In order to climb the corporate ladder of the OIC-controlled UN, you need to be a Marxist Moonbat who panders to Islamofascists and kicks western civilisation like a mule. Antono Balonio Guterres is a hardcore commie and life-long socialist parasite from way back. That’s why Antonio  is the man for the job. The world has dodged a bullet. It could have been worse- it could have been KRudd.

Who is this man, Antonio Guterres, who so impressed the UN envoys of both Presidents Putin and Obama? Check him out here.


Tim Blair, The Daily Telegraph

Back in 2014, the next leader of the United Nations questioned Australia’s “very strange” attitude to boat arrivals.

Antonio Guterres wondered if we might have “sociological and psychological” issues:

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres has described as “very strange” Australia’s obsession with deterring asylum seekers who arrive by boat to seek refugee protection.

Answering a question posed by Australian refugee community representative at the UNHCR-NGO consultations in Geneva, Mr Guterres said Australia was in a “very strange situation” with its refugee policy …

“(Australia) is a very generous country hosting refugees. It has the most successful resettlement program I can imagine and the community integration is excellent. The combination of civil society, local authorities and central government in that is excellent,” Mr Guterres said.

“The problem is when we discuss boats and there, of course, we enter into a very, very, very dramatic thing. I think it is a kind of collective sociological and psychological question. They receive, I think, 180,000 migrants in a year. If you come to Australia in a different way, it’s fine but if they come in a boat it is like something strange happens to their minds.”

On behalf of my fellow simple-minded Australians, let me attempt to explain why we view legal migrants and boat arrivals differently. In the former category we find people of known background. We are able to judge their potential and the level of risk they may present.

They have passports.

In the second category we find people who have skipped across several nations, including nations where they would be welcome, prior to seeking Australian arrival. They pay huge sums to people smugglers, whose deadly industry killed more than 1200 people during Labor’s years in power alone. We know nothing of their potential or if they present a threat.

In order to make discovery of their past more problematic, they throw their passports away. Oh, and one more thing: we’re quite happy to be avoiding the problems suffered by Germany, France, Sweden and other nations vulnerable to massive uninvited arrivals.

There. Now you’re up to speed on this, Antonio, please feel free to inform all your UN mates.

UN’s New Secretary General Antonio Guterres: ‘Tireless Refugee Champion’

Billionaire hedge fund manager and political donor George Soros has said Europe must welcome huge numbers of asylum seekers and economic migrants, claiming they will benefit the economy.


Writing in Die Welt, Soros lays out “seven pillars” he beleives should be enacted in order for Germany and Europe to see financial gains from the mass migration of people from the third world.

Calling Britain’s vote to leave the bloc a tragedy, the Hungarian Billionaire warns that the prospect of “xenophobic, nationalist movements” winning elections in France, the Netherlands, and Germany constitutes a massive threat.