Raping children is now a “human right” in Denmark

‘It’s against human rights to separate them’ Denmark reunites CHILD BRIDES with husbands 

By Lucie Stromme/Express

DENMARK is set to reunite refugee child brides with their husbands after immigration services claimed that separating married couples was breaching their human rights.

In February Integration Minister Inger Støjberg announced that brides below the age of 18 should be separated from their spouses.

At the time there were about 32 couples the state was aware of where a minor was married to a man above the age of 18.

That decision has now been overturned as the Danish Immigration Service (DIS) claimed keeping the couples apart violated international conventions.


Denmark is set to reunite refugee child brides with their husbands

Two of the quoted breaches were from the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child and Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which guarantees the right to one’s “private and family life”.

In a report, DIS wrote: “In some of these cases it has been it has been assessed that it would not be compatible with Denmark’s international obligations to maintain the separate living quarters, thus these couple have been offered to be housed together.”

The turnaround was cheered by The Alternative party’s Integration Minister, Josephine Fock.

She said: “It is completely outrageous. We are talking about people who have fled to Denmark who are being split from each other.

“Some of them have children together and investigating individual [asylum] cases takes an unbelievably long time.”

However, several politicians and political parties have now vowed to challenge the reunification of minors with their spouses.

Peter Skaarup, of the Danish People’s Party, said: “I believe we should not let adults live with children below the age of 18 at reception centres.

“This is one of the things we belive Denmark should challenge international conventions on.”

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  1. Who cares about ‘international conventions’? Denmark has higher ‘conventions’ and that means pedophilia is not tolerated. The man can leave with his child bride and return to that craphole in the sand. You can’t help the stupid and you must not help the malevolent.

  2. This is part of the Luciferian agenda…so they can do this! Changing laws to protect them! Such madness and sickness is falling upon the world. Jesus Christ is our only HOPE!

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