‘Allahu akbar’, its Christmas!

Update from the ever reliable BBC:

“Lorry kills 12 at Christmas market”.

You have to watch out for these insane lorries careening around our cities. Oddly enough at least one of the occupants of the crazed lorry turns out to be a refugee from Afghanistan/Pakistan. Not that any reasonable, thinking person would be surprised by that revelation, anymore.

Christmas markets are a grand German tradition, but probably not for much longer.

Mark Steyn nails the insanity of the world we live in and the even more frightening future…

 Islamic State Supporters Celebrate Berlin Truck ‘Attack’

EXCLUSIVE – Islamic State Supporters Celebrate Berlin Truck ‘Attack’

…‘Allahu Akbar’…

An assassination in Turkey may reshape global outcomes.

Suddenly everything is very 1914:

Russia’s ambassador to Turkey has been shot dead at an art exhibition opening in Ankara by an off-duty police officer shouting slogans about Syria’s civil war.

Ambassador Andrei Karlov, 62, was several minutes into a speech when the gunman fired at least eight shots.

“Don’t forget Aleppo, don’t forget Syria!” the gunman shouted in Turkish.

The undercover assassin also shouted “Allahu akbar,” the Arabic phrase for “God is great” and continued in Arabic: “We are the descendants of those who supported the Prophet Muhammad, for jihad.”

And hasn’t that worked out well. (Tim Blair)


The man who rammed a 7-ton truck into a crowded Christmas market in the heart of Berlin, killing 12 people and injuring 48, has been identified by German media as a 23-year-old refugee of Pakistani origin who arrived in the country via the ‘Balkan route’.

The suspect has been named as Naved B., a 23-year-old Pakistani who was registered as an asylum seeker in February this year, Spiegel reported, citing police and security sources. The report also said the Pakistani man could have used a fake ID and an alias.

BERLIN TRUCK STOLEN: Polish Truck Driver Kidnapped, Killed in Berlin ISIS Attack at Christmas Market

The jihadis who plowed into a Christmas market today in Berlin stole the truck from a Polish driver who was making a delivery to a Muslim neighborhood. The Polish truck driver told his wife he “did not feel safe” in that neighborhood. His wife has not been heard back from him since 3 pm.

Berlin police say that the Polish driver’s body was found in the cab of the truck. According to “Die Welt,”he died from gunshot wounds. Polish authorities are in contact with the German services.

Rports are that the Polish driver was in the passenger seat, already abducted and dead as the truck rammed the market.– The Geller Report

Saying Merry Christmas is Worse than Murder:

The Muslim View on Christmas

‘We Die in Aleppo, You Die Here’

UPDATE: Russian Ambassador Assassinated in Turkey

Russian Ambassador Assassinated in Turkey…


Gunman Shoots 3 at Zürich Islamic Center

SWITZERLAND-FRANCE-ATTACKS-INVESTIGATION-POLICEThree people have been shot by an unknown gunman at an Islamic centre in the Swiss city of Zürich and authorities say that the gunman is now on the run.


The Islamic centre closest to the main train station is the Al-Hidaya Verein mosque which lies just north of the Zürich Hauptbahnhof. The centre was accused of ties to extremism by German journalist Shams Ul-Haq in October of this year.  Mr. Ul-Haq went undercover and infiltrated the mosque where he described the Somali Imams as preaching extremist ideas.

The undercover journalist also accused the group who run the mosque, Forum of the Orient (Forient), of hiding migrants as well as other illegal activities. Imam of the Islamic centre Mohammed Hakimi has claimed that the mosque preaches a tolerant version of Islam and has denied all the allegations made by the German-Pakistani journalist.

Islamic Group Issues Fatwa Against Christmas Decorations in Indonesia

Islamic Group Issues Fatwa Against Christmas Decorations in Indonesia

Idiocy infecting America:

University of Virginia:   Students Sign Petition to Ban Christmas

UK: Over 1,000 Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” march in London demanding caliphate for second time in a week

4 thoughts on “‘Allahu akbar’, its Christmas!”

  1. Trump came out with a great statement today. Will any EU leaders dare to say the same? Doubt it. Not sure how high the body count has to go. 3,000 in the US in 2011 was not enough to admit the truth. Maybe 10,000 would do it.

    1. Jon,

      we already know that in the UK and Germany that over a 1,000 girls can be raped, beaten and violated by muslims and it is not high enough for anyone to care.

      1. One thousand? Some reports mentioned up to one million! In Rotherham alone there were 14.000 cases!

  2. And so it continues……
    In the similar truck attack in Nice,I commented on the stupidity of the so called “solidarity” brigade who’ll no doubt be getting their flower bouquets,cards and tealights,teddy bears and candles ready . I’m even beginning to feel sorry for the poor tosser who has to wheel out that piano once again. He’s heading for a hernia!

    But I finally get it.
    This has got nothing to do with islam.
    It has everything to do with these do gooders,SJW’s , f*****d in the head trendy student types , effeminate man who is too scared to voice his opinion and hold our governments WHO WE ELECTED to task.

    We now have to start with shaming all manginas who want to be seen as trendies,lapping up stupid female empathy in their hopes that they’ll get some pussy . Yeah well done guys,….slow hand clap for you lot.You still haven’t got the pussy attention.That goes to the bad guys who the girls crave for.
    But they’re not really bad guys. They’re just not falling for the do good bullshit,and believe it or not,they will always be given female attention over you lot!So start acting like proper men,it’s your duty to denounce libtard stupidity.
    Oh I forgot,you lot won’t be accessing this forum.Too busy mingling with the vaginas you won’t get. Sympathising and empathising with them in the slightest hopes of….And oh the irony of it all…..
    These girls you so desperately want are busy fantasising about cultural enrichment,NOT YOU! It’s the muzrats receiving the girls attentions,while you’re always viewing from the sidelines . Wishing for your turn.
    Admittedly,some muzrats offer too much attention to females,but you’re too scared to bring authorities to task on that!
    Well, I could go on and on. But it’s looking like
    we’re having to publicly denounce those traitorous clowns who welcomed this invasion. We need to show our despise for effeminate cowardice,and publicly shame them and their idiocratic ways of thinking.
    If there is some glimmer of hope,that will be from a Trump/Putin cooperative.
    In the meantime,I sincerely offer my condolences. My thoughts are with those affected victims,and their families.

    I also extend my sincerest thoughts to you all here on this fantastic forum,which promotes our thoughts/freedoms and our freedom of speech. May you all have a Merry Christmas,and hopefully a Happier New Year.
    Stay safe.

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