Albania & that plucky little king of Jordan to promote “the true image of Islam”

Coming together to defend Islam

At the heart of any matter that brings Muselmaniacs together is “the responsibility to defend Islam” against  islamophobes like you and me.

Albania is a Muslim country in the heart of Europe; as such, it has the great responsibility to protect Islam and Muslims who, recently, have been under increasing attacks and threats from Islamophobes.

612881774There was more to the official visit of Albanian President Bujar Nishani to Jordan for talks with His Majesty King Abdullah than the usual bilateral relations issues, including cooperation in tourism and economic relations.

The two leaders discussed, importantly, the manner in which the true image of Islam can be promoted in the world at a time it is repeatedly tarnished and abused by extremists from among Muslim ranks, including Daesh and other such Al Qaeda-spawned abominations.

The Albanian leader discussed this important and pressing issue with the King who, together with Her Majesty Queen Rania, has been making great contributions to efforts to rectify distortions of Islam and promote the true message of this religion.

Albania is a Muslim country in the heart of Europe; as such, it has the great responsibility to protect Islam and Muslims who, recently, have been under increasing attacks and threats from Islamophobes.

Of course, defending Islam from distortions and projecting a positive image of this great religion is first and foremost the duty of Muslim nations, which must work together to fight those who use religion to call for regression and backwardness.

It is important to have like-minded Muslim countries from across the globe to collaborate in this endeavour; most importantly, it is important to have European Muslims aware of the true message of Islam and have them behave in a manner that shows Islam as it should be, not as what preachers of hate make of it.

The Albanian president must have taken note of the fact that enlightened Muslim countries from the Middle East and North Africa speak the same language with the Muslims of his country, a language that truthfully portrays Islam and what it stood for in old times.

The situation in the world at large, but particularly the abysmal state of affairs in most of the Arab world, makes it incumbent on Muslim countries everywhere to forge a common strategy to protect Islam from the dangers if faces from deviant Muslims themselves or from a scared and uninformed world at large.

To this, I would cite the writings of A. Carlebach, which are more relevant today than ever:

“These Arab Islamic countries do not suffer from poverty, or disease, or illiteracy, or exploitation; they only suffer from the worst of all plagues: Islam.

“Wherever Islamic psychology rules, there is the inevitable rule of despotism and criminal aggression.

‘The danger lies in Islamic psychology, which cannot integrate itself into the world of efficiency and progress, that lives in a world of illusion, perturbed by attacks of inferiority complexes and megalomania, lost in dreams of the holy sword.

“The danger stems from the totalitarian conception of the world, the passion for murder deeply rooted in their blood, from the lack of logic, the easily inflamed brains, the boasting, and above all: the blasphemous disregard for all that is sacred to the civilized world…their reactions — to anything — have nothing to do with good sense.

“They are all emotion, unbalanced, instantaneous, senseless. It is always the lunatic that speaks from their throat.

“You can talk ‘business’ with everyone, and even with the devil. But not with Allah…

“This is what every grain in this country [eretz Israel] shouts. There were many great cultures here, and invaders of all kinds. All of them — even the Crusaders — left signs of culture and blossoming.

“But on the path of Islam, even the flies have died.

“We pile sin upon crime when we distort the picture and reduce the discussion to a conflict of border between Israel and her neighbors…The heart of the conflict is not the question of the borders; it is the question of Muslim psychology…..”.

Of course, people like Carlebach would be called  racists and bigots today, by those who are in positions to rule over us. They shouldn’t be.


Jordan’s king warns UN Assembly that both Islamophobia and Islam ‘outlaws’ threaten world

I posted this before and I post it here again, just to show you with what kind of tosspots we’re dealing with:

King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein of Jordan addresses the general debate of the General Assembly’s seventy-first session. UN Photo/Kim Haughton

20 September 2016 – King Abdullah II of Jordan today decried both Western Islamophobia and the terrorist “outlaws” who sully the name of Islam, warning the United Nation General Assembly that both threaten the future of society.

When others exclude Muslims from fulfilling their role, by prejudice or ignorance of what Islam is – or on the other hand, when the ‘outlaws’ of Islam, the khawarej, attempt to mislead some Muslims, by deforming our religion through false teaching – our societies’ future is put at risk,” he told the Assembly’s annual general debate on its opening day.

“When the outlaws of Islam, the khawarej, murder; when they plunder; when they exploit children and reject the equality of women before God – they abuse Islam. When the khawarej persecute minorities; when they deny freedom of religion – they abuse Islam. Islam teaches that all humanity is equal in dignity. There is no distinction among different nations or regions or races,” he stated.

The king called for non-traditional means to confront this non-traditional – a new mindset, new partnerships, and reformed methodologies, stressing that for Muslims it is a fight for the future with all elements having a role, not only mosques and religious centres, but media, schools, and community leaders.

The international community also faces a fight for the future, highlighting the need to open up new channels between continents and nations reforming the way we communicate and share information.

“Ours is a global fight,” he said. “The focus must not stop with the Middle East, but reach far beyond – in West and East Africa, South East Asia, and the Balkans.”

The king also called for a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “No injustice has spread more bitter fruit than the denial of a Palestinian state. I say: Peace is a conscious decision. Israel has to embrace peace or eventually be engulfed in a sea of hatred in a region of turmoil.”

Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad AI-Thani, Amir of Qatar, also criticized Israel for seeking to impose a fait accompli through long-term plans to build settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

“It has founded its occupation on discrimination and racial segregation, and established two legal systems under its sovereignty, one for the occupiers and the other for those languishing under the occupation,” he said.

“As Israel proceeds with the occupation and its practices, the Arab peoples can’t accept any kind of normalization of relations with Israel before achieving a just solution to the Palestinian cause,” he added.

He also denounced the regime of Syrian President Bashir al-Assad for the non-stop shelling and starvation siege of Daria and other towns and decried the failure of the international community to protect the Syrian people.

“Putting an end to this humanitarian disaster has become a political and moral necessity that imposes a historical […] responsibility on the Security Council to stop the bloodshed of the Syrians by halting the barbaric bombing and blockade on cities – staged under the slogan “starvation or kneeling” – and to repatriate the displaced, and to take measures for the resumption of the political process,” the Amir stated.

Blaming Israel for their failures and criminal aggression. Degenerates, all of them.

Then we have that hysterical shyster princeling,  Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, who is the  United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights:

UN lashes Australian ‘contempt and hostility’ toward asylum seekers
The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has delivered a withering critique of Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers, saying he is bewildered by the “hostility and contempt” for them, including women and children, that is “so widespread among the country’s politicians”.
U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Jordan's Zeid Raad al-Hussein speaks during a news conference at the European headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, Thursday, Oct. 16, 2014. Zeid drew comparisons between the Ebola outbreak and the Islamic State group Thursday, labeling them "twin plagues" upon the world that were allowed to gain strength because of widespread neglect and misunderstanding. (AP Photo/Keystone, Martial Trezzini)
U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Jordan’s Zeid Raad al-Hussein 

Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein has also backed the Australian Human Rights Commission’s view that the treatment of those in detention on Manus Island and Nauru violates the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Read more: THE AGE

Muslims have 57 nations to chose from. Some of them are the wealthiest nations on earth. It is not Australians who have “contempt and hostility” towards asylum seekers, but Muslims who carry contempt and hostility towards the infidel Australians in their mental baggage. Muslims do not come to Australia to become Australians, but to make Australia Islamic, by all and any means. Enough Islam. Enough Muslims! Repatriations NOW!
UN human rights chief calls Dutch rightist’s pledge to ban Muslim immigrants, Quran and mosques ‘grotesque’
Dutch politician Geert Wilders looks on during the reading of his verdict at an Amsterdam court on June 23, 2011. (AFP Photo)Dutch politician Geert Wilders looks on during the reading of his verdict at an Amsterdam court on June 23, 2011. (AFP Photo)

In comments at a security and justice conference on Monday, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein said he was addressing Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders and other “populists, demagogues and political fantasists,” warning that a rise of populist politics could turn violent.

“History has perhaps taught Mr. Wilders and his ilk how effectively xenophobia and bigotry can be weaponized,” he said. “The atmosphere will become thick with hate; at this point it can descend rapidly into colossal violence,” he warned.

Zein called Wilders’ election pledge to ban Muslim immigrants and the Quran form the country “grotesque”.

Naming Trump, Nigel Farage in Britain and Marine Le Pen in France, among others, he also accused them of using “fear” tactics similar to those of Daesh.

“Make no mistake, I certainly do not equate the actions of nationalist demagogues with those of Daesh,” he said. “But in its mode of communication, its use of half-truths and oversimplification, the propaganda of Daesh uses tactics similar to those of the populists.”

The United Nations human rights chief also said that U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was spreading “humiliating racial and religious prejudice”.

Wilders is leading opinion polls ahead of March 2016 parliamentary elections in the Netherlands. Among his key campaign pledges are to close the country’s border to Muslim immigrants, shut down mosques and ban the Quran. He also wants to leave the European Union.

Jordanian Princeling Calls Opponents Of Islamisation “bigots And Deceivers”

We live in interesting times. Despotic Arab regimes, through their emissaries in the UN, here Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, are lecturing the West on human rights. As we all know, only Muslims are ‘human’, we infidels are nothing but sons of apes and swine and told to move over to let Muselmaniacs take their righteous place. Because allah promised them to rule the world:

Qur’an 33:27and He caused you to inherit their land and their homes and their properties and a land which you have not trodden. 

un prince


The globalist Arab pirate wears a suit and is not the manly sort that one sees portrayed in movies. When he talks we don’t hear the typical arrgghhh that we expect of pirates but that’s part of his deceptive method. He disguises himself as a soft-spoken intelligent and refined type who would never be an intent on stealing other people’s countries.

His name is Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein and his far less than impressive title is U.N. Human Rights Commissioner. Excuse us if we don’t bother to get up or don’t, it really couldn’t matter less. We’re not impressed by rich Arabs who were educated around by money extorted from the American people and the world through your price gouging oil cartel. It’s no coincidence that he just happened to marry the daughter of a consultant to big oil companies, a British geologist named Dr Godfrey Butler. That’s the circle they travel in, filthy rich on our money and over here scolding us for not doing enough with what we have left. We could tell Hussein what to do with himself, which applies some techniques used in geology.

The truth is we don’t care about your opinion as a representative of the world’s largest criminal syndicate. Your intrusive condescension and lectures are an insult and you need to just shut your hole. Americans don’t value your opinion, we will not tolerate your attempts to take over our country, and we don’t want to live with either you or your nasty, uncivilized brethren.  We Americans are just fine with you Arabs residing in your backward hellholes, we don’t need nor do we want your help in turning our country into another one.

The arrogant piece of royal UN trash came into our country and criticized our people as being “racists and xenophobes.” In his remarks Zeid Hussein spoke of the great power of their gathering at defeating the patriots of the world, those who are standing in defense of his Arab aggression.

He uses insults as his weapons of choice when attacking Americans and other civilized people opposed to their filthy invasion. He said, “We can change this here at the summit together, respect, safety and dignity for all.

But not when the defenders of what is good and right are being outflanked in too many countries by race-baiting bigots, who seek to gain or retain power by wielding prejudice and deceit at the expense of those most vulnerable.”

His comments are spot on if he’s taking the unusual position that the UN is attacking the good people of the world through their Islamic invasion, though that’s doubtful. The patriots of the world are under attack by the race-baiting bigots of the UN, the Obama regime and the Democrat Party. Nobody is more prejudiced or deceitful than they are. But he’s just like the rest of them so he’s distorting the truth, and blaming the Americans, as usual.

He adds, “The

bigots and deceivers, in opposing greater responsibility sharing, promote rupture.” You’re wrong again, bearded frog prince. The ones invading our country are responsible for the problems. Just go away, we have high standards and you didn’t make the cut. A prince from Jordan is nobody compared to any American. You’re not good enough for us and you and your terrorist hordes are not welcome here. Take Obama with you.

He threatened to publicly shame those who don’t submit to his demands, those who refuse to be bullied by the likes of him and his despicable parasitic UN cronies. He said, “Some of them may well be in this hall this morning. If you are here, we say to you: We will continue to name you publicly. You may soon walk away from this hall. But not from the broader judgment of ‘we the people’ – all the world’s people. Not from us.”

Americans are the original we the people, and we’re not impressed nor are we intimidated by the likes of this little weasel. The is becoming more direct in their takeover scheming as they realize that their agent on the inside, Hussein Obama, may not be followed up by another similarly anti-American globalist tool. A real American who puts our country first is now the favorite to win in November. When that happens, this asshat can go back to being a nobody inconsequential Jordanian prince that no one cares about. All his high this and high that titles, empty threats and name-calling will mean even less than they do now, when delivered before an empty UN building. Arrggghhh back at you.