Merkeled by a truck of Islamic tolerance

Main suspect in Berlin attack is a Tunisian migrant who had a “certificate of tolerance” from the German government.

Twelve people are dead and 48 are injured (at the time of writing) because they attended a Christmas market at Breitscheidplatz in Berlin. This BBC headline effortlessly conveys the madness of our times:

Lorry kills 12 at Christmas market

Ah, so the truck did it. So it’s nothing that can’t be fixed by some basic truck-control measures – like, say, licensing and registration of trucks.

Within moments, the familiar rituals of this latest vehicular misfortune emerged: “It was definitely deliberate,” said one intended victim. And as CNN reported:

Witnesses told police the attacker had shouted out…

Go on, take a wild guess!

…’Allahu akbar’ and ‘Infidels must die’ as he carried out the attacks.

First pictures of #BerlinAttack suspect Anis Amri

German Police Manhunt For Tunisian Migrant After Berlin Attack

Merkel: ‘Especially hard to bear’ if Berlin attacker an asylum seeker

Sounds like she’s spitting on the graves of the victims.

Merkel Ally: Berlin Attack Will ‘Radicalise the German Public’

That is something we are looking forward to.

Migrant Youths, Locals Brawl at Christmas Market

Berlin: ISIS Calls Attacker ‘Soldier of the Islamic State’

Every Muslim is a soldier of allah.

Christmas on Lockdown: Beefed Up Security Across Europe In Wake of Berlin

Christmas on Lockdown:  Beefed Up Security Across Europe After Berlin Attack

After the fact…..


….and rightly so.


Most people reject that reality and prefer to believe in multiculti fluff….

Berlin attack: Tunisian man ‘identified as suspect’ from truck documents
German police are hunting a Tunisian man over the Berlin market attack after finding documents in the truck, according to reports. The identity document was found under the driver’s seat of the truck which ploughed into crowds at the …Read More…From Sky News  The Telegraph and the German edition of The Local 
Donald Trump Condemns ‘Radical Islamic Terrorist’ Attacks in Berlin, Turkey

President-elect Donald Trump reacted to the news that Andrei Karlov, a Russian ambassador to Turkey, was assassinated on Monday.

“Today we offer our condolences to the family and loved ones of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov, who was assassinated by a radical Islamic terrorist,” Trump said in a statement. “The murder of an ambassador is a violation of all rules of civilized order and must be universally condemned.”

Trump also released a statement condemning an attack in Berlin, after a tractor trailer drove into a Christmas market killing nine and injuring at least 50.

“Innocent civilians were murdered in the streets as they prepared to celebrate the Christmas holiday,” he said. “ISIS and other Islamist terrorists continually slaughter Christians in their communities and places of worship as part of their global jihad.”

As Democrats have spent weeks alarming American citizens about Russia, Trump’s statements refocus on radical Islamic terror as the bigger threat facing the world.

“These terrorists and their regional and worldwide networks must be eradicated from the face of the earth, a mission we will carry out with all freedom-loving partners,” he said.

Trump also reacted to the news on Twitter, recognizing a shooting at a mosque in Switzerland as well.

“Today there were terror attacks in Turkey, Switzerland and Germany – and it is only getting worse,” he wrote. “The civilized world must change thinking!”


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