ACT parliament passes religious vilification laws

“Racism” as the word is currently used has very little to do with race. It would be best defined as “anything leftists want to eradicate.”

Placing Mohammedans above criticism is criminal lunacy. Islam is a genocidal cult under the guise of religion. Those who aid and abet the Islamic expansion project are committing high treason,


Kirsten Lawson @ Brisbane Times

Vilification on the grounds of religion is now illegal and in serious cases could result in a criminal conviction with a fine of up to $7500, under laws passed by the ACT parliament on Thursday.

Both Labor and Liberal supported the move put by the Greens Shane Rattenbury, who said the display of hatred, intolerance and offensive behaviour towards Muslims was one of the biggest intolerance issues in Australia today.

The ACT has outlawed vilification of people because of their religion, concerned about growing attacks on Muslims. The ACT has outlawed vilification of people because of their religion, concerned about growing attacks on Muslims.

The University of South Australia had found about 10 per cent of Australians were highly Islamophobic, and while the ACT showed the lowest rates in the country, Islamophobia was still significant here.

“The University of South Australia?” Really? Who exactly was it at the UoSA who cooked this imaginary disease report?

“It is clear [Muslims] are frequently, almost constantly, exposed to discrimination, vilification and targeted offensive behaviour,” he said.

There is no evidence for that but their claims, which are for the most part bogus.

Thursday’s changes to the Discrimination Act also added disability to the list, so it is now illegal to vilify someone because of disability, religion, race, sexuality, gender identity, and HIV/AIDS status. Vilification can include social media posts, actions in a workplace and wearing clothes, signs or flags that would incite hatred, contempt, ridicule or revulsion.

Liberal leader Jeremy Hanson said the Liberals wanted a harmonious, multicultural society free from extremism. He had been shot at by Sunni and Shiite extremists and by the IRA, so he knew firsthand the consequences of extremism, but others in the community experienced the consequences daily.

Christians and Jews were also vilified for their beliefs and would be protected by the new legislation, he said.

Highly doubtful. Have Christians or Jews been protected in the past. Why start now?

Attorney-General Simon Corbell said the change was not designed to limit freedom of speech but to “ensure the political discourse does not descend into hatred”.

Of course it is to limit free speech. The idea that a gov’t can legislate against “hatred” is preposterous. Love and hatred are subjective. As we have a G-d given right to love, so do we have a right to hate those who would take that away from us.

Protections against discrimination (as opposed to vilification) were also extended on Thursday, with new bans on discrimination on the basis of accommodation status, employment status, genetic information, immigration status, intersex status, physical features, altered sex, and being a victim of domestic and family violence.

Good night Australia. These do-gooders are doing everything to destroy us.

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  1. I have a justified fear of islam based on well documented facts. Any one who doesn’t, has not been paying attention or should be certified. Appalling legislation designed to shut us up and aid our cultural suicide.

    1. Thinking of Islam as just a religion is part of the problem. These laws are enabling Islam, a fascist totalitarian political ideology, to gain a foothold in Western countries. The use of the ‘Islamophobia’ fiction is designed to stop debate about what Islam is up to; pity our politicians are so inept!

      1. OK- how about religious vilification set forth in the koran?
        How about using this law to clean out the Muslim preachers.
        Islam is above criticism, is it not?

  2. “Do gooders” and so-called “liberals” are cut from the same cloth. IMHO they are ALL neo-communists. This is because they share, more or less, the same fundamental cognitive impairments. The pattern is established and recognizable. Our USA suffers greatly from this disease. One cannot help but notice how upside down and inside out so many well thought of nations have become. I let my passport expire for my fight for our Republic is the final battleground I have chosen. I pray for you too, Australia.

  3. If Erdogan, the bully tries to bully Donad Trump, he will find his garrison in Cyprus blockaded and hois arse whipped. The Trump is not likely to take BS from Turkey. It will be marching orders out of NATO.

    Russia has never given up its claim to Constantinople, the seat of Orthodox Christianity, They didnt care when Russia was communists, but now they do.

  4. and just when the islams and the “islam little helpers” thought they have won ….

    well that is up to the REAL POWER (the non-islams) of this world !!!

  5. ACT parliament passes religious vilification laws !!!
    Both Labor and Liberal supported the move put by [the Greens Australian TRAITOR Shane Rattenbury.”
    This means EVERY Australian Politician is a Traitor to non-islam Australia !

    • The Historic Australian (politician) Traitors List is here …

    • The Current Australian (politician) Traitors List is here …

    1. This current crop of islams little helpers
      with their “Adjustment” to the religious vilification laws of the ACT are actually this lot …
      Thankfully … but not thankfully !!!

      ♥ Purge the Australian islam appeasing politician puppets !!!
      ♥ Purge islam and its islams from Australian !!!

  6. Required Actions …
    Purge islam appeasing ‘(Shadow Government) Politicians’ Puppet Masters Globally !
        (ie. OURelected‘ puppet politicians true masters)
    Purge islam appeasers Globally !!!
        (ie. OUR puppet politicians and “Suicidal Humanists” who support the islam invasion)
    Purge islam Globally !!!
        (ie. the islam emulators (by their own choice) … of a Criminal Muhammad)
    Pulverise ALL mosques !

    Ensure ALL the boxes are ticked !!!
    Or islams will be free to obey …
    The three (3) tenets of islam which MUST be obeyed by islams
    1. Convert … (every non-islam to islam)
    2. Subjugate … (every …[of the book]… non-islam who will not convert)
    3. Kill … (every non-islam who is NOT of the book or who will not convert or be willingly subjugated)

    and just when the islams and the “islam little helpers” thought they have won ….

    well that is up to the REAL POWER (the non-islams) of this world !!!

  7. So there is no freedom of speech of any type in the Australian constitution? In the US, any state that would try to pass a law like this would be shot down quickly on constitutional grounds. Thank God we have the 1st amendment.

  8. This man is a nut case, the are plenty of things that need rectifying before we start on the Muslim intolerance.
    What about all the other races that have come to Australia and never tried to to take it Over by trying to enforce their believe system and deprive us of our own.

    just to name a few, Jews, Italians Greaks, Irish, English, Indian, Germans, Americian, and island nationals. WE have all blended together for decades without upheaval and all this rubbish about offening each other.
    No Islam is a big problem and if the do gooders and politicians can’t see that then we should have another vote.

    I worry for the country and future generations, with the Islamic races turn our country into what they have done to their home countries that they fled because they couldn’t stay because of the war and dispicaable things they do to their own people in that name of man written Koran, no God would condone the likes of what it says.

    How much will the stupid politicians allow before its to Late and we are all doomed to Islam and Isis

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