Ayaan Hirsi Ali is learning the hard way that very few people are willing to “share the risk”

Tripe from Mohammedan BS-brigades

Alawite Ruby Hamad whines:  “western audiences across the political spectrum still won’t listen to Muslims like me…”

When I heard Ayaan Hirsi Ali was again doing a speaking tour of Australia, with requisite appearance on Q&A, my reaction was more eye-roll than outrage.–Eye rolling Mustard Ruby Hamad gets all worked up…. to protect Islam from scrutiny.

Full interview with Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali

 Controversial Islamic critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali has hit back at a group of Australian Muslim women who accused her of being a “star” of Islamophobia and stirring up hatred. In their video the six woman said Ms Hirsi Ali – who was raised a Muslim but renounced her religion as an adult …Read More…From the Australian
Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the death of free speech in Australia


Once upon a time, progressives sought to unshackle women from woolly-minded religious orthodoxies about how females out to dress and behave. Nowadays, a figure like Hirsi Ali is either ignored or denounced by a generation of feminists more interested in donning a hijab in faux solidarity with their sisters in the Middle East than talking honestly about their plight. Indeed, for throngs of self-anointed feminists, shielding the world’s second largest religion from criticism matters more than hearing the words of a woman who lives her life under constant threat for committing the medieval crime of apostasy.

Mark Steyn:

Malcolm Turnbull’s ministry ought to be ashamed that a woman like Ayaan Hirsi Ali cannot speak in the country they purport to govern. And, if they want to do something to change that, they could start by speaking up for free speech. Will they? Will Turnbull? The men and women who run the western world – in Oz, in Britain, in Canada, in Europe – have made a bet that they can banish a few loudmouths like Ayaan Hirsi Ali to the fringes but that otherwise life will go on. No, it won’t. As I said of that Copenhagen eatery:

The restaurant that chickened out is called Fiat, in King’s New Square. It looks rather convivial from this photograph, with everyone quaffing their bubbly without a care in the world. They don’t seem to grasp that such civilized pleasures require civilization, and, ultimately, people willing to defend it.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is learning the hard way that very few people are willing to “share the risk”.

‘Wrong’ kind of hero: Why feminists diss Hirsi Ali

By Rich Lowry

In the fashionable neologism designed to be a conversation-stopper, she is “an Islamophobe.” Brandeis University notoriously rescinded a planned honorary degree for her last year.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is not just a heretic; she also is a believer. She has more confidence in Western civilization and its values than people who have never had to live outside it, or face down the enemies who want to destroy it.

If she doesn’t get the recognition she deserves, so much the worse for her detractors.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali (forced to) cancel tour in Australia


My editorial from The Bolt Report – Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s decision to call of her tour here must surely be the last straw.

Why is having a debate here so dangerous?


You will be aware that well known critic of Islam and former Somali Muslim, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, has at very short notice cancelled her speaking tour of Australia citing security concerns.

We should acknowledge the success of the Muslim groups and radical leftists in creating threats of violent protests, disruption and who knows what direct threats so that her tour is cancelled.

We should also congratulate those who opposed the reforms of 18C, particularly the Jewish groups ECAJ and AIJAC, as a very powerful signal has been sent that speech which some might find offensive is not ok in Australia. The fascists opposed to free speech have been further emboldened.

We do not claim opposition to 18C reform has directly caused cancellation of Hirsi Ali’s tour, but what it does do is create an environment in which free speech is severely compromised with various unintended consequences. You can expect to see more cancellations of public events which propose to discuss subjects some might find insulting or offensive. Australia is the poorer.

Below is my letter from today’s edition of The Australian newspaper.

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  1. It’s weird. The westernized hijab is now getting tighter and more enclosed on the believer’s face. Absolutely no hair or hint of ear or neck is allowed. Come along way from a simple scarf, yes? Apparently all the feminists (femnazis) are supporting the right to wear this crap. These are the same feminists who burned bras! too funny.

  2. The Same islamocrapo … islamonauseo !!!

    The Only Sane Solution …
    Purge islam appeasers … Globally !!!
    (ie … non-islam Australian politicians politicals and suicidal self-hating appeasers)
    Purge islams … Globally !!!
    Purge islam … Globally !!!

    All strength to Ayaan Hirsi Ali !!!

  3. George Orwell was spot on. Truth has become lies, victims have become the oppressors, the innocent are blamed for the actions of the guilty. This world is on the broad path to destruction. I’m getting off at the next stop. In the meantime I will do and say what I can to slow the pace a little. A feminist Muslim? John Cleese could not come up with a funnier line than that. Except they are not joking. The rarest being on earth is a Muslim with a sense of humour.

  4. Eye-rolling Muslim Ruby Hamad, thinks it is the fault of western colonialism, western imperialism and the support by the West of violent Wahhabi ideology.

    In other words, nothing to do with Islam or Muslims.

    1. Again: never buy your Islam from a Mohammedan female, who’s “deficient in intelligence” according to her own prophet.

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