Vic Premier understands: Victorians are entitled to feel angry and changes will be made “if necessary”

No shiite.

Scenes from a mall
Scenes from a mall


Tim Blair, The Daily Telegraph

Martin Place murderer Man Monis was out on bail when he began his deadly Sydney siege. Alleged Melbourne murderer Dimitrious Gargasoulas was also out on bail.

Happily, Victorian Labor premier Dan Andrews has a solution:

The death toll from the Bourke Street car attack in Melbourne has risen to five, and it has been announced Victoria’s controversial bail laws will be reviewed in the aftermath …

[Alleged killer] Gargasoulas was bailed the week before after being charged by police with assault. He was subsequently linked to the stabbing of his brother and taking a woman hostage before he went on the city rampage.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said a review of the state’s bail laws would form part of the investigation into events.

He said Victorians were entitled to feel angry and changes would be made “if necessary” to honour those who were killed.

Dan Andrews is an idiot. But you already knew that.

Poster Devlin adds this:

Why aren’t the media mentioning his conversion to Islam, a month ago? And his facebook page with all the Islamic stuff on it. Or the cries of ‘allahu ackba’ as he was doing wheelies outside Flinders St station? (See Jihad Watch for video)

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  1. I watched Democracy Now coverage – best described the stage procession of women schizophrenic. Every cause, no matter how small or ridiculous got a piece of the action. Did notice Linda Sansour, righteous muslim and co-chair of the Schizo Committee, is quite the busy bee.

  2. Like everything that Daniel Andrews has anything to do with, A Little Bit to Late, the sniveling socialist government of the once great and now backward state of Victoria has been too busy turning the state into a social and economic mess and it takes poor people to die to get them to do anything.

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