The Left Hates Democracy

Resisting democracy
Resisting democracy

THE protests against Donald Trump are so extreme that it’s clear what’s got many on the Left so mad. It’s democracy. They hate it. 

This is the most frightening thing about the campaign to stop the new US President from doing just what voters elected him to do.

We already know the modern Left hates free speech. Now we see it’s not keen on a free vote, either — if the “wrong” person gets elected.

The Left is becoming not just more violent but more totalitarian, and Trump has exposed that.

It’s perfectly fine for people to protest against what Trump is doing, and many Trump haters are doing no more than that, but there is undeniably more going on.

Even before he formally took over as President, there were protests against Trump’s election in many American cities, including some in which police were bashed. These were, in fact, protests against the result of a free and fair election.

Now, after just his first week as president, Left-wing publications are already discussing ways to remove this duly elected leader from office.

The Washington-based Foreign Policy magazine published a guide: “3 Ways to Get Rid of President Trump Before 2020”.

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3 thoughts on “The Left Hates Democracy”

  1. Everything to do with personal freedom is under threat. The out of touch Liberals are as PC as the worst of Labor. I wish I could mount an 18C case against Islam! I find it utterly offensive. OK, they do not like dogs and neither do I. So we have that in common. And not lot else.

  2. Just a fine point of correction here – the US is not a democracy. Raging brainwashed anarchists only wish it were. Democracy is a mob, and the American founders hated democracy. Instead they set up a constitutional representative republic. A structure which protects minorities, which democracy does not do. Mad rampaging anarchist tribal mobs are the ultimate end of democracy. It is inherent unstable. The American founders wisely made sure that there was a blend of democracy and representative governance. Part of the problem today is that everyone calls the US a democracy. It isn’t. It never was intended to be.

  3. Criminals hate laws and those who would enforce them.

    They want to “progress” from having some responsibilities, to having none, and to have rights to remain irresponsibly wrong.

    And to do so, they must offload their own responsibilities onto their victims, by taking away their victims’ self-defense rights.

    Slanderous, victimology-spewing “crybully ” extortionists are really SLAVERS, as are all people who endorse subjectivist double standards where only they have rights, and everyone else only has a responsibility to them.

    It’s really that simple.

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