The stupid is strong among the multiculti brigades

“Our government stands with you. We are not different. We are the same. We are all Canadians.”–Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne

Female Ontario Premier Forced To Sit In A Corner While Visiting Mosque

This was simply in accord with Islamic law, as several hadiths have Muhammad saying that if a woman is in front of a man as he is praying, his prayer is invalidated:

But Ontario’s Premier Kathleen Wynne is a miserable creature. She has no pride, no dignity and no honour. Why would you allow such a  pathetic female to represent you in parliament?

Walk of shame: Sweden’s “first feminist government” don hijabs in Iran

GENEVA, Feb. 13, 2017 — In a statement that has gone viral on Twitter and Facebook, UN Watch, a non-governmental human rights NGO in Geneva, expressed disappointment that Sweden’s self-declared “first feminist government in the world” sacrificed its principles and betrayed the rights of Iranian women as Trade Minister Ann Linde and other female members walked before Iranian President Rouhani on Saturday wearing Hijabs, Chadors, and long coats, in deference to Iran’s oppressive and unjust modesty laws which make the Hijab compulsory — despite Stockholm’s promise to promote “a gender equality perspective” internationally, and to adopt a “feminist foreign policy” in which “equality between women and men is a fundamental aim.” (continued below the fold)

Sharia is an ‘absolute necessity’
WHEN Muslim activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied confronted Jacqui Lambie over her support of Donald Trump on Q&A last night, she accused the senator of talking about stuff she didn’t know about.
In other news:
Saudi Arabia ‘deports 40,000 Paki workers over terror fears’
How come Soddy Barbaria can do it and we can not?

If it’s good enough for the Saudi’s to deport them, it’s good enough for Australia.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has expelled almost 40,000 Pakistani migrant workers in the last four months, local media has reported.
Over 39,000 people have been deported since October 2016 over visa violations and security concerns, the Saudi Gazette reported, citing unnamed interior ministry officials. As well as crimes including drug trafficking, forgery and … See More

Paris: Rioters scream “Allahu akbar” during violent protests, cars set on fire
Carbeques are nothing new in France. They’re almost tradition after so many years of Mohammedan enrichment. Everytime an Islamic criminal is arrested or self-harmed by fleeing the police its carbeque time. The  financial and psychological damage to France is enormous, and it demoralizes those who actually work for a living to make ends meet. 

Sweden dumb feminists walk the walk of shame (with hijabs) in Iran:

In doing so, Sweden’s female leaders ignored the recent appeal by Iranian women’s right activist Masih Alinejad who urgedEuropeans female politicians “to stand for their own dignity” and to refuse to kowtow to the compulsory Hijab while visiting Iran.

Alinrejad created a Facebook page for Iranian women to resist the law and show their hair as an act of resistance, which now numbers 1 million followers.

“European female politicians are hypocrites,” says Alinejad. “They stand with French Muslim women and condemn the burkini ban—because they think compulsion is bad—but when it happens to Iran, they just care about money.”

The scene in Tehran on Saturday was also a sharp contrast to Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lövin’s feminist stance against U.S. President Donald Trump, in a viral tweet and then in a Guardian op-ed last week, in which she wrote that “the world need strong leadership for women’s rights.”

Trade Minister Linde, who signed multiple agreements with Iranian ministers while wearing a veil, “sees no conflict” between her government’s human rights policy and signing trade deals with an oppressive dictatorship that tortures prisoners, persecutes gays, and is a leading executioner of minors.

“If Sweden really cares about human rights, they should not be empowering a regime that brutalizes its own citizens while carrying out genocide in Syria; and if they care about women’s rights, then the female ministers never should have gone to misogynistic Iran in the first place,” said UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer.

The government has now come under sharp criticism from centrist and left-wing Swedish lawmakers, who said the ministers should not have deferred to “gender apartheid.”


“They go to my country,” said Aliinejad recently in the European Parliament, “and they ignore millions of those women who send their photos to me and put themselves in danger to be heard. And [the European politicians] keep their smile, and wearing hijab, and saying this is a ‘cultural issue’—which is wrong.”

Trade Minister Ann Linde, Who Oversees “Feminist Foreign Policy, Adds Black Cloak

Trade minister Ann Linde, one of three Swedish ministers who oversees the country’s “feminist foreign policy,” decided voluntarily to go covered in a long black coat, akin to the Chador, in addition to covering her hair with the compulsory Hijab. She is seen below meeting President Rouhani, and then signing one of multiple agreements with representatives of the theocratic regime.







Writing in the Guardian, Deputy prime minister Lövin contrasted Swedish policy with that of President Donald Trump, saying that the world “needs strong leadership for women’s rights” and “Sweden will have an increasingly important role to play in this.” She added that “many countries could learn an important lesson from this.”

Her viral tweet above was meant to emphasize her government’s focus on women’s rights, as opposed to Trump.

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