Allahu-akbaring savage calls funeral congregation to Islam, in a church!

Not for the first time, either. These incidents are increasing as their numbers grow.  

Nothing will be made of this, but just imagine the international media uproar if a Christian in a Muslim country went into a mosque and started preaching Christ. Of course, that Christian would not have survived the incident. (Robert Spencer)

Allah-shouting Muslim disturbs funeral ceremony in church

A MUSLIM man disturbed a funeral service in a church when he suddenly started to shout out “Allah” during a sermon, saying he wanted to share his message with the infidels.


The man read out loud some Arabic verses

The 33-year-old Muslim man, whose name was not been made public, suddenly went into the church in the town of Schnaittach in the German state of Bavaria.He is said to have gone into the church saying: “I come in the name of the Prophet, to proclaim the message of Allah to the infidels.”The incident happened on Wednesday and was only later made public by Pastor Wilfried Roemischer.

church in the town of Schnaittach in the German state of BavariaA Muslim man went into the church in the town of Schnaittach in the German state of Bavaria


The man had initially entered the church and tried to make himself heard during the mourning speech, and later read out loud some Arabic verses, according to the pastor.Pastor Roemischer said he first tried to reason with the man by offering to have a conversation after the service.The Muslim man, who is said to have only moved to Schnaittach recently, then sat down on one of the rear church benches, from where he started to recite verses in Arabic.

Roemischer said: “I suspect those were verses from the Quran.”

The man finally left the church after the priest asked an employee of the burial company to call the police.

He said: “The man has not used physical violence. There was also no tussle. In a mourning service, in which people take leave of a loved one, such a disturbance is a devastating situation.”The Deputy Chief of the local police Benno Eichinger said that the man was later apprehended and was now being investigated for the disturbance of religious practices and a mourning ceremony.According to local media the man originates from the western Balkans and has been living in Germany for many years already. He is said to have a long criminal record which includes GBH and property crimes.

Karmel Church CEN

Last year, a Muslim man interrupted a service in Karmel Church (pictured)

Eichinger said: “Some of those have been committed quite a while ago.” There are no indications yet that the man belongs to extremist groups.It was not the first incident in Germany in which a Muslim disrupted a delicate church service.In October in the Western German city of Duisburg, two newlyweds complained that their wedding day was ruined when a man burst inside the church shouting “Allahu Akbar” and then started tearing down wedding decorations.

Groom Marcel Lohbeck, 35, and his bride Friederike wanted to celebrate their wedding with 90 guests in the Carmel Church, when a Syrian migrant suddenly wandered in.

Lochbeck said: “At the beginning of the ceremony, a 23-year-old man with a thick jumper and a hat on came into the church and sat in the back row. Shortly afterwards, he stood up and wandered around the candles. He laughed in a disturbing manner and then fondled the statue of Mary.

“He had been speaking in Arabic and partly English. He then started destroying the flowers and kept shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’.” The Syrian was later apprehended by the police and taken to a psychiatric hospital.

4 thoughts on “Allahu-akbaring savage calls funeral congregation to Islam, in a church!”

  1. The part of the problem with people within the west, is they are too damn polite.

    He should have been dragged out and told to shut the fuck up.

    Two words all western woman should learn and use at all times are “Fuck. Off.”

  2. I’m not sure that the “F” word would be acceptable to most Christians. However, I’m glad that Muslimes are getting bolder and more pushy. Perhaps people will finally get what they are really about, which is the Islamification of the whole world.
    We need the whole non-Mu slime world to tell them where to go!

    1. Peter,

      Hmm, how to respond to your statement, when there is much to say. In one way you’ve proven my point that the West is too polite and yes, too, Christians can be too polite and although I can empathize with the idea of impropriety, I no longer hold such a viewpoint, but will admit at one time, I had similar discomfort at the use.

      Yes, the words are ugly and vulgar. They are not pretty, but for me as a woman, they have been a shield and a weapon, that have stopped predatory men cold. Especially muslim men who had targeted me in the past, thinking me easy prey due to my gender, size, (diminutive) earlier age and the single reason I hate the most: because I was ‘there’ as an easy and soft target.

      I say this to you as someone who was educated by nuns and from a family that finds such a word ugly and unacceptable and never uttered by my parents – no matter the situation. They are words that were simply not used until…

      I left the bucolic berg and into the wider world for university and I had some very ugly and very nasty experiences with muslim men. Thanks to the advice of an older sibling, upon hearing my complaints of the aforementioned incidents, he gave me the absolution to free myself from the hesitancy of those words. I actually said to him, ” I can’t use those words?” in our exchange. His response, “was why not?”

      …anyway…a weapon and a shield.

      RE: “Perhaps people will finally get what they are really about”

      Just one note of friendly caution, some people will, hopefully, wake up, pray that be the majority. But the Sheik has cited on his site for years dangerous fools, that despite the horror that they have personally suffered at the hands of muslim refuse to put truth to an ugly reality. These people are the most dangerous within our societies and their refusal to name such wickedness and evil. Let alone call out such monsters and their existence are dangerous for the rest of us – they put us all in harms way.

      Good Luck.
      – H

  3. I agree with Hill – action is needed and this action must be meaningful. mulsim are a threat and this threat needs to be removed from our society.

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