Shari’a prof says Trump ‘will be destroyed like Hitler’ over anti-Islam policies

Ali al-Qaradaghi  Professor in Sharia and comparative fiqh, Secretary-General of the International Union for Muslim Scholars.

“…recalling the fate of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler”- really?

The good professor seems to be confused. Adolph was a great hero to the Muslims, and the mufti of Jerusalem was Hitlers greatest ally. Hitler was not destroyed over “anti-Islam policies”.  Today, Hitlers “Mein Kampf” is the absolute number one book in Turkey and many other places in the islamic world, so why does this deranged Islamo-propagandist try to make it sound as if Muslims had anything to do with the Fuhrers demise? We all know that Islam is not a race, although mentally challenged savages insist on conflating it with race because they have no valid arguments otherwise. We cannot stress that often enough…

Muslim scholar warns Trump against ‘racist’ remarks
Head of International Union of Muslim Scholars warns incoming US president of consequences of ‘anti-Muslim’ discourse  

World Bulletin / News Desk

Ali al-Qaradaghi, secretary-general of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, warned U.S. President-elect Donald Trump — who will be sworn in later today — of the consequences of making “racist” and “anti-Muslim” remarks, which, he said, threatened to “polarize Americans”.
Islam divides the world in believers and unbelievers, nothing to do with Donald Trump.

If Trump adopts “anti-Muslim” policies, they will “backfıre on him”, al-Qaradaghi asserted, recalling the fate of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

 “Anti-Muslim policies” did not backfıre on Hitler. He was a great admirer of Islam.

Speaking via Twitter only hours before Trump’s inauguration, al-Qaradaghi said Trump not only antagonized Muslims but also aggravated sensitive issues in American society, thereby sowing distrust among Washington’s traditional allies.

Anyone who doesn’t fawn over Islam and goes straight into submission is “antagonizing” Muslims. Muslims have never been “Washington’s traditional allies”, so that is redundant.

“Racist propaganda against so-called ‘Islamic extremism’ may have helped him reach power, but it will only serve to polarize Americans later,” he said.

Islam is not a race and Trump doesn’t engage in “racist propaganda”. Al Qaradaghi is lying.

“Playing on the public’s emotions and reviving racial prejudices will lead to destruction,” al-Qaradaghi added.

Qaradaghi seems to believe that ‘Allah’ will help him in destroying the kafirs. He is mistaken.

Trump will take over the U.S. presidency from predecessor Barack Obama on Friday afternoon after taking the presidential oath of office.

During his election campaign, Trump employed a confrontational discourse — especially vis-à-vis Muslims — that drew criticism both at home and abroad.

Trump is to be commended for stating the obvious, which Hussein Obama systematically perverted by pandering to Mohammedans on an unprecedented scale.

6 thoughts on “Shari’a prof says Trump ‘will be destroyed like Hitler’ over anti-Islam policies”

  1. islams … read your Qur’ans for yourselves !!!
    (but you already know your Imams ARE lying to you) !!!

    islam IS NOT the Religion of Peace
    but islams KNOW that already !!!

    These (seemingly peaceful) Quran verses …
    2:83, 2:139, 2:190, 2:191, 2:192, 2:217, 2:256,
    3:20 , 3:28,
    4:63, 4:80, 4:81, 4:84, 4:90, 4:91, 4:140,
    5:2, 5:13, 5:99,
    6:66, 6:68, 6:70, 6:91, 6:104, 6:106, 6:107, 6:108, 6:112, 6:137, 6:159,
    7:183, 7:199,
    8:61, 8:72, 8:73,
    9:2, 9:7,
    10:41, 10:99 , 10:108 ,
    11:12, 11:121, 11:122,
    13:40 ,
    15:3, 15:85 , 15:88, 15:89, 15:94,
    16:82, 16:125 , 16:127 ,
    19:39, 19:75 , 19:84,
    20:130, 20:135,
    37:174, 37:175, 37:178, 37:179,
    38:70, 38:88,
    39:3, 39:14, 39:15, 39:36, 39:39, 39:40 , 39:41, 39:46,
    40:12, 40:55, 40:77,
    43:83, 43:89,
    50:39, 50:45,
    52:31, 52:45, 52:48,
    68:44, 68:48,
    70:5, 70:42,
    73:10, 73:11,
    76:8, 76:24, 76:29,
    88:21, 88:22, 88:23,

    Are abrogated by warmongering verse 9:5 …
    The Verse of the Sword abrogates 123 less violent verses …
    But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war); but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practise regular charity, then open the way for them: for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.” [sic]

    And the islams willingly agree to …
    1. Force non-islams to convert to islam.
    2. Force non-islams “of the book” (ie. Christians/Jews) to willingly agree to be slaves of islam.
    3. Rape plunder then kill all non-islams “of the book” (ie. Christians/Jews) who will not convert or be willingly enslaved and not of the book non-islams who wont convert … to islam.
    (the three tenets of islam)

    Reference: any Qur’an

      1. Laugh !!!
        Oh bugger … Yes I did !!!
        Yes that is why the islams depend on the Imams (the ones who read) to tell them what to believe AND do !!!

  2. We are living in epic times.

    What we are witnessing are the death throes of socialism/communism/marxism.

    One hundred years ago, February/March 2017, the Bolshevik revolution kicked off, sending a wave of death and carnage across the world. Hundreds of millions dead, and countless, mentally scarred. President Ronald Reagan and PM Margaret Thatcher, along with Pope John Paul II, saw the end of the USSR, and its satraps in Eastern Europe.

    Unfortunately the infection transferred itself to Europe, and America. Using Climate Change, Health care, and Political Correctness, it hoped to enslave the West. It almost succeeded, but for the appearance of a real estate developer.

    Almost to the month, a hundred years after the Bolshevik revolution, President Donald Trump, along with, hopefully, PM Teresa May, will send the demonic ideology of Marxism, to its justly deserved grave.

    No wonder Leftists around the world, in the MSM, and elsewhere, are kicking off a wave of social unrest.

    They will lose. No doubt of it.

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