ISIL: “Cubs of the Caliphate” Compete With Elderly Executioners

Islamic State Propaganda Promotes Elderly Jihadi Executioners

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) has disseminated pictures of elderly jihadists shooting Kurdish prisoners soon after the terrorist group released a video showing indoctrinated children known as the “Cubs of the Caliphate” being ordered to carry out executions in similar manner.

In the pictures, four unidentified gray-haired fanatics are shown dressed in black and pointing handguns at kneeling prisoners in orange jumpsuits, believed to be Kurdish prisoners captured in battle.

The bearded elderly extremists then shoot all four prisoners in the back of the head.

Days earlier, a nine-minute video shows five members of the “Cubs of the Caliphate” wearing desert camouflage also executing Kurdish prisoners wearing orange jumpsuits in the same manner.

The children are believed to be from Britain, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, and Uzbekistan, reports the Daily Mail, adding that the executions took place in the same city, located near the Islamic State de-facto Syrian capital of al-Raqqa.

“No one can save the Kurds even with the support of America, France, Britain, Germany, the devils in hell,” declared one of the boys in Arabic.

Before raising their guns and shooting the prisoners in the head, the boys shout in unison the common battle cry of jihadists as they commit mass murder, “Allahu Akbar!” (God is Great!)

Earlier this month, the German news magazine Der Spiegel reported that ISIS is indoctrinating thousands of young boys it abducted in Iraq and Syria into becoming the next generation of jihadi killers.

At a very young age, the children are forced to practice beheadings with dolls.

Although many of the children highlighted in the Der Spiegel report were kidnapped by the Islamic State, that is not always the case. There appears to be times when parents willingly subject their children to Islamic State indoctrination.

Daily Mail notes:

The Mail on Sunday reported how the father of a young boy taken to Syria by his British mother was left shocked after seeing a video which apparently shows his son executing a captured prisoner.

The distraught man, who has not seen his son for three years, said the boy was “brainwashed” by his mother, Sally Jones, after being taken by her to join Islamic State.

The 47-year-old mother of two, from Chatham, Kent, was declared one of the world’s most wanted terrorists by the UN after she fled to Syria with her youngest son JoJo, then aged 10, in 2013.

Now the father believes it may be his son in a chilling propaganda video released on Friday showing five boys murdering a group of captured Kurdish fighters.