France: Mustards Attack Nudists; Murdoch Press Calls Them “Local Youths” should stop lying. This was not a “group of local youths”, this was a bunch of Mohammedan headbangers behaving like the savages they are.

Wild naked brawl breaks out on French nude beach
A MASS brawl was sparked on a French nudist beach when a group of local youths turned up and refused to strip.
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A MASS brawl was sparked on a French nudist beach when a group of local youths turned up and refused to strip.

Fists flew at La Teste-de-Buch, in Arcachon, when around 10 “clothed” youths headed into the nude zone and walked among the naked bathers, The Sun reported.

When asked to strip, the youths “acted provocatively” and started pestering naked female beachgoers, it is claimed.

The teens were said to be “staring” at the naked women, which is a clear breach of France’s nude beach etiquette.

Their behaviour prompted other beachgoers to confront the men, telling them to either “get nude or get lost”.

The argument escalated into a fight of clothed versus unclothed, with punches thrown, sand flung in people’s eyes, and insults hurled left and right, according to reports.

With plenty of witnesses on hand, it wasn’t long before someone alerted the authorities and a unit of the riot control CRS police raced onto the beach in a four-wheeler to calm the scene.

Two of the alleged aggressors, both from nearby Bordeaux, were caught by police after attempting to flee the scene, only to be let free later in the day.

A police investigation continues.

Nude bathing is said to be booming in France, but so are the problems with ‘undesirable visitors’.

Earlier this month, a 40-year-old British man was charged with “capturing and possessing images of child pornography” after taking a large number of photos of young women and girls at a nudist beach in southern France.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission.

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  1. …..But were the attackers found to be suffering from “psychological “tendencies?
    You know the tendencies,…
    The ones where you feel the need to plough through men,women and children enjoying a leisurely stroll along a promenade with an 18 tonne truck?
    You feel the need to gun down shoppers in a precinct in Munich.
    The media and governments are running out of excuses to defend this shitscum barbarian backward people.
    Funny how they relate to them as local youths.
    These pieces of detritus are laughing in the faces of us, the defenceless. Knowing full well that our governments are laughing with them.

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