Londonistan: assassin is “a 19-year old Norwegian teenager of Somali origin”

A 19-year-old Norwegian of Somali origin has been arrested on suspicion of murder after he stabbed six people in Russell Square at around 10.30pm last night.

“Mental health is a significant factor”- police on knife attack

How can you not know a man’s name….but be so certain of his health issues

How much longer is the UK government going to sit back & do nothing whilst muslim murder Brits & attack us?

‘He’s still here, he’s still here!’ Final words of US woman stabbed to death at Russell Square by crazed Norwegian-Somali killer who knifed her in the back then attacked others without saying a word

  • American citizen in her 60s has died and five others injured after knifeman, 19, ‘went on the rampage’ 
  • Police called to Russell Square at 10.30pm last night after witnesses say screaming victims tried to flee
  • One witness said: ‘There was a madman running around with a knife just lunging at people randomly and stabbing them. He was just going for anyone he could see’
  • Norwegian Somali Tasered and spent night in hospital before being taken to a South London police station
  • Other victims are British, American, Israeli and Australian. Two are in hospital and three were discharged
  • Scotland Yard said knifeman has ‘significant mental health issues’ and now believe it was not terror related

An American woman murdered by a knifeman who went on the rampage in Russell Square last night said ‘he’s still here’ as she used her final words to warn others their lives were also in danger, a witness told MailOnline today.

The victim, who is in her 60s, died in a pool of blood as she was cradled by a family of Spanish tourists, as the 19-year-old silently stabbed pedestrians in the back, side and arms who were left ‘screaming and covered in blood’.

Police were called to Russell Square at 10.30pm last night and arrested the teenager, a Norwegian of Somali origin, on suspicion of murder after armed officers Tasered him to the ground. He spent the night in hospital and is now at a south London police station.

The woman was pronounced dead at the scene and two women and three men – who were British, American, Israeli and Australian – were taken to hospital. Three have since been discharged.

A witness, who used towels bought on an earlier shopping trip to stem the flow of blood, told MailOnline:  ‘I was just trying to console her – I was trying to help her. The victim said something about: ‘He’s still here, he’s still here’ – after that she was not lucid.  That’s when I saw someone. He was meandering about. He was very disturbed’.

Britain’s top anti-terror officer Mark Rowley said they have now interviewed the suspect, spoken to his family, searched his London home and liaised with MI5 and MI6 and believe it was a ‘spontaneous’ and ‘random’ attack, not ‘motivated by terrorism’.

Defending his decision to suggest terrorism as a motive earlier today he said: ‘You would expect us in the current climate to consider all possibilities’.

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As police investigate the murder, here is what we know:

  • A 19-year-old Norwegian of Somali origin has been arrested on suspicion of murder after he stabbed six people in Russell Square at around 10.30pm last night.  
  • An American, believed to have been in her 60s, was fatally injured. The others injured were British, American, Israeli and Australian and all were treated in hospital. Three were discharged this morning.
  • Spanish family of four – believed to be on holiday in London – cradled the woman as she died on the pavement 
  • Witnesses say he was chasing screaming victims and slashing ‘anyone he could see’ before he was Tasered by police. 
  • Counter-terrorism officers are supporting the homicide investigation into the incident, while Met has said early indications suggest man’s mental health ‘was a factor’. MI5 and MI6 have no record on teenager
  • Scotland Yard has sent out armed units to patrol the streets as London Mayor Sadiq Khan urged the public to remain ‘calm and vigilant’. 

Brazilian Fernando, 40, who was cycling through the square at the same time said the killer was slashing at people with his knife in complete silence.

The killer’s blade was abandoned on the pavement next to the body of the unnamed victim, which remained under a forensics tent overnight and was taken away by ambulance this morning.

The Met has sent scores of armed officers on to the streets of London – including members of its new elite counter-terror unit – to reassure the public and in case there is a new attack.

The attacker has struck at the heart of London’s tourist centre, packed with hotels. At 10.30pm, when he stabbed his victims, the area was full of people who had enjoyed a night in the West End.

One witness claimed he may have jumped off a moped before slashing at his victims.

A source said the suspect was seen to go ‘on the rampage’ with the weapon. Another witness said he heard one of the victim’s scream before running over to help them.

Fernando, 40, from Brazil told MailOnline how he cycled into the horrific scene his way home last night and saw the murder victim slumped against the fence of Russell Square’s famous gardens and called the emergency services.

He said: ‘I was cycling home from work and some people stopped me in the street asking for help to call an ambulance. I saw an old lady lying against the wall – she had collapsed. I had to call 999, but it took a bit of time because I didn’t know the postcode, then two or three minutes later a car full of police turned up. That was the moment I realised she had not just collapsed but had been stabbed.’

According to Fernando, a Spanish family of four – a mother, father and their two daughters thought to be in their 20s – were looking after the woman who is believed to have died at the scene.

‘She was being cradled in the lap of a Spanish tourist who was trying to keep her alive. I didn’t hear the old woman speak – she had been stabbed in the back,’ he said.

According to witnesses, the scale of the attack was initially unclear as Fernando said at first he had no idea that other people had been injured.

‘I don’t know if she was alive when I left – I think she had already died – she wasn’t talking. The Spanish girl tried to talk to her and keep her alive. She said to me before I left that she was still breathing.

‘I realised it was a stabbing when they started giving her first aid. Then I realised more people had been stabbed.’

Witnesses said the attacker was chubby, had been wearing black shorts and a white t-shirt and that he left with the knife, which he carried in his right hand.

‘I understood he was white and a bit shabby – but they couldn’t see much of his face,’ he said.

Fernando was told that the attacker had been hiding his face with his forearm as he ran along stabbing people in the back.

‘He did not shout anything,’ he said, adding that people didn’t shout either – terrified that the attack was not over.

Jodie Parry, said the attacker ignored police as they screamed at him to stop running.

She said: ‘I could hear the policeman screaming ‘stop, don’t move, don’t go any further, just stay where you are’ and he turned around and continued running. He just wasn’t prepared to stop.’

She added: ‘He was actually carrying a knife in his hand and he had blood on his hands.’

Oscar Kaysan described how the knife man was tackled to the ground by eight police officers.

Mr Kaysan, who lives nearby, said: ‘First he was standing then they shout him. He was really shouting.

‘He was heavy built – two police officers could not contain him. There was six to eight police officers who held him down. He was big.

Mr Kaysan said he believes he was speaking English, but added: ‘What he was saying does not make sense. It was just screaming. It was so loud, he was making so much noise.’

A guest at the nearby Penn Club hotel said the man was making a ‘continuous scream’.

Hotel staff on Russell Square, an area always packed with tourists, said the attacker was completely silent and was ‘just going for anyone he could see’ before he was shot with a Taser and pinned face-down by police.

One worker told the Standard: ‘The police came to the hotel and a guest was telling them what he saw. He said there was a madman running around with a knife just lunging at people randomly and stabbing them’.

A night receptionist at the Repton Hotel, overlooking the scene, said: ‘I saw a woman lying on the floor with police standing over her, checking to see if she was alive.

‘She looked unconscious, they were shaking her but she was lying still. Then the ambulance arrived. A guest came in shortly afterwards saying she saw police chasing a man down the street.’

Police cordoned off the area and additional police patrols are in place in London, and police helicopters hovered over the city well into the early hours.

The incident occurred in the same area as where one of the 7/7 bombs detonated in 2005. A total of 26 people were killed when Germaine Lindsay, 19, detonated a suicide bomb on a Piccadilly line Tube as it moved between King’s Cross station and Russell Square.

On the same day a bus was destroyed on Tavistock Square, which is just up the street.

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    1. It’s kinda odd, isn’t it, that all these attacks by allegedly ‘mentally ill’ persons have one *other* common factor: they are ALL being carried out by MUSLIMS.

      I don’t see any Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Jewish, active or even nominal Christians who are suffering from psychiatric disorders running amok in public in Germany and France and the UK as all these ‘mentally ill’ Muslims are doing in rapid succession.

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  4. Watching the news last night, the fearless journalists from Australia’s ABC are now investigating the probability that these are “mental illness copycat killings.”
    By this reasoning, medicating mental illness should cure terrorism.

  5. It seems that every emergency service team in Britain and Europe now includes a psychiatrist who can immediately declare the perpetrator of any jihadist actions to be mentally ill. Funny how for the natives if they kill people that question isn’t answered in the affirmative until the case goes to court and any such claims put forward by the defense are not accepted until after cross examination by the prosecution. When it comes to jihadists though the wopuld be prosecution acts as defense as well.

  6. He was having what commenter duh-swami, over at Jihadwatch, has dubbed an “allahgasm”.

    I wonder whether he had been to the mosque before he Went Jihad that evening?

    In V S Naipaul’s book “Among the Believers” he reports what was said to him by an Indonesian Muslim, during his (Naipaul’s) visit to Indonesia. I quote: “Islam can become a cocaine. It makes you high. You go to that mosque and you get high. And when you get high, everything that happens becomes Allah’s will”.

    Nota bene – “everything that *happens*”. NOT “everything you do”, or “everything I do”, but “everything that *happens*”. The Muslim is imagined as the passive vehicle of allah; the Muslim (whether singly, or part of a howling mohammedan lynch-mob) ecstatically giving way to all the basest and darkest desires that haunt the human id, the desire to rob, rape, murder, desecrate, burn, smash, to torment and humiliate and degrade others, is not responsible for what ‘happens’, denies or evades responsibility; he is just going with the flow, channelling ‘allah’.

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