Prof Afshin Ellian: Muslims Would Not Tolerate Multiculturalism in Islamic Countries

Professor Afshin Ellian has warned that bleats of “multiculturalism” are a one-way street as Muslims in Europe oppress historic minorities in their own lands and have no intention of showing “tolerance”. (Breitbart)

The Iranian-born professor of law argues that while Muslim migrants are quick to claim their customs under “multiculturalism”, they have no intention of reciprocating.

Writing in Elsevier magazine, Dr. Ellian says Muslims rapidly learn the rules of multiculturalism and push for their place in society but have no intention of adopting any sort of progressive ideals.

“The Islamic world is not multicultural. New migrants in Europe rapidly learn the rules of multiculturalism — claim your place in society! Minorities do not take the progressive ideals, but the despotism of their country of origin as a starting point”, he stated in the Dutch weekly.

The professor points out that while economic migration is normal, workers usually migrate within their own region.

Giving examples of Afghan and Pakistani workers in Iran, and Zimbabweans in South Africa Dr. Ellian notes that migration does not usually bring forth multicultural societies.

Explaining this, the professor wrote: “The reason is discrimination: an Afghan worker in Iran remains a second-class citizen who is continuously exposed to humiliation, discrimination and exploitation.”

The professor contends that outside the West, minorities are harshly oppressed, pointing to the fate of Kurds in Turkey and Syria.

Contrasting the fates of migrants to the West and outside the West, Dr. Ellian said it is “unthinkable” that minorities in Muslim countries would behave as Muslims do in Europe and elsewhere.

The professor argued that despite Iranians and Afghans, for example, sharing religious and cultural characteristics, it would be “unthinkable in Iran” that Afghans there should demonstrate, for example, for the Taliban. Dr. Ellian notes that migrants would not be allowed even to demonstrate in favour of the current government.

“Political and cultural minorities should lead an invisible existence,” he adds.

Asserting that “the Islamic world is not multicultural”, the professor declares how, despite their sharp elbows as a minority in Europe, Muslims would be outraged at the idea of mass immigration of non-Muslims to their lands.

Dr. Ellian writes: “Globalisation in Islamic countries has not produced multicultural societies there. It is unthinkable in most Muslim countries that a significant number of Europeans would like to settle there.

“From Morocco to Pakistan or Iran: mass immigration of Europeans are excluded. In most Islamic countries non-Muslims, and especially Europeans, are not allowed to own land, homes, or businesses. So multicultural advocates have never looked at the world,” the professor contends.

The professor, who has spent a lifetime criticising political Islam, observes: “The Islamic world is not multicultural and is not going to be multicultural. It is only the Western countries which have had to become multicultural at breakneck speed. So the migration is one-way.”

Dr. Ellian suggests that the speed at which migrants from monocultural countries learn to exploit Western multiculturalism is “almost unbelievable”, and slams the left for creating and nurturing the ideology.

As a result of this, he said migrants from the Middle East have begun to hold left wing parties “hostage”, lamenting that, in the Netherlands, local Labour party branches are in minority hands — “a true multicultural mafia”, as he puts it.

Despite their joining of, and commandeering of, left wing parties, the professor warns Muslims involved in European politics tend to be anything but progressive.

Mass Muslim migration combined with multiculturalism, will lead to an era of “multicultural backwardness”, Dr. Ellian warned.

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  1. We should listen to this guy and stop fantasizing about producing One Big Happy Multicultural Family in the West. As an Iranian, Professor Ellian assuredly knows firsthand how Muslim societies view non-Muslim residents of their countries, also their take on multiculturalism. The latter is a failed experiment, a western pipe dream that never worked except in the imaginations of those who invented it. Time to wake up, people. Muslims will not assimilate into the West, they will simply infiltrate and subvert the West. This is what Islam does: take over by stealth if it can’t win militarily, using its victims’ weaknesses against them. Our Pollyanna faith in multiculturalism is our major Achilles’ heel.

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