The Submission of the Cultural Marxists

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One of the sad ironies of the 21st century is that the European countries that were ruled by Marxists for forty-five years are now a refuge from the Cultural Marxism that rules in Western Europe and North America.

The following essay examines the death-grip that Cultural Marxism has on Western Europe. It was written by the Hungarian engineer and economist Károly Lóránt (see also his previous article) for the Hungarian daily Magyar Hírlap. Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation:

The submission of the Cultural Marxists

by Károly Lóránt
October 31, 2016

The population of Africa will increase by one billion in two decades, and the region can’t sustain such masses…

Hungary was the target of a huge number of attacks for building a fence and not accepting migrants. In addition to refuting this criticism, we should think about what motivates our critics, and what is our point of view.

Let’s look at the facts first. We know that immigration to Western Europe started in the 1960s in the form of guest workers who received permanent residence permits, and later their numbers multiplied with family reunifications. From the ‘90s onward increasingly large numbers arrived illegally from Middle Eastern and African countries. What happened to the migrants? Did they integrate into Western society as the politicians who invited them hoped, or their current descendants are hoping? The answer is a definite NO! While those Central European migrants from a similar culture (European, Christian) have been integrated, the mostly Muslim migrants from the Middle East or Africa ended up in ghettos. We can argue about whether no-go zones exist or not, but segregated ghettoization is a fact, so much so that the Danes have already worked out a concrete definition of it. According to the Danish government, a ghetto is a place where at least three of the following five criteria are fulfilled:

1. At least 2.7% of the population has already been convicted of a crime;
2. The income of the population is less than 55% of the average income of the region;
3. For those between the ages of 30 and 59, more than 50% have no more than an elementary school education;
4. More than 50% of the population is not from Western European countries;
5. Between the ages of 18 and 64, more than 40% are not working and not going to school.

Based on the above criteria, in Denmark there are 34 ghettos, six of them in the Copenhagen area. Migrants living in these ghettos — mostly Muslims — do not wish to live by their host country’s laws, but by their own cultures and traditions, which means the teachings of Islam. According to a survey conducted by the WZB Social Science Center at the behest of the German Parliament, two-thirds of Turkish and Moroccan migrants state than Shariah is more important for them than the law of the host country. This attitude was supported by Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, who stated that Shariah should gain official status in the United Kingdom. Despite the wishes and statements of some Western leaders, we have proof that in Western Europe parallel societies have formed enclaves that are increasing in size and in time may join up, and in the long term will lead to the full Islamisation of Western Europe.

Another fact contained in the demographic forecasts asserts that the population of Africa will increase by one billion in two decades, which population — taking into account climate change — cannot be sustained there. It’s not hard to imagine what will happen if these people march en masse into Europe.

We must ask the question: do we want our countries to stay ours, or do we gradually submit to Islamic culture — maybe in the form described so vividly in the book by the French writer Michel Houellebecq, Submission? If the answer is NO, then it is clear what we must do: we must defend our country from illegal migrants and repeal the forced settlement attempts by the European Union based on their overbearing policies.

Is this a viewpoint that can be argued? Of course, and many argue it, too. The leaders of the EU still live under the illusion that large masses of migrants and their previously-arrived counterparts can be integrated successfully into European society.

The latest proof of this delusion a publication called 
Action Plan on the integration of third country nationals” [pdf], which was released by the European Commission in June of this year. The material emphasizes that the main methods for integration are pre-selection, education and employment, and also the provision of basic services and active involvement into the local community. The publication does not even attempt to discuss any of the experiences of the previous decades. The politicians can’t say anything except to repeat Merkel’s mantra: “We can do it”! (Wir schaffen das) or what Sarkozy says: “The migrants must accept that their ancestors are the Gauls” or the resigned version: “We thought that… if you walked the streets of Copenhagen and drank the municipal water and rode the municipal bus, you’d soon become a Dane. It was so obvious to us, and therefore we thought that it must also be obvious for those who settled and lived here. It wasn’t.” (Queen Margrethe II of Denmark).

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2 thoughts on “The Submission of the Cultural Marxists”

  1. It figures! “Marxism” is the most static, shallow, childish and idolatrous criminal poin-of-view out there (well, besides islam itself, that is)!

    So, what is “Marxism” (aka “Socialism/Communism”)?

    It’s conformist, gangster extortion leading to slavery – it’s an extortion (“protection”) racket, where it’s all about victimology (because the best way for criminals to excuse their crimes, is to convince their victims that they ARE victims, of everything and every one else, too)! So it’s all about false “group” (or gang) rights, which stance of course automatically cancels out all real, universally equal human rights!


    Because it’s main premise is one of baseless slander!

    Because it prejudicially presumes that all rich people stole their wealth from poor people!

    In reality, they simply chose to save in stead of spend frivilously on beer and pizza, chose to invest in stead of squander, and chose to pass it down to their descendants!


    … So the childish and shallow SJWs suggest we attack all rich people, and steal their wealth from them, to give to the members of crime-cultures (muslims etc) just because they are “poor!”

    When it’s their very criminality which MADE them poor in the first place!

    And all I might note, without first getting any evidence of their alleged “crimes” nor holding an actual trial!

    They’d prefer to get a large gang of SJWs together, form a “government,” and make up new “laws” (actually crimes) to TAKE it all from them, and “redistribute” their hard-earned wealth!

    Who made these SJWs judge jury and executioner?!

    The “education” system and their delinquent parents, that’s who!

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