Anne Aly seeks to strengthen 18C by introducing Islamic blasphemy laws

Under the Islamic system, blasphemy is everything a Muslim doesn’t like to hear.

It hasn’t taken long for Muslim MP Anne Aly to show her true colors regarding her support for Islam and Islamic blasphemy laws (which is punishable by death in muslim majority countries).

Anne Aly told The Australian there was “scope to reassess” extending section 18C, warning that the debate about racism now “extends to religion”.

So much for our “deradicalisation expert” who is now dabbling as a shari’a enforcing savage.

Labor MP wants 18C extended to cover insults to Islam
Malcolm Turnbull is being urged to ensure that proposed changes to section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act knock out vexatious or frivolous complaints already…

Grand Mufti seeks Racial Discrimination Act cover for Muslims

Pauline Hanson insists Australia has a reverse racism problem, telling defenders of race-hate laws to look at the way women who choose to wear mini skirts are being treated by Muslims.

Insult, offend and humiliate provisions to be removed from Racial Discrimination Act

The words ‘offend’, ‘insult’ and ‘humiliate’ will be replaced with ‘harass’, while ‘intimidate’ will remain in the Act. Changes to the Act will make it illegal to racially ‘harass’ someone in an overhaul of section 18C.  

Malcolm Farr rubbishes free speech in the Murdoch press:

The anti-18c brigade deny they want to be free to malign people according to their race, just as some say they are not provoking Mr Turnbull.

And they insist there is a welter of support in the broad electorate for the changes.

“It’s certainly not a top-of-mind issue for most members of the public,” senator and former Institute of Public Affairs campaigner James Patterson said on ABC radio last night.

“But that doesn’t mean it’s not an important issue and it certainly doesn’t mean that it’s an issue that is never raised with members of Parliament.

Australia’s first female Muslim MP wants to change 18C race laws to include religion – so it is illegal to insult followers of Islam


  • The nation’s first female Muslim federal MP wants religion covered in race laws
  • Dr Anne Aly wants section 18C of Racial Discrimination Act to be broadened
  • She argued the existing law didn’t cover people calling someone a ‘dirty Muslim’ 
  • But she said if someone calling a person a ‘dirty Arab’ would fall under 18C law


Australia is a democracy and secular country where religion and politics are separated.

Islam however is a totalitarian ideology which has mosque, state and military all included.

“Australia’s first female federal Muslim MP Anne Aly wants racial discrimination laws broadened so it is illegal to insult followers of Islam.

Dr Aly’s call to amend racial discrimination laws to include religion comes a week after Victoria’s Multicultural Affairs Minister Robin Scott threatened to strengthen state laws that already curb the right to criticise religion.

Religious vilification laws potentially threaten secular values and open the door to blasphemy cases if they are legally exploited by religious groups.”

This is how Islam takes hold, infiltrates and then dominates societies.

Muslim MP Anne Aly wants race discrimination laws to cover Islam slurs
Australia’s first female Muslim federal MP Anne Aly wants racial discrimination laws tightened so it’s illegal to insult followers of Islam. She wants religion to be…
18C changes ‘should cover complaints already lodged’, Turnbull told
Malcolm Turnbull during question time yesterday. Picture: Gary Ramage

Malcolm Turnbull is being urged to ensure that proposed changes to section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act knock out vexatious or frivolous complaints already lodged with the Human Rights Commission.

The Senate committee reviewing the government’s shake-up to section 18C of the act will also encourage the government to provide greater guidance for the courts in interpreting the meaning of the word “harass”.

As the government attempts to overhaul section 18C, West Australian Labor MP Anne Aly yesterday said there was scope for a future Labor government to extend the section to better protect Muslims, warning that anti-Islamic sentiment had become “a new form of racism”.

The Prime Minister is proposing to reform section 18C by making it unlawful to “harass” or “intimidate” someone on the basis of their race, colour, or national or ethnic origin, and is also pushing for procedural changes at the AHRC.

The government’s Human Rights Legislation Amendment Bill 2017 will be debated today.

A bloc of Labor, Greens and crossbench senators look certain to defeat the government’s changes to the wording of section 18C, which currently makes it unlawful to “offend,” “insult” or “humiliate” someone on the basis of their race, but have an open mind to supporting process changes to streamline the handling of complaints at the commission.

As the crossbench yesterday pressed the government to split its bill, opposition legal affairs spokesman Mark Dreyfus left the door open to adopting 18C-style laws as the benchmark standard of acceptable speech in Labor’s promised consolidation of federal anti-discrimination laws.

Dr Aly told The Australian there was “scope to reassess” extending section 18C, warning that the debate about racism now “extends to religion”.

She cited cases of Muslim women having their hijabs ripped off and people being abused in the streets.

She lies. Whenever she opens her mouth she lies.

“I find it a little bit strange that someone can call you a ‘dirty Arab’ and that be covered under the bill, but if they called you a dirty Muslim, you’re not covered (under 18C),” she said. “I think there’s scope there. I’d like to see that discussion happen because I think we have definitely seen an increase in anti-Islamic rhetoric.”

That would be the least of our problems, considering all the nasty words the Mohammedans have in store for the disbelievers.

Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie yesterday joined Nick Xenophon, who controls three upper house seats, in ruling out support for any overhaul to the wording of 18C, suggesting the government would need to split its bill to have any chance of success. “I just spoke to the Attorney-General and I said the only way I think you’re going to get this through is if you take 18C out of the equation,” she said. “All the procedural stuff you put in one bill.

“That seems to be the talk that’s going on at the moment, but I think (the government is) going to have to split the bill. It’s as simple as that.”

She said she would receive further advice on whether to support a new legal test that would judge a breach of section 18C by the standard of a “reasonable member of the Australian community” rather than the standard of a hypothetical member of the offended group.

Senator Xenophon ruled out support for the reasonable person’s test as well as the proposed language changes at section 18C, leaving only the procedural changes on the table. “We want to see strong reforms to the process because the process has become the punishment. And that is where we are at,” he said.

“We want to see reforms to the process, which I think will go a very long way to dealing with the concerns that have been expressed about 18C.”

The government is hoping to put its changes, contained in a single bill, to the parliament for a vote by the end of the week after the legal and constitutional affairs legislation committee presents its report to the Senate later today.

The report is brief because the government’s legislation was referred for review only on Thursday. The report will contain one recommendation for parliament to pass the bill.

The Australian understands the report encourages the government to amend its legislation to ensure process changes capture active cases before the commission. The result will be to knock out frivolous claims that have already been lodged.

It will also suggest the government expand upon the meaning of “harass” in the explanatory memorandum to assist the courts when interpreting the intent of the proposed new test.

Mr Dreyfus yesterday kept alive the prospect that Labor could adopt a single standard of acceptable speech modelled on section 18C in its promised consolidation of federal anti-discrimination laws promised in the 2015 national platform. He said once in government, Labor would consult on the shape of any final changes.

This could see advocates of same-sex marriage taking legal action under 18C-type laws if they felt “offended” or “insulted” by those publicly ­defending the traditional definition of marriage.


9 thoughts on “Anne Aly seeks to strengthen 18C by introducing Islamic blasphemy laws”

  1. Unchangeable Race should not be mocked, that’s fair.

    Changeable Religion should be open to criticism. In fact, all religion should be purged from humanity. It should certainly be allowed to be mocked, just like any idealogy.

    There is a clear distinction between race and religion. The former should be respectd, the latter should not be tolerated if its not palatable to yourself.

    Blasphemy is a farce and should never be considered a law.

    And headbaggers are an insult to all non headbaggers. Headbaggers are declaring themselves to be above all others, they are especially an insult to men. Headbaggers are saying the rest of us are not good enough to know who we are truly dealing with on the open public streets. They allude that men are perverts who cannot control themselves. I say stick that up their pious, high and mighty nostrils.

    This is all getting way out of hand. It’s time to fight back and silence all these mozzie and religious zealots.

    I never want to hear one more thing about islam. I know it’s not going to happen today, but it’s the benchmark we need to get to, the pre 9/11 level, where we never heard about the mongrel idealogy.

    Fk islam, fk blasphemy. Fk Anne Ally and her pathetic scam to silence the likes of me. She will only make me fight harder to silence all religion.

    1. “There is a clear distinction between race and religion.”

      Indeed, there is. But Muslims and their leftist enablers in the West have a long track record of conflating race and ideology. They have been working on this for decades. Nowhere has this falsehood, that skin colour equals religion, taken more hold than in the UK, where it has become the most destructive tool against truth-tellers. It has become official policy and children are being indoctrinated with this nonsense.

    2. It is easier to say ” you are racist” with its bad historical connotations.It is used as a conversation stopper and said to make you feel bad.You give you a label you cannot wash off.

      than to say “you are anti-Islam” which does not have the punch that Muslims want to make you feel bad.

  2. Insult Islam? Islam is an insult to the rest of the world. What on earth possessed the Labor Party to pre-select Anne Aly in the first place and voters to vote for her? It’s ok for Islam to blaspheme every one who does not follow Islam but she wants 18C to prevent Islam being criticised. I can see the Grand Mufti pulling Anne Aly’s strings. As a Muslim woman she has no rights to speak of except to shut up and outbreed the rest of the world.

  3. To Less than Worthless Anne Aly and the rest of these absolutely Vile, Putrid, Malevolent and Deceitful islams …
    a: Are you a (born into) islam …
    b: Are you a (convert to) islam …

    If response (a:) … born into islam
    This is YOUR heritage and YOU as type …
    Coward … Your original islam forebears converted to islam “by the sword” !
    Criminal … Your original islam forebears converted to islam “for criminal benefit” !
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    (islams by default are Vile Putrid Malevolent and Deceitful) !
    Not looking good for you … is it !!

    If response (b:) … converted to islam
    This is YOUR heritage and YOU as type …
    Coward … You converted to islam “by the sword” !
    Criminal … You converted to islam “for criminal benefit” !
    Narcissistic Entitled … You converted to islam as “one who is evil and unjust”
    (islams by default are Vile Putrid Malevolent and Deceitful) !
    Your ancestors WILL be turnng in their graves !!!

    If you are a non-islam and are actively/passively assisting/pandering to islam you are even more a coward, Narcissistic Entitled and criminally inclined to a level that any islam could ever hope to attain !

    In a statement from Turkish PM Erdoḡan on true islam …
    These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

    islam appeasers by default are … and
    islams by default are …
    • Vile !
    • Putrid !
    • Malevolent !
    • Deceitful !
    (its in their “religion”) !!!

    To the “dregs of society” who assisted Anne Aly to obtain her current temporary placement … (The Australian LABOR Party and “helpers”) !!!
    Your criminal assistance of this piece of “faeces” has been noted !!!

  4. Oh, one more thing. Anne Aly had better be careful what she wishes for. If insulting all religions becomes illegal, Islam is in big trouble. I doubt even Mr Turnbull could stomach Islam being exempt from religious vilification laws.

  5. Can someone please call this woman out on her hypocrisy? As a Muslim, she can not recognise kaffur legal systems. She can only recognise the mandates of Islam, as expressed through Sharia Law. So what is she doing as a law maker in a kaffur Parliament? Clearly it’s an exercise in Taqiyya. Deliberately misleading her gullible constituents, and the even more gullible Labor Party, while she, and her co-religionist Muslim MPs, work tirelessly and surreptitiously to introduce Islamic Law into Western countries.

  6. If they include vilification of Jews that’s identical to what she’s proposing as to muslims there wont be a Imam in Australia who wont be up on charges left in a week.

  7. If you are going to read anything on Dr Anne Aly read these two articles to tell you what sort of person she is.She is a cry baby.

    Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch wrote a commentary on an article about a Muslim professor in Australia, Anne Aly.
    He showed with quotes from the Qur’an and other Islamic sources that the article was filled with half-truths, distortions, and outright falsehoods about Islam.

    Apparently, someone posted her email address in the comments field on Jihad Watch, and now there is an article in The West Australian about how poor Professor Aly has received…hate mail.

    Now she sits in Australia’s Parliament telling more half-truths, distortions, and outright falsehoods about Islam.

    And this from a highly educated non-hijabi Muslim.

    Now tell me what would you expect from others, not in her category.

    God bless Australia.

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