Greetings from China!

The sheik is traveling the Silk Road, the Yangtze river and the Great Wall of China, people.

Unexpectedly, blogging has hit the “great firewall of China”, which means blogging will be light, at best.

Censorship covers just about everything from Google to Yahoo, from WoJ to JW, no Andrew Bolt, no Tim Blair, not even G-mail!

Got around it with a VPN, which slows everything down but lets me post.

More later!

11 thoughts on “Greetings from China!”

  1. be careful, the Koran warns that the sun sets and rises in a muddy pool….see a muddy pool, run. remember you are made from a clot of blood…………

  2. Never heard of Islamic Science either.
    But in the koran, back when man was 90feet tall and drank camel urine as mouthwash, maybe then Islamic science was.

    1. I thought the Koran prescribed camel urine as a universal cure for any possible ailment, not just a mouth wash. So, bottoms up, Mo. The next round’s on me.

  3. Oh great comrade, in the land of the great comrade.
    Enjoy your travels in the most free comrade country, comrade.
    Long live the party comrade.
    Down with the white devils comrade.

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