Fake News: “vast majority of migrants in Austria are pro-democratic”

Another BS poll from Austria meant to embellish the Mohammedan conquest. Much of it is based on pure ignorance and “positive thinking” rather than an informed, skeptical opinion.

Poll: 40 Per Cent of Migrants Think Citizens of Host Country Have Too Much Freedom
Austrian citizens and asylum seekers march during a pro-refugee protest called "Let them stay" in Vienna, Austria on November 26, 2016. Austria will hold the postponed second round of the presidential elections on December 4, 2016. / AFP / JOE KLAMAR (Photo credit should read JOE KLAMAR/AFP/Getty Images)
The sign reads “refugees stay, Hofer should be driven out”

A newly released study of migrants in Austria has revealed that whilst the vast majority are pro-democratic, many think Austrians live too liberally and have too much freedom.

The vast majority of Muslims are not pro-democratic, they reject democracy because Islam has no place for it. Most Muslims don’t even know what democracy is.

The study, conducted by the Austrian Academy of Sciences, interviewed 900 asylum seekers from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq on various topics from religion to their political opinions.

The results show the asylum seekers having a positive attitude for the democratic system with 90 per cent supporting the principle of democracy, 40 per cent claim people in Austria live “too liberally”, and the majority define themselves as religious, OE24reports.

They have a “positive attitude” for the welfare system, not for democracy.  What they mean by ‘people in Austria live too liberally’ is that they don’t live under the Islamic system, the shari’a.

Around 80 per cent of those who took part in the study were men aged 18-30 years old reflecting the huge disparity between the numbers of men who have migrated to Europe over the course of the migrant crisis compared to women and children.

A naive way of describing this vast army of Muslim soldiers of military age.

Sixty per cent said that they were actively religious and 30 per cent say they pray five times a day or more. A further 80 per cent say religious clothing, like the burqa or niqab, should be allowed in public places. Only two per cent claimed they weren’t religious.

The 2 % should be given a chance. The rest should be ejected at once.

On the subject of people with a different religion, 45 per cent, mainly those who originate from Afghanistan, viewed other religions as inferior to Islam. Less than half, 40 per cent, would accept their children marrying someone from a different religious background without some kind of reservation like conversion.

It is permissible for Muslims to marry  Christian and Jewish females. It is not permissible for infidels to marry Muslim women, not unless it benefits the umma or in case the infidel converts. A Muslim women has no free choice; if she gets involved with a kafir her Muslim family will murder her. We know that as “honor killing”.

Whilst 90 per cent do agree with the system of democracy in principle, 40 per cent say that the laws of the country should be based on religious principles and commandments.

Which means 90% want to replace the democratic system with the shari’a. Are these pollsters dense? They don’t seem to have the faintest clue about Islam.

Attitudes towards equality between men and women was also asked, and while 80 per cent say men and women are equal, 20 per cent reject the idea of women working outside the home, 37 per cent call for separation of the sexes in swimming pools and gyms, and 20 per cent are for separate religious education.

According to the Qur’an, ” men and women are equal but different”, and then some. They’re playing a fools game with hapless infidels.

Integration Minister, and member of the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP), Sebastian Kurz used the study to again make the case for integration legislation. Kurz has been attempting to pass the proposed legislation since last year, but the minister claims his efforts have been blocked by the Socialist party (SPÖ) since the summer.

The integration legislation would see the banning of the full-face Islamic veil in public settings, but more recently Mr. Kurz has suggested he would support a ban on headscarves for public sector workers after a government integration expert proposed the measure.

The Austrian stance on integration has been much different than the stance of many German academics and politicians who have gone as far as saying that Germans should be integrating into migrant cultures as much as migrants should integrate into Germany.

If the Germans don’t come to their senses quick they will be Islamic within the next 20 years.

German Green party politician Volker Beck, who was arrested last year for crystal meth possession, said that Germans should learn Arabic and stop worrying about migration.

It is astounding that such invertebrates are in politics anywhere, let alone in Germany.

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