Canuckistan: Kuwaiti imam praises Trudeau, (the ‘najashi’) for being a useful idiot

Photo: screenshot Al-Watan June 24, 2016
Canadian Imam commends Trudeau for joining Muslims in religious rituals

Toronto Kuwaiti-born Imam, Ahmed Shehab, a former President of Um-Al-Qurra Islamic School who was a candidate for Mayor of Toronto in 2003, published a full-page ad commending Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau for building a close and strong relationship with the Muslim community.

The ad, which appears on the Canadian newspaper in Arabic Al Watan (Issue 244, June 24, 2016) features a joint picture of Trudeau and the Imam Shehab, pictures of Trudeau praying in a mosque and breaking the fast with Muslims accompanied with the following text (originally in Arabic):

Sticking to his tradition to join Muslims in their holidays, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau broke the [Ramadan] fast with a group of Muslims in Canadian capital Ottawa in the first day of the month of Ramadan. 

“On his Facebook page he posted a video clip featuring himself having dinner with senior Muslim members of his [Liberal] Party. This video was liked by millions. 

“The Canadian Prime Minister is known of his strong relationship with Muslims [already] before assuming power in Canada. A video showed him vising a mosque and praying the evening prayer with Muslims during the month of Ramadan in 2013, two years before being elected [to Prime Minister]. 

In addition, we’d like to commend [Liberal] MP Mark Holland for fasting the entire month of Ramadan as he did last year, even though he is not Muslim.”

Background information of Imam Ahmed Shehab

Ahmed Shehab: Muslims should follow the way of Prophet Mohammed who carried out jihad during Ramadan

In an article on Mississauga based Al Ayam Arabic bi-weekly newspaper (Issue 8, June 30, 2014, P. 10), Imam Ahmed Shehab emphasized the great importance of month of Ramadan in the life of Prophet Mohammad and urged Muslims to follow the behavior of the last messenger of Allah. The following are excerpts of the article (originally in Arabic):

[Title:] With the Prophet, peace and blessing be upon him, during the month of Ramadan…

The [Prophet], peace and blessing be upon him, used to carry out the jihad during the [month of] Ramadan and to order his companions to strengthen themselves for encountering their enemy…

The [Prophet], peace and blessing be upon him, was the greatest of the mujahideen. Fasting did not stop him from taking part in invasions. He took part in six invasions during nine years; all of them occurred during the [month of] Ramadan. He committed formidable deeds during the [month of] Ramadan such as destroying al-Darrar Mosque [built by the hypocrites], smashing the famous statues of the Arabs, meeting with delegations, marrying the mother of the believers Hafsah and conquering Mecca during the [month of] Ramadan.

The bottom line is that the month of Ramadan was a month of diligence, jihad and sacrifice in the life of the Prophet, peace and blessing be upon him, and not as many Muslims in our time who do not understand this and turn it into month of indulgence, laziness, inactivity and idleness.

O Allah, help us to follow the tradition of your Prophet, peace and blessing be upon him, and bless us with his way of life [Sunnah], and our nation with his [Islamic] Law [Sharia].”

Ahmed Shihab: Apologizing over Muhammad’s cartoons is not enough; cartoonists should repent and become Muslims 

Referring to the Danish cartoons, that depicted the Prophet of Islam Muhammad in a way that was conceived by Muslims as offensive, Imam Ahmed Shehab accused the cartoonist and the magazine that published the cartoons as taking part in a “planned scheme” against Islam and said that an apology is not enough, but only a sincere repentance and embracing Islam. In this regard Shehab said the following:

When it comes to defending Mohammad, peace and blessings be upon him, it is the same thing. We don’t accept an insult against Prophet Issa, peace be upon him, Jesus, we don’t accept an insult against Musa, peace be upon him, Moses, we don’t accept an insult against any of the unrivaled prophets, so this does not just apply to Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, we don’t accept an insult against any of those unrivaled prophets…”

If they don’t repent to Allah Almighty, if they don’t become Muslims, Allah is promising them to be shoved to the hell-fire. Allah promised them a difficult life, and dear brothers and sisters, we aren’t after an apology. If they apologize till the Day of Judgement it is not enough.”

They have to be an example, a living example that anyone insults the messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, apology is not enough, if they apologize till the Day of Judgment, because this is not a mistake. If it is a mistake we could accept apology. It is a plan, precise, pinpoint planning. It is a serious hate. It is a cartoons? No, it is a hate tunes coming in service. In reality they are spreading hate to make your life difficult…”

Allah Almighty showed them that they were defeated, that they gonna to be sorry, and Allah is showing them that if they are not repenting they will be shoved to the hell-fire. So for them to apologize it is not enough, it is not enough if they apologize till the Day of Judgment, it is not enough. What is enough, that they have to show real repentance and apologize to Allah Almighty to the Lord who created them and us to become Muslims, to save themselves and to save their generation…”

Ahmed Shehab: “Canada, One Day a Muslim Country!”

In 2005, Imam Ahmed Shehab called on Canadian Muslims to propagate Islam in Canada saying that it is a religious duty upon them (“matter of life and death”) to introduce Islam to non believers in order to bring the Canadians to embrace and enjoy the pleasures of paradise. One of his lectures at “The Quran Academy” in Mississauga bear the title: “Canada, One Day a Muslim Country!”

In an undated sermon Imam Ahmed Shehab lashed out the Canadian media for bashing Muslims and Islam depicting them as terrorists, and promised his followers that Islam will prevail and spread all over the country. Shehab said, “They are trying to dirty Islam and to make our life and our children’s life much more harder and to make it miserable, because they are diverting people clearly from the way of Almighty Allah they know that Islam will flourish sooner or later. Islam will be in every home…”

Ahmed Shihab: Yusuf al-Qaradawi is “our beloved Sheikh”

Few years ago, Imam Ahmed Shehab visited Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi in Qatari office and called him “our beloved Sheikh.” Al-Qaradawi is an Egyptian Islamic theologian, and the President of the International Union of Muslim Scholars. Dubbed as the “spiritual guide” of the global movement of the Muslim brotherhood and Hamas, al-Qaradawi legalized the jihad, including the suicide bombing attacks against Israelis, and envisioned the spreading of Islam in Western countries.

In 2003, al-Qaradawi issued an Islamic ruling assuring that, despite the pessimism among Muslims, Islam will definitely prevail and eventually become master of the entire world. One of the signs of Islamic victory will be the conquest of the Italian capital, Rome, by the Muslims. Occupying Europe and defeating Christianity will become possible, according to al- Qaradawi, with the spread of Islam inside Europe until it becomes strong enough to take over the whole continent.

Al-Qaradawi asserts that “the signs of salvation are absolute, numerous, and as plain as day, indicating that the future belongs to Islam and that Allah’s religion will defeat all other religions.” He relies on ancient Islamic traditions quoting the Prophet Muhammad, who allegedly argued that the conquest of Constantinople (Istanbul) and then Romia (Rome) are considered signs of the victory of Islam.

In a most recent sermon in a mosque west of Toronto, Imam Ahmed Shehab prayed for the victory of Muslims worldwide saying the following (originally in Arabic): “Oh Allah, help our oppressed brothers everywhere. Make them steady in their faith O Lord of the Worlds. Destroy their enemies, your enemies, as the enemies of the [Islamic] religion.”

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