Blackburn, one of the most segregated towns in Britain


The findings came as a shock to everyone except the people of Blackburn.

Some areas of the town are 95 percent Asian and some shopkeepers have never served a white person.

Many locals feel that over a handful of decades Blackburn, and many nearby northern towns, has been sleepwalking to ghettoization, separation and nothing short of a neo-apartheid.

Apartheid on the streets of Blackburn: How political correctness killed integration

I ask Muhammad the worried westerner’s prime question about the Koran – why are their so many passages and verses which seem to want to kill me?

He initially disputes the claim so I quote Koran 8:12 which is basically about striking terror into the hearts of disbelievers before removing their heads from their body – a practice which, unless you’ve really not been paying attention to the recent murderous geo-politics of the Middle East, will seem depressingly familiar. The 8:12 verse is one of many of the Koran’s darker passages which are used by ISIS and their literal cohorts to justify ever more inhuman levels of barbarity.

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Yes. Context. And then you have to read it in Arabic. Which doesn’t change the fact that Islam an Arabic ideology based on rape, murder and plunder.

BLACKBURN was today named in a report on ‘community cohesion’ as one of the most segregated towns in Britain.
The corner of Yorkshire that has almost no white residents
  • There are almost no white residents to be found in Savile Town, Yorkshire 
  • Last census found only 48 of 4,033 people living there were white British
  • Even lady selling ice cream from a van during the summer wears a burka

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