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Hua Hin, Thailand:


HUA HIN, Thailand – Thais and tourists headed warily into the main part of a big holiday weekend Saturday as authorities looked for suspects and a motive behind a series of blasts that struck tourist resort towns across southern Thailand … Thai Police Look for Suspects After Bombs Hit Tourist Sites

Thailand shaken by multiple bomb blasts

Attacks kill four people across the country, just days after adoption of contentious military-backed constitution.

There is a mosque in nearby Cha Am, which should be investigated.


In other news:

Canadian imam Sayed Soharwardy who sued Ezra Levant for publishing the Danish cartoons, explains the motives for the Canatard jihadi in Ontario. (Thanks to Vlad)

ISIL flees Syria’s Manbij with ‘human shields’

Syria Democratic Forces in Manbij. [Rodi Said/Reuters]

Syrian Democratic Forces say they control most of Manbij though clashes continue as last ISIL cells flushed from city.

Crack me up:

Lisnard issued an ordinance banning beachwear not in line with "good morals and secularism" [Reuters]

Outcry over French resort town’s burkini ban

Rights group to oppose prohibition in courts after Cannes imposes ban on full-body swimsuits worn by some Muslim women.

Take a guess on who these “rights groups” are.

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  1. Astounding that it’s only a recent policy to ban face coverings whilst taking the Canadian citizen oath. Should be banned everywhere, like France. The ban on the appalling burkini is a good one too. Maybe the start of finally turning things around according to Western values so please don’t come and whinge, whine and use lawfare to try and turn the clock back in our countries, to the 7th century.

    1. There is no policy whatsoever to ban face coverings whilst taking the Canadian citizenship oath – in fact, it was always against the law to wear a mask in court, UNTIL the recently deposed Conservative government was challenged in court by a NON-Canadian citizen, Zunera Ishaq, who managed to go before a liberal “Judge” who decided to legislate from the bench DURING the last election – a case which arguably cost Harper said election!

  2. sheikyermami you believe the Eurabia conspiracy theory. According to this theory, every european politician is supporting islamisation of Europe. Explain how the mayor of Cannes can edict a “ban on full-body swimsuits worn by some Muslim women”.

    Spoiler: doublethink.

    1. Argument from anecdote; logical fallacy; FAIL on your part.

      There is a massive general trend among Western “leaders” to appease islam, because each individual politician wants to avoid personally risking their own power, pay, pension and perks by doing anything until the need to do so has passed.

      That you could find only one or two people actively bucking the trend doesn’t disprove that the trend exists, idiot.

  3. Across the face of “The Earth” …
    Every islam DEMAND fully and accurately illustrates …
    Every islam ACTION fully and accurately illustrates …
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    The ONLY Problem is islam and its islam assistors !!!
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    Politicians allowed/allow islam immigration !
    Stop the islam invasion assisted by politicians !
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    Why do non-islam governments support the islam invasion so vehemently ?

    Pure Evil !

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