And the Antidote to “DAESH” is….?

ISIS Drowns Apostates, Dumps Bodies In Mass Graves: Islamic State Rebellion Plot Thwarted With Violence

Are the wheels coming off the Islamic state?

The Islamic State group has crushed a rebellion plot in its stronghold city of Mosul in Iraq, Reuters reported Friday.


The conspiracy was reportedly lead by one of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s own aides, who along with 57 others, were executed for treason. The accused were drowned and their bodies dumped in a mass grave located somewhere in the barren outskirts of the city. The militants also known as ISIS responded to inquiries by family members regarding the whereabouts of their loved ones by refusing to provide any details except for a list of names of the “apostates” and indicating that they  could not be buried in Muslim cemeteries.

Aleppo pounded as Assad vows to ‘clean’ besieged city

At least 100 people have been killed over the past three days in air raids on rebel-held Aleppo [Reuters]

Air strikes continue pummelling rebel-held Aleppo as Syrian president says taking city is key to capturing other areas.

“Islam Is the Antidote to DAESH”

There is so much falsehood and deception in this claim than one can only spit in disgust. Never buy your Islam from a Mohammedan female, who’s witness is only half of a man’s and who is declared “deficient in intelligence” by her own prophet.


“Islam Is the Antidote to DAESH”

So says a woman who is not averse to speaking a little taqiyaah when the occasion demands it (my bolds):

“THE Daesh (so-called IS) group doesn’t represent Islam indeed and, in fact, I feel that Islam is the anti-dote to IS,” Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, the first Scottish Muslim woman Member of Parliament in Westminster, has said. In an exclusive interview to Al Arabiya English, Tasmina said that we need to make sure that women across the world have an opportunity to work together and try and find a solution to combat whatever is driving people to these actions that are certainly not representative of Islam. “One of my plans is to introduce an annual international Muslim women parliamentarian summit. The idea is to bring Muslim women parliamentarians from all over the world to talk about how we can share our good policies in action and what we can do to alleviate poverty and have a different narrative about Islam and about what Muslim women stand for,” she said. “I think space needs to be created for women across the world, and particularly women in the Muslim world, because we have a sense of validity when we talk about our religion,” Tasmina said.

Hard to reconcile their “sense of validity” when sharia law accords ’em second class status and when their menfolk are given leave to administer a physical punishment should a wife hesitate to follow her husband’s orders.

And instead of convening a get-together of female parliamentarians, why don’t they delve into the “narrative” of the Quran and other holy texts, from whence the call for violent jihad–and the example of Islam’s founder, the faith’s first holy warrior–springs?

Any “antidote to DAESH” must surely start with that. (Scaramouche)