Martial Law & Threat of Civil War Over Europe

Germany descending into martial law over fear of Islamic State attack, French army preparing for civil war


Germany’s failed project of bringing in over one million Muslim refugees in the space of a year has seen an explosion of crime and widespread sex assaults. There was also a lone wolf knife attack by an Afghan immigrant on a train, for which the Islamic State claimed responsibility; a search of the jihadi’s room turned up an IS flag. Add to that a suicide bombing outside a popular music festival by a Syrian refugee, and the mall massacre in Munich, during which a Muslim eyewitness heard the killer shouting “Allahu akbar.”

Now martial law is descending on Germany amid fears of an all-out war. The military will now team up with police for joint drills in preparation of an Islamic State attack. Military patrols may also be seen on streets to protect the public.

This is what Germany has come to, despite Angela Merkel’s famous statement, “We can do this.”


“German Military, Police to Team Up Amid Fears of ISIS Attack”, by by Andy Eckardt, NBC News, September 7, 2016:

MAINZ, Germany — Germany is preparing to train troops to be deployed within its borders for the first time since World War II amid fears of terrorist attacks.

So much for Germany. Now lets take a look at France:

Éric Zemmour: French army prepared for civil war

Thanks to Vlad Tepes

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3 thoughts on “Martial Law & Threat of Civil War Over Europe”

  1. Oh lovely France, where attacks on French police are taking place virtually every day. Today, yet another knife attack on police officers by three “Radicalised” French Muslim women.

    The French are now waking up, that if they don’t do something quick, France will be lost to Islam.

    I have always maintained, since LGF days , that it will be France that will lead the fight against Islam. The French will not just fight with arms, just as the Americans and Brits do, but will attack Islam on the intellectual front. The French are good at this.

    A Hungarian professor, with genuine academic credibility, speaks of the incompatibility of Islam with Western values.

    Must view.

    What we are seeing, is a change in the intellectual climate in Europe.

    This is something bloggers can take pride in.

  2. Yeh and the only people who will be fired on, arrested or goaled will be the German and French born nationals of any other race than Muslims. What race is Islam?

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