The BS Peddlers Are Out In Force

Nice attack: We must not feed the Isis narrative that the West is at war with Islam

By Islam apologist  , who claims every kind of resistance to the global jihad “plays into the hands of ISIS”

My suggestion is to not feed Muselmaniacs because it turns them into full blown Koranimals.

The Paris attacks were the bloodiest in Europe for years

Muslims are convenient scapegoats of choice in America, other Western societies and Israel. Islamophobia rages, boosted by Bastille Day violence in Nice. …

More Raging Scapegoats and Hyping Terrorism, Stoking Fear Following Nice, France “Incident”, from Stephen Lensman at

What to do, what to do?

ISLAMIST groups are waging a so-called asymmetric war against the West with increasing ferocity, but what can the West do to counter the threat of jihad? …

Its a real head scratcher, according to  TOM BACHELOR from the Express….

The Australian today waxes lyrical:

France takes centre stage in the clash of civilisations

More shocking than mowing down children is to mock Jonathan Green

Andrew Bolt

Leftoids are a bunch of obsessed tosspots. Here’s the latest example:

How curious. Islamists can massacre people at a concert, fly passenger jets into tall buildings, blow up drinkers at a Bali bar and mow down sightseers watching the fireworks by a beach, yet ABC presenter Jonathan Green can still maintain his faith in our “cultured reason. Our tolerance. Our audacious confidence in the fundamental goodness of others.”

Only one thing can make Green flinch in his audacious confidence. Being teased as a pompous blowhard by the entirely peaceable Tim Blair. Suddenly Green wonders if his life is in danger and alerts Blair’s employer.

Pali  “Innovation” Hailed By Fans of Mass Bloodshed


Apparently, we have Palestinians, a.k.a. Blow Up Nation, to thank for their pioneering work in the field of vehicular jihad.

Worthy of inclusion in that Palestinian museum, I’d say. (Scaramouche)

2 thoughts on “The BS Peddlers Are Out In Force”

  1. Definition: ISLAM
    Low Life ‘Creatures” excuse for CONTINUED VERY BAD CRIMINAL Behaviour
    (’cause … “it’s in the Qur’an”)

    What to do, what to do?
    You have islams living in YOUR non-islam Country !
    Then these islams have to be Removed Completely AND Quickly

    Use …
    Qur’an 115: 1-3
    it abrogates in entirety …
    all/every/any previous ‘holy shiite’ islamic texts

    Qur’an 115 مع السلامة (Ma’a salama): Good bye (All/Any islams)

    1. Purge islam appeasing ‘(Shadow Government) Cultural Marxist Dictators ‘Globally‘ !!!
    …… (ie. OURelected‘ politicians true masters)

    2. Purge islam appeasers ‘Globally‘ !!!
    …… (ie. OUR politicians and “Suicidal Humanists” who support the islam invasion)

    3. Purge islam ‘Globally‘ !!!
    …… (ie. the islam emulators (by their own choice) … of a Criminal Muhammad)

    All the above mentioned criminals DO KNOW what they are doing !!!
    Qur’an 115 THEM … NOW !!!

    (Release Anders Behring Breivik …
    Purge the Criminals … the cultural marxists, “Suicidal Humanists” AND the islams

  2. Nice attack: We must not feed the Isis narrative that the West is at war with Islam.

    We are waging war on Islam, but pretending we are not at war with Islam.

    France has already bombed ISIS just after Nice, knowing full well that Muslims in France, are obliged to attack France in retyaliation . And if by any chance, French Muslims restrain themselves for the moment, France, with the West, will continue to bomb ISIS until there is a reaction, which then will be used to order more bombings,. Eventually the Western public will be ready to accept what has been obvious to us for a long time.

    Note , that the West has more then enough power to annihilate ISIS in an afternoon. They dont, as ISIS more useful alive then dead.

    I’ve maintained since the days of LGF, that the reversal of Islam in the West, and globally, will start in France.

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