“Applicants from a Muslim background are strongly encouraged to apply for this position”.

Update from Andrew Bolt:

Modern “diversity”: no Buddhists or Jews may apply

This is the opposite of diversity. I mean, can Christians, Hindus, Jews or Buddhists apply?

The AFL is offering 10 “diversity trainee” positions worth $34,000 a year exclusively to Muslim youth as part of a Federal Government-funded program.

Why is the Turnbull Government promoting one faith above all others?

Mustards only. Kafirs must not apply

THE AFL is offering 10 “diversity trainee” positions worth $34,000 a year exclusively to Muslim youth as part of a Federal Government-funded program.

“To help assist Muslim young people make that step into employment, the Federal Government has provided funding support for 10 traineeships for Muslim young people to work across the AFL industry over a 12 month period to gain critical work experience and job skills.

“The AFL in turn has partnered with AFL SportsReady to offer a unique traineeship opportunity as part of the Bachar Houli Employment Program.”

Turnbull hosted the dinner at Kirribilli House. Picture: Andrew Meares/Fairfax Media
Turnbull hosting Muslim dinner at Kirribilli House.

In NSW, which is the only jurisdiction without a clear “special measures” provision in its anti-discrimination legislation, the listing reads: “Applicants from a Muslim background are strongly encouraged to apply for this position”.

NSW applicants must instead have “a demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the Muslim faith”, “a demonstrated knowledge and understanding of multicultural communities”, and “a demonstrated ability to communicate sensitively and effectively with diverse communities”.

The fulltime positions receive the National Training Wage Award plus superannuation, which comes to slightly over $34,000 for the 12 months.

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4 thoughts on ““Applicants from a Muslim background are strongly encouraged to apply for this position”.”

  1. “DIVERSITY!”?

    Liberals pretend to promote “diversity” but their real aim is only to DIVIDE and conquer.

    What better tool to use to divide people than the idol of “diversity?”

    In stead of saying “normal is healthy and good for you!” they whine that “you’re all being
    forced to be normal and healthy by evil normal healthy people, you poor oppressed victims!”

    Victimologists claim that “Being right denies you the right to be wrong in infinitely diverse ways!”

    There is only one way to be right, and an almost infinite number of symptoms of being wrong – ways to be sorta mostly but not really right – and liberal dividers will try to ‘champion’ each and every one of them!

    “Diversity” is slander-code for “victims who are discriminated against because they are different!”

    The gangster left’s overall strategy will always be to DIVIDE and conquer their victims.

    Pretend-promotion of working-‘class’ people of all races, genders, religions and sexual orientations,’ they are really seeking to induce jealousy and divide people along their differences, in stead of to unite us along our lines of common experience as humans, and they stand against equal rights for all.

    These members of the hydra of gangter extortion and slavery then divide themselves into multiple ‘parties,’ each with a supposeldy unique and specialized victimology grievance to promote, (like how the Greens promote environmental victimolgy) but then demand they get to pool their votes under a ‘reformed’ voting system like Proportional Representation or ‘Ranked’ Voting!

    Thus each and every stage of their politically divisive platforms qualifies as a separate entity; the nearly infinite and ‘diverse’ symptoms of all the consequences of refusing to solve simple problems!


    Criminals all think the same way: they know they are guilty, so they make up excuses for their crimes.
    Even if they remember they weren’t actually guilty, making up excuses (fraud) is still itself a crime!

    Liberals are criminals. As such, they make up victimology excuses for themselves and other criminals.

    They need to control their victims, to prevent them from defending them selves by counter-attacking.

    The best way to control people is to convince them they can’t manage their own affairs, by seducing them with the devilish temptation that they are always really only helpless victims.

    Victimology is also a great excuse for all your other crimes, because criminality requires free-will intent, and victims are always claiming to be helpless before all sorts of “inevitable” predestined force. They all claim to be victims of “society” (what Marxists call ‘Historical Predeterminism’) and so mere products of their environments, while their equally criminal muslim brethren claim to be helpless yet proud slaves of allah.

    Therefore, to criminals, the only real crime is to accuse a criminal (“victim”) of his crimes.

    They do it because of their static immoral relativism idolatry, to excuse everyone via the argumentum tu quoque: “Since everyone is born the same/equal, therefore everyone also always stays the same!”

    Liberals pretend that, since all humans of all breeds (“races”) are born equally tabula-rasa as blank slates, and they are all (initially) all the same, that therefore any and all “cultural” traditions (habits) will also always be the same, and turn out the same way! But multiculturalism IS racism!

    That’s only pretending a criminal twin isn’t a criminal, because his innocent twin still isn’t one.

    They endorse a failed syllogism, which goes like this:

    1.) All criminals (“muslims”) are humans.
    2.) Not all humans are criminals; (“So:”)
    3.) Not all criminals are criminals! Whee!

    Such backwards tautologies are the liberal criminal excuse-makers’ bread-and-butter.

    But when they claim all cultures are the same, (because nurture has no effect) then the only valid conclusion one can draw from different countries (like the islamic ones in Africa) being so far behind all the others, developmentally, would be due to nature (i.e: hardware; genetics; “race”)!

    Since unprincipled liberals are in denial of reality, the symptoms of their assertions never line up!

    Liberals should ask them selves: “How much respect would I imagine I’d get from my swarthy friends if I was one of them, and I was still a proud race-traitor, but I sold them all out to whitey instead?”!

    Their flaw is masochism, where they pretend they can “control” their fears BY causing those very same worst-case scenario problems (like by antagonizing other people) which cause the pains they fear the most. And their submissive racism is a direct result of their habitual masochism.

    I’ve never seen a crime or perversion a liberal didn’t want to immediately compromise with or Submit to. Liberals assert:

    “If we don’t rush in first, some other fools might beat us to it!”

    Liberals are disgusting, reactionary, cowardly traitors:

    “We have to let the violent criminals do what they want to us, or else they’ll do what they want to us anyway!”

    Beyond that, all they’ve got is victim-blaming slander: mirroring, reflecting and “projecting” their
    own hatefully bigoted racist mind-set and crimes onto everyone else, too!

    Their misery not only loves, but NEEDS company in which to dilute itself.

    Which is why they will always argue from the ‘argumentum tu quoque’ (“it’s not an evil crime because we – i.e: you – all do it, too!”) asserting that the wrongful extortion of group might always makes the comparison of an unrelated wrong into a right.

  2. Blind “multi-culturalism” is the suicidal masochistic invention of only one “culture.”

    “Multiculturalism” pretends that, because all the mere superficial symptoms of growing up in different parts of the world (appearance, skin tone, sartorial variances and ‘preferences’ for, and familiarity with, various types of ‘ethnic’ foods, all really only depending on environment) are of only negligible importance, that “All Cultures Must Be The Same!”

    (And to shallowly concentrate on these merely geographical symptoms to group-stereotype people, is idolatry).

    There are really only two “cultures” in all of nature: the symbiotic, (law-abiding) one, and the other parasitic, (criminal) one. Period.

    “Multiculturalism” is not only racism – pretending others’ inferior, murderously criminal cultures are equal to our rational, law-abiding one because to do otherwise might hurt the poor mentally inferior “swarthy” animals’ feelings, and so ‘make’ them react violently, as they, being enslaved by their animal instincts and all, are so prone to do – but therefore it’s also slander against the entire Western world, because it implies we have historically used our superior intelligence to pick on our inferiors!

    And because “only whites can be racists,” communazis presume that the only way to eliminate racism is to dilute and destroy the white race. And that of course also includes those too-smart Jews in Israel!

    So ONLY White, Western cultures are forced to be “Multi-Cultural.”

    Blacks and whites are on par in equal numbers worldwide today.

    The intolerant Saudis aren’t derided for banning all non-muslims from Mecca. Nobody forces the “racist,” isolationist Japanese or Chinese to open their borders to “poor” muslim immigrants or ebola-stricken Africans. Nobody forces black Africans to self-dilute by importing hordes of Asian settlers to occupy their lands.

    Enforcing tolerance of one’s narrow version of diversity is neither diverse nor tolerant – it’s intolerant conformity!


  3. And that’s the result of leftists habitually forcing might-made gangster “rights” of equality of outcome over equality of opportunity, once the inferior (i.e: similarly backwards, crime-based) “cultures” of other gangsters have failed everywhere else on earth, first: these slanderous psycho-paths refuse to admit their own historical extortion approach is and has always been wrong, and so can only blame their new white victims’ “racism” for their swarthy brethren’s historic failures everywhere else too.

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