Rivers of Blood fill the streets of Dhaka for Eid-al-Adha

Pouring rains coupled with this massive and barbaric animal sacrifice ritual on the streets of Dhaka have flooded many areas of the capital, creating a gory and horrific scene of red rivers of blood and waste.

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Why are the far left  animal organisations SILENT when it comes to this horrific animal abuse by islamic savages?



From around 7.30am in the morning, many people were seen slaughtering animals in the streets in front of their homes and other convenient places in several areas including Mohammadpur, Mirpur, Shyamoli, Uttara, Dhanmondi, Niketon. The roads soon filled up with blood and waste.


Despite the intermittent showers, citizens thronged mosques, offered prayers and proceeded with the ritualistic goat sacrifice. In Malibagh, Baily Road, Shantinagar, Bijoynagar, Paltan, Motijheel, Jatrabari, Bakshi Bazar and Kathalbagan area, Dhaka Tribune reporters found people are sacrificing their animals in front of their homes or other places nearby.


Dhaka South City Corporation’s Deputy Chief waste management official Khandker Millatul Islam said that water logging in the capital was an old problem.

Below videos of Muslim animal sacrifice for Eid are very graphic. Viewer discretion advised.

3 thoughts on “Rivers of Blood fill the streets of Dhaka for Eid-al-Adha”

  1. Why are the far left animal organisations SILENT when it comes to this horrific animal abuse by islamic savages?

    Good question. And why are the Greens silent when it comes to the abuse of the good will of the people of Western nations by muslims?

    And the Greens never ever get started on muslims’ direct physical abuse of other human beings under their primitive, barbaric ‘sharia’.

    They are far happier trying to demonstrate their moral superiority by pulling stunts – like that great bit of political theatre yesterday when they walked out of the Senate en masse because Pauline Hanson spoke the truth by saying muslims are persona non grata – and that not another Australian should be put at risk of being maimed or murdered by them. Or that Australia’s social cohesion should be put at risk by the adherents of this divisive mega-cult.

  2. Just Sickening
    (islam itself is SICKENING enough … w/o what islams do)

    QUICK !!!
    Sterilise the islams !!!

    Am I guilty of islam appeasement ???
    ‘Cos I haven’t purged an islam today !!!

    If every non-islam purged one islam …
    there wouldn’t be enough islams for all non-islams to purge.

    So there is hope …. STILL

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