Merkel Regime Warns About “Dramatic Migration” From Africa

WTF? First she invites them and now she warns about them?
Federal ‘Development Minister’  Müller warns about “dramatic migration” from Africa. His recipe to counter this is more money for Africa. Those familiar with the aids rackets believe this is the wrong way. Then comes the journalistic canard about the “great powers” who are behind these regional wars about resources and caused the rise of corrupt elites.
The latest arrivals are already terrorizing the native Germans:

In other news:

About forty asylum seekers, most of them Algerians, staged a violent protest at a facility in Spain. After smashing furniture, the discontented refugees climbed to the roof of the building and stayed there for eleven hours.


Dozens of migrants, mainly Algerians, broke furniture and climbed on the roof of a Spanish detention centre to stage a protest about living conditions.

The protest began late on Tuesday with reports that security cameras were covered up and a security door broken.

The protesters held up banners demanding freedom and dignity before agreeing to come down 12 hours later.

The incident has highlighted Spain’s policy of holding illegal immigrants at eight detention centres.

Humanitarian organisations and residents have long complained about conditions at the Madrid centre, in the western Aluche area of the capital.

 But the real problem is “Islamophobia”….

…which is code for resisting Islam.

Islamophobia is poisonous and must be defeated, says Hürriyet chairwoman

Infidels must not be allowed to come to terms with the fact that Islam is a violent ideology that seeks their subjugation. Not every head chopping savage is a terrorist and we must not see them as what they really are, suggest this Mohammedan twat:


 “When you incriminate millions of Muslims, just because of the barbarism displayed by a bunch of heretics in the name of Islam, you will have lost those millions who are your most important allies, partner, to build a better world” she said, stating that the issue of Islamophobia is not only about being unfair to Muslims; at the same time, there is also the risk of offending the most important ally in the struggle against terrorism.

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