German MEP: “Women do not feel safe in Germany” 
Ulrike Trebesius, a former member of the AfD party in Germany and now member of the European Parliament, makes a strong statement about Merkel’s Germany and…– The Rebel
Should the US Leave the UN? 
A bill to pull America out of the UN has been put before Congress. We look at the links between the UN and Islamism. | Clarion Project
The Anti-Semite Who Organized the ‘Women’s March on Washington’
And the half-million lemmings who showed up in “solidarity.”
Yazidi Girls Sold as Sex Slaves while Women March against Trump

While actress Ashley Judd complained at a Washington D.C. “Women’s March” that “tampons are taxed when Viagra and Rogaine are not,” thousands of Yazidi children and women were being forced into sexual slavery in Iraq and Syria at the hands of Islamic State.

Some Yazidi girls were “sold” for a few packs of cigarettes. “Some of those women and girls have had to watch 7-, 8-, and 9-year-old children bleed to death before…Gatestone Institute
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Complete Lunatics at the paid woman’s March
More college kids pledge to remove genitals if Trump builds wall –
As reported previously, 2 students at The University of California stated that they would publicly remove their penis’ if Trump enforced the existing USA-Mexico border wall. In a continuance of this trend, 4 students at the University of Washington have promised to remove pieces of their reproductiv…

If you ever wondered how many disgusting, despicable, brainless and useful idiots could fit into one picture, here’s your answer.

These ignorant women are wearing a hijab like it’s a goddamn fashion statement, supporting women’s and gays rights while attacking the ONLY country in the Middle East that actually have these rights, and then, to top it off, spit on the memory of Anne Frank and all the millions of Jews murdered in the Holocaust by wearing that horrible t-shirt.

What is wrong with people? Do they actually know what they are protesting against, or rallying for? If not, just STAY HOME and do something useful with your lives. I suggest knitting or watching some daytime soap operas. 

Suicide bombers are using babies to avoid detection
Babies are terrorists’ newest weapon, Nigerian officials warn.
“Female suicide bombers carrying infants set off explosive devices in Madagali on Jan. 13 after they were let through a security checkpoint where they were mistaken for civilians. The women killed themselves, two babies and four others.”

One thought on “Women!”

  1. RE: More college kids pledge to remove genitals if Trump builds wall – It’s okay. Sometimes the dumber ones in the herd can only learn through pain and suffering.

    Sheik, is that whiny “it’s not fair” bitch from antifascist action, a legit posting?

    All I can say, is welcome to the real world bitches. This is the rightful punishment you get when adults are in charge of a civil society. Good riddance president agitator. Fuck off anti-society Leftist and delusional hippies, we don’t want the world that you’ve created. We said No to you in the UK. We said No to you in the US, Hungary and Italy.

    He said, his backers bailed him out, but will the backers cover court fees for the long haul.

    “breaking some shit up” you self-righteous twat, is someone else’s private property that you destroyed. Like the true coward you are you used and hide in the mob to harm and destroy.

    I always new you fucking anarchist, like muslims used the safety and good will in our civil society to hide behind to keep yourself protected from punishments you truly deserve.

    Boo fucking whoo for you – actions have consequences.

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