Bill Leak Dies

Bill Leak has died. It is a terrible loss. We  mourn the death of this genius cartoonist and sympathise with his family, Bill LeakBill Leak



Devastating: brilliant cartoonist Bill Leak died today of a heart attack. He was just 61. What a huge, huge loss, and not only for his wife.

But I am also so angry, Leak was hounded and stressed to the very end by stupidly vindictive legal action thrugh the Human Rights Commission over his cartooning. Just two days ago I asked him about this on my show.

I will have a special Bolt Report on Sky News tonight with Rowan Dean and Tim Blair, two of Bill Leak’s great friends.

Here, some of his cartoons:

Here’s the famous cartoon for which Gillian Triggs dragged him through the courts:


Bill Leak was possibly our greatest cartoonist, and certainly our bravest. His death from a heart attack is a shocking loss and something needs to be said not just about his talent and his courage, but about those who so hounded him.

Here is my editorial from The Bolt Report:

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    1. The Australian Human Rights Commission has blood on its hands

      Posted on 10:43 pm, March 10, 2017 by Sinclair Davidson

      Today we were all shocked by the news of Bill Leak’s untimely death at age 61.

      Roger Franklin at Quadrant expresses many of our views:

      Are you happy now, Gillian Triggs? And you, Tim Soutphommasane, race pimp and sinecured Labor hack, what are you saying in private about the man you abused with the full weight of the misplaced trust and budget Australians invest in your filthy Human Rights Commission? Bill Leak, the Australian cartoonist and a man worth a hundred of each of you, is dead, carried off by a heart attack at the age of 61.

      How do you feel about that, you pair of trough-snouters and gold-plated apparatchiks. Are you suppressing grins? You should be because this is more than you could have expected.

      You wanted to silence him, to grind the slashing blade of his humour to a dull edge with your sanctions and harassment and point-blank refusal to recognise truth, even when it bit you on the arse. And Bill bit hard and often, but not so much as you deserved. No wonder you put so much effort into making his final months a misery. Now death has gone you one better.

      Jim Allen:

      When the enervated joint committee report on 18C came out we both were amazed at how Liberals on that committee could agree with Labor and Greens’ anti-free speech position, and we both marvelled at the way a once great party no longer seemed to believe in anything – just get re-elected, forget standing for principles and defending vital values.

      Then, only a little over a week ago, he called and asked me to come to the launch of his book in Sydney. To my great regret I had to say ‘no’, as I couldn’t get away from Brisbane for the night. He told there was going to be a surprise visit from Barry Humphries. He was delighted about that.

      Yesterday, having watched the clips of speeches and read the news coverage, I texted to congratulate Bill on the great success of his book launch. In his typically generous way he promptly texted me back to say he was sending me a signed copy of his book. This morning the bitter news about his sudden death started pouring into my cell phone.

      And let’s be clear. Bill Leak died of a massive heart attack after being dragged through a kangaroo pseudo-court by a bunch of jumped up, overpaid taxpayer-funded officials — paid by you and me, offered a nice cup of tea by Malcolm Turnbull. One of them had set out pretty clearly to help make life as easy as possible for those who were ‘offended’ by one of Bill’s cartoons and who might want to launch a complaint. On a number of occasions Bill told me how stressful he had found the whole saga, but that he’d never give in to these cretins.

      Keith Windschuttle:

      Bill Leak was the greatest cartoonist of his era and deserves comparison with David Low, the greatest cartoonist ofhis era, from the First World War to the 1950s. Both initially made their names on The Bulletin magazine in Sydney as left-of-centre satirists but eventually went on to become the most powerful foes of left-wing authoritarianism in all its forms.

      It is important to understand that Bill Leak wasn’t murdered by extremists in a hail of bullets – he was hounded to his death by a properly established government agency in pursuance of objectives that are abhorrent to western civilised standards.


      To Bill Leak

      Rest now soldier of freedom,
      Put down your pen and close your eyes.
      Rest now soldier of freedom,
      You lie now in loving arms.
      No more the pain of persecution,
      No more the barrage of lies,
      No more the threats and intimidation,
      No more the darkening skies.
      Rest now soldier of freedom,
      Rest now in God’s loving hand.
      Australians will take up your banner,
      Australians will proudly wear your brand.
      Requiesce in pace.

      A Lurker

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