(Some of) Australia’s Dilemma

Sydney siege police operation was ‘clumsy, messy’, experts say
A delay between two tactical police teams storming the Lindt Cafe was one of the elements that caused a clumsy and messy end to the Sydney siege, an inquest…ABC.NET.AU
Hate preachers facing up to seven years jail

Needless to mention that this will be used against those who speak out against Islam. 

TEENAGERS as young as 14 could be placed on control orders and hate preachers jailed for up to seven years under laws to ensure Australia is “as agile as our opponents” in its fight against terrorism.
Peter Quick's photo.
‘Shocked’ KRudd claims Turnbull said he backed him for UN job
Kevin Rudd releases a series of letters in which he claims Malcolm Turnbull had promised to support his bid for the United Nation’s top job as recently as December.—ABC.NET.AU
A good Saturday morning read. It points to a common problem many of us face – how to get through that wall of ignorance and smug self-certainty a lot of Australians assume as a mask of superiority.(via Tim Blair)

The crabs have spoken

Also in the US, Kevin Rudd’s UN leadership bid wins significant support. No word yet from any seabeasts.


Wally Broke My Heart


The discord between Montagues and Capulets cannot hold an organic candle to the green disdain that cursed the love affair of a conservative man and a woman of the left. He loved her for what she was. She rejected him for what her friends might think.
We’re being sued because we didn’t do a good enough job for the illegal boat that sank on Christmas Island

from the moment the vessel illegally entered our waters it was forfeited to the Commonwealth for its crime at sea – and therefore became our responsibility.   He reckons we were responsible for its unseaworthiness, no lifejackets, overcrowding, no flares, no safety equipment, “failed” engine (others say sabotaged) and now his mental anguish and pain because he says he is related to someone who died. (Michael Smith)


4 thoughts on “(Some of) Australia’s Dilemma”

  1. “hate preachers jailed for up to seven years under laws to ensure Australia is “as agile as our opponents” in its fight against terrorism.

    More important to say violence preachers.

    More than hate and what is hate when you quote from the Koran?

    Everyone understand what incitement to violence is.

  2. islam in Australia …
    IS A PUBLICLY ACKNOWLEDGED (at last by Australia’s Authorities) PROBLEM …
    YET Australia’s Authorities continually avoid “THE FIX”

    “THE FIX” == Purge ’em (islam and its islams) ALL !!!

    and FROM a link in above article
    Hate preachers facing up to seven years jail

    Mr Turnbull said it was critical the government’s terror (anti-islam) laws continued to evolve.

    “We are determined to ensure that as they (islams) develop new ways of threatening us, we are able to respond quickly and effectively,’’ he said.

    “Australians must understand that we, their government, our primary duty, our first obligation is to keep the people of Australia safe.”
    WE DO !!! WE DO !!! mr malcontented bull-excretia
    But do you !!!

    PM Turnbull …
    WHY IS isalm AND its islams STILL in Australia !!!!

    Australians (apparently) have to get rid of YOU (the PM islam Appeaser) AND YOUR ASSOCIATES to be free of and rid of islam AND the islams !!!

    NOW BULL-EXCRETIA (a latin word),
    islam BEST FRIENDS …

  3. Destroy the UN from within …
    Endorse Kevin Rudd for UN Secretary General !!!

    1. Islam is not religion it is Satan invading the people for preaching hatred and violence, terrorism.
      Quran is a satanic verses.
      comparing Christianity& Islam
      1)Christain preaches to love every body as you love you.
      1)Islam preaches Muslims are sinners they are only forgiven the sin by killing non Muslim.
      2)Christanity to convert non Christian by there own willing &love
      2)Islam convert the non Muslim by violence. Beheading and rape.
      3) Christainiry is founder by messenger jesus and he was unmarried,
      3) islam founder mohamed is self claimed prophet, womanizer,married 5 wife’s including 6 year girl.
      4)Christainity is operated on secular law.
      4)Islam is operated by only his Satan law (sharia law)
      5) Christainity is gentle & loving culture.
      5)Islam is violent culture.
      6)Christainity men and woman are equal.
      6)Islam men and woman are not equal and there is no right for woman.

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