Why attack Trad when he’s simply quoting the Koran?

Stop attacking Trad. He just read out the Koran

He’s right, isn’t he?

So Senator Michaelia Cash, the Minister for Women, misses the point when she urges that Trad now quit as president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils.

Why attack Trad when he’s simply quoting the Koran?

We know why. It’s also why the ABC — usually red-hot on domestic violence — refused to report Trad’s comments. They hurt Islam.

And that’s the true significance of what happened on The Bolt Report last week when I asked Trad if ABC host Yassmin-Abdel-Magied was right to call Islam “the most feminist religion”.

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Ahmadiyya taqiyya

Islam not the same as some Muslims’ actions

Verity Edwards

… The Ahmadiyya community invited The Australian to prayers and to explain misrepresentations perpetuated by a small minority of the Islamic faith, which Mr Zia said demonised Muslims. …

#Islam, the most misunderstood religion on the globe.

# It is ‘allah’ who ‘demonises’ muslims, via the false prophet Mohammed and the associated islamic doctrines of demons. Beware!

… “Never is there sayings that the holy prophet beat his wife or was angry towards her,” Mr Rana said.

#He did. He sanctioned it. Mr Rana is lying.

He said the prophet Mohammed was kind to his wives and his teachings showed people should aspire to that. …

More on the kind, gentle false prophet with multiple wives and sex-slaves @ The Australian thanks to Mullah (pbuh)

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  1. The holy one ordered the beating of wives because when you have a vast population of women in the community that have had there husbands murdered by Muslims, the only way to keep them in line to stabilise the community is to use physical force. Such is life when you spend 3 days slaughtering even man and boy child in a certain Jewish tribe in Medina.

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