We don’t just want half of the ABC’s budget; we want the ABC GONE!

Either way, half of a billion dollars would do us nicely to promote conservative causes. We have every right to make this happen!

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Thanks to Andrew Bolt

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Its credo:


This gets to the heart of why The XYZ was founded. In Australia, we fund the ABC to the tune of $1,000,000,000 a year. The XYZ has modelled itself as a classical liberal/cultural libertarian foil to the Cultural Marxist ABC, choosing letters at the opposite end of the alphabet and even aping its logo. When The XYZ demands half of the ABC’s budget, a full $500,000,000, we are only half-kidding. The reality is, it is not fair to fund a propaganda arm for one side of politics to this exorbitant extent, a propaganda arm which, regardless of how many “progressive”-led “enquiries” maintaining the contrary, is most certainly in breach of its charter. We really have two options: privatise the ABC so it can be free to pursue its left-wing agenda without extorting the Australian taxpayer; or fund to an equal extent its equivalent, which will present an opposite point of view to the ABC.

Thus, The XYZ exists to oppose a publicly funded institution setting the national political agenda. As a movement, classical liberals, cultural libertarians, anarcho-libertarians, anybody who is committed to free speech and free markets, must attack these institutions, to either get an equal footing inside them, reform them, or bring them down completely. In this respect, The XYZ was inspired by organisations such as Breitbart News, PJTV, Truth Revolt, Info Wars and Free Domain radio, which have been working tirelessly, some for the good part of a decade, to challenge the politically correct narrative of the mainstream media.


And a reminder to those interested: join Senator Cory Bernardi’s new Australian Conservatives here.

His own call to arms here.

Bullies rule: how the Left threatens your freedom

Andrew Bolt

Peter Kurti is right to detect a revolt against the bullies of the Left:

The rise of Pauline Hanson has been attributed to a growing backlash against a “democratic deficit” in all western societies as human rights are being distorted to favour minorities and silence the mainstream.

The assessment comes from the author of a new report that says the growing influence of identity politics, and the distorted application of human rights, is placing whole areas of public debate off-limits through the use of stigma and public shaming.

In Australia, those most responsible for distorting human rights have been the Australian Human Rights Commission and publicly funded human rights legal centres, according to the report’s author, Peter Kurti, an Anglican minister and lawyer…

Mr Kurti, a research fellow with the Centre for Independent Studies, said … Australia is being confronted by “minority fundamentalism” that has all the features of religious fundamentalism: ideological fanaticism, intolerance of dissent and total certainty about truth and falsehood…

This tendency had been responsible for the rise of the Safe Schools program that requires children to engage in sexual role playing, the prosecution of journalist Andrew Bolt under section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act over articles that offended light-skinned Aborigines, and the attempt by a gay marriage activist to prevent Hobart’s Catholic Archbishop Julian Porteous from explaining Catholic doctrine on marriage…

The report comes at a time the Human Rights Commission has been accused of breaching the human rights of Queensland University of Technology students who had been ejected from a computer lab because they were not Aboriginal and confronted with a damages claim for $250,000 because they allegedly ridiculed the incident on social media.

“The weakening effect of identity politics is that it prioritises equality over freedom and, in doing so, locks people into specific categories at the expense of individual liberty,” the report says.

Conservatives have had enough and will fight

Andrew Bolt

Janet Albrechtsen in praise of Senator Cory Bernardi, fighting where so many Liberals are folding:

Good on Cory Bernardi. The move by the South Australian senator to set up a home for those on the Centre-Right of politics in Australia is needed now more than ever. After an election that saw the Turnbull government barely scrape home, and more than a million voters chose an independent or micro-party in the Senate, conservatives have two choices.

Do nothing, remain complacent, trust in the righteousness of their cause, watch the centre-right landscape fracture further and hand the next election to an emboldened Left.

Or they can learn from the Left, unite around values, get clever about language, reclaim morality as their own and understand that left-wing activism can’t be defeated by sober words and rational speeches. It will be defeated only by right-wing activism that takes nothing for granted.

…. angry Liberals wonder why they are losing these debates. Bernardi isn’t getting angry, he’s getting even. He’s working to level democracy’s playing field to offer conservatives a place in the public square just as GetUp! does on the Left. Bernardi wants to unite Australian conservatives who have turned away from the Liberal Party as their natural home. He points to the 1.7 million voters who chose centre-right independents or micro-parties over the Liberal Party.

Albrechtsen says this is a test for Turnbull, and is too kind to add that there is absolutely nothing in his temperament and record to suggest he is capable of passing:

For the moment, it serves as a timely wake-up call to Malcolm Turnbull that the Liberal Party is at its strongest when it respects both the conservative and small-L liberal strands of its past and present… 

Can Turnbull prove that a progressive Liberal can equally unite and strengthen the party? Or will moral arrogance preclude him from doing so? Just as many on the Left cannot simply disagree with their political opponents — they must deride and revile them — the same is true of many on the more progressive side of the Liberal Party….

Including party conservatives [in his ministry] is only a first step for the PM. Getting to know conservative voters, rather than thinking you know better than them, is his second task….

Bernardi’s call to arms is a potential turning point for homeless conservatives who believe in smaller government, greater individual freedom, the importance of Western culture, its traditions and values, lower taxes, and “plain old common sense”…

If the Liberal Party isn’t a broad enough church to include these voices, then it has more to fear than GetUp! Its own conservative base will tell the party of Menzies and Howard to get lost.

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