“…a country with more Mohammeds is a more dangerous place”

by Christina McIntosh

Canberra, Australia. More About Those Mohammedan Males Who Have Been Attacking Infidel Sex Workers

As reported by ABC’s Georgia Hitch today.

‘Canberra Men Plead Not Guilty Over Sexual Assaults of Sex Workers’

That is: ‘Canberra-Resident Muslim Men Plead Not Guilty Over Sexual Assaults of Infidel Sex Workers’ – CM

‘Two Canberra men (two Canberra-resident Muslim men – CM) have pleaded not guilty to the sexual assault and robbery of two sex workers earlier this year.

‘Rashid Mohammed Abuuh, 23, and Mohammed Alabbasi, 21, appeared in the ACT (Australian Capital Territory – CM) Magistrates Court on a number of charges relating to the incident on March 12 this year.

Mohammeds, Mohammeds, Mohammeds, all over the lands of the Infidels, and so very often doing the same sorts of unpleasant things.  As Daniel Greenfield memorably puts it – “Millions and millions of Mohammeds”… “a country with more Mohammeds is a more dangerous place”.

(I took pains to go through the links, just to find a pic of the perps. It pains me to tell you that the drecks-media seems to protect them. If they were westerners, Christians, their pictures would be plastered over everything.)

‘It was alleged the men, in the company of a third man Khaled Al Abbasi (also known as Ahmed Al Abbasi) raped and threatened two different women.

‘Khaled Al Abbasi appeared in court at the end of September on similar charges relating to the incident and pleaded not guilty.

Because, being a Mohammedan, he didn’t think he had done anything wrong, when he did as he pleased to an infidel female. – CM

‘Abuuh and Mohammed Alabbasi were charged with two counts each of sexual intercourse without consent.

‘Abuuh also faced a charge of sexual assault for threatening grievous bodily harm to one of the women with the intent to engage in sex with her.

‘Mohammad Alabbasi faced three similar charges: two charges of threatening one of the women with the intent to engage in sex with her, and one of threatening one of the women with the intent that Khaled Al Abbasi should have sex with her.

‘Abuuh was also charged with aggravated robbery.  It was alleged he stole one of the women’s phones.

‘After initially asking for an adjournment, Abuuh then decided to plead not guilty to all charges.

He doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong.  All infidel females – not just sex workers, but al linfidel females, of all ages – are by definition, because infidel, sluts and whores, uncovered meat, there for the taking and the using. That is the attitude inculcated by Islam. Furthermore, in classical Islam, a man’s word is given twice as much weight as a woman’s; and rape can only be proven by the testimony of four male witnesses, not by the testimony of the female victim nor by the testimony of any other woman – indeed, in cases involving sexual misconduct, the sharia of Islam does not admit female testimony at all.  – CM

‘Mohammed Alabbasi also pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Abuuh was released on bail, under strict conditions, including the instruction that he was not to contact any sex workers under any circumstances.

Any person aware of the extent to which Mohammedans absorb from their cult a contempt for non-Muslim morality and law, and aware of the fact that Mohammedans are not supposed to make or keep agreements with Infidels, knows that this creature’s word is not worth spit.  He should not have been released on bail.  He cannot be trusted to keep the conditions imposed on him.  He is a clear and present danger to every Infidel female that he encounters.  – CM

‘Mohammed Alabbasi was remanded in custody.

Let us be thankful for small mercies; the judge and the court have not entirely taken leave of commonsense. – CM

‘Both men (assuming that Abuuh does not “flit” in the meantime, or that he does not do something even worse, like Going Jihad and shooting or stabbing or beheading one or more people, or trying to; the Mohammedan who just murdered two Jews in Jerusalem should have been in custody, after having been indicted for acts of incitement and acts of supporting terrorist organizations on social meda – “he was to begin a four month prison sentence.. but the courts decided not to leave him in custody until the start of his sentence” – CM) will return to court in December.”

Infidel ‘ladies of the night’, like all other infidel females of whatever sort or condition, would do well to steer clear of mohammedans under all circumstances. – CM