibilities make it difficult for me to continue to lead AFIC. It is with a heavy heart that I ­intend to offer my resignation from AFIC this evening.”

Mr Trad told The Australian he planned to raise awareness about Islam and step up deradicalisation programs, saying the community did not want to see its children fighting overseas. “We are going to escalate our public awareness campaign and our outreach programs to make sure we promote better understanding about Islam and Muslims.

“The vast majority of Muslims are here to build and contribute to Australia, to be constructive citizens. We need to get that message across. We can’t keep allowing the actions of a handful of people to tarnish a community.”

Mr Trad said AFIC would play a role in “protecting” Muslim children with job-creation programs.

Mr Kassem was sacked as chairman of Malek Fahd, in the southwest Sydney suburb of Greenacre in October, along with the school’s board and ­accountancy firm. He survived a move to oust him as AFIC presid­ent in March, when no formal vote was taken.

Islamic Council of Queensland spokesman Ali Kadry said Mr Kassem was not forced out but some executive members had requested he step down to allow new leadership.

“I think the change was necessary. Hafez Kassem has done a good job … I think he wanted to take time off and allow other people to take on the challenges we face,” he said.

Malek Fahd sent AFIC a letter of demand last week that it repay $13m to the school, amid claims of multiple breaches of duty by AFIC directors.

The federal government cut $20m in funding from the school after a Deloitte audit uncovered financial mismanagement and governance.

Mr Kassem will continue to work with AFIC in an advisory capacity. Malek Fahd and Mr Kassem did not return calls.


6 thoughts on “Serfs of Satan”

  1. As “Serfs of Satan
    islams are Never Australian !!!
    islams are Never a Man !!!
    (islams can only ever be a male… of the islam species)
    islams are Never a Woman !!!
    (islams can only ever be a female… of the islam species)

    (Mr) Tawhidi (a male … of the islam species)
    The founder of the fledgling [Criminal] Islamic Association of South Australia (IASA) …

    Time Out …
    Time Out … OK! ..
    Which Treasonous Australian Politicians were responsible for allowing this abomination to be created ?!?!?

    Mr Tawhidi said …
    Australian Muslims may ‘take matters into their own hands
    (they intend to eventually anyway)

    Mr Tawhidi said…
    imams were striving “hard to reform the Muslim community of SA into a tolerant community“.

    (Mr) islam Criminal Tawhidi just publicly stated THE TRUTH about islam AND the intolerant vile putrid malevolent deceitful islams Communities Resident in Australia

    See sheik’s link about more on Tawhidi !

    Desperately Needed …
    Purge islam appeasers From Earth !!!
    Purge islam AND islams From Earth !!!
    This way … other parts of the earth aren’t polluted with these particular islam rubbish !!!
    Pulverise mosques in Australia !!!

  2. Merkel is a murderer, a maimer, a destroyer of lives. She was warned thatuncontrolled migration would lead to deaths and maiming of ‘some’ Germans. She was slinging the axe, packing the rucksack with nails. Murderer.

  3. I can’t for the life of me work out how Merkel hasn’t been assassinated yet.
    This vile Western civilisation hating woman has brought Germany all this grief and heartache, and still refuses to understand the enormity of the evil she’s released into Europe?
    I really hope for AfD to save them.
    The German people should be proud to be who they are, but they appear to be broken.
    Perhaps a bullet between Merkel’s eyes would kindly put Germany back on track.

    Perhaps if all those pacifists and leftist vermin were looked on by society as pathetic, weak and unworthy of any political worth, it would help in restoring the loss which most Germans feel.
    It is unbelievable and grossly unacceptable just how far the do gooders have gone to make the ordinary German feel criminalised, should they dare not share their dogmatism.
    The do gooders excuses of xenophobism,racism,fascism,patriotism and any other “ism’s” that’s in their arsenal to ward off those who wish to protect their true rights and freedoms is becoming an overused excuse to call when their ideologies are brought into question.
    I wonder if there’s any shred of guilt felt by those “useful fools”,who are now beginning to see the consequences of their actions.
    Not quite the cultural enrichment you had in mind when you held your placards high with “Refugees Welcome” emblazoned on them?

    1. Please killing her will make her a martyr.( and invite more refugees out of sympathy) Vote her out.Educate the Germans.


    The imam of IASA, who goes by the name Shaikh M Tawhidi, today released a statement saying he feared a day “where the Muslim community might take matters into their own hands to protect their women and mothers”.

    “Australian Muslims may ‘take matters into their own hands’”

    Western Governments ( and law enforcement) should not tolerate incitement to violence.That should be the number one goal.

    Otherwise, like a lot of Muslim majority countries incitement to violence and violence will become the norm.

    We are constantly told do not take the law into your own hands and that should apply to Islamic preachers.

  5. “A spokesperson for the SA Government said all citizens who were victims of assault “should expect that the perpetrator be punished according to the law”.

    “The Government does not condone people taking the law into their own hands,” he said.”

    Is his visa going to be revoked by the Australian government because of his incitement to violence?

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