The last three successful terror attacks in Australia were all committed by Muslim “refugees”

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Who let them in?

Andrew Bolt

The last three successful terror attacks in Australia were all committed by refugees. The last four mass attacks in Germany were all carried out by asylum seekers or – in the Munich massacre – by the child or asylum seekers.

Now this:

TWO flatmates have pleaded guilty to making preparations for a terrorist attack but deny they intended to kill anyone instead saying they were planning to destroy property.

Six days before they were set to face trial, Fairfield flatmates Omar Al-Kutobi, 25, and Mohammad Kiad, 26, pleaded guilty in the NSW Supreme Court this morning to one count each of conspiring to do an act in preparation for a terrorist act or acts…

Al-Kutobi, an Iraqi refugee and Kiad, a Kuwaiti student, were arrested on February 11 last year …

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  1. These people are doing this because they want to go to” heaven”. How about if we make it impossible for them?

    Arm all cops with bullets dipped in pig’s blood. Make it law that all those terrorists to be buried must be buried with a pig’s head sown into their insides. Those that are abt to die, to receive a transfusion of pig’s blood .

    If they make it into jail, they have to be fed pork? Etc. All this to discourage them and their friends from attempting to gain “heaven “…

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