Red Bull Boss Slams Mass Migration, Forced Multi-culturalism in Rare Interview

The man makes very good points.


In a rare interview, Red Bull boss and Austria’s richest man Dietrich Mateschitz has slammed mass migration and political correctness, warning they threaten to destroy Europe’s true cultural diversity.

Speaking to Kleine Zeitung, the Formula 1 investor called the decision of key politicians to open the borders — which resulted in Europe’s migration crisis — “unpardonable”, noting that “if a company were to make mistakes on the same scale, it would have gone broke”.

It wasn’t a mistake. It was deliberate.

Highlighting the “hypocrisies” of what he called the “refugees welcome brigade” with regards to migration, Mateschitz said: “I am talking about the fact that none of the people shouting ‘refugees welcome’ or [Chancellor Angela Merkel’s famous phrase] ‘we can do it’ were preparing their own guest rooms or tents in their gardens to accommodate half a dozen migrants.

They never do. They all want you to pick up the tab.

“Even then it was clear to everyone that most of the people [arriving in the continent] did not correspond to the definition of the refugee. In any case, not the Geneva Convention”.

Finally. Somebody had to say it.

In the interview, Mateschitz took a stand against the “destabilisation of Europe”, which he said threatens the “uniqueness of [the continent’s] diversity and individuality with its different cultures and languages”.

All do-gooders would agree that every obscure tribe on the Amazon has a right to their culture and ethnic identity, but not the Europeans, who somehow don’t have a right to live among themselves in their own countries and keep their traditions.

“I hope I’m not the only one who’s worried that one of the highest officials in Brussels said that countries which aren’t multicultural should be wiped off the map”, Mateschitz told the newspaper, possibly alluding to comments made by European Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans in 2015.

That is a direct call for genocide of 400 million people.

“Any society, anywhere in the world, will be diverse in the future — that’s the future of the world,” Timmermans said, demanding that Eastern and Central EU nations undergo similar demographic transitions to Western Europe.

The greatest crime in the history of the world.

Of political correctness, Mateschitz said: “It seems that no one dares to tell the truth, even if everyone knows what the truth is.”

“The elites want citizens to be frightened, and easily manipulated,” he added.

 Europeans are  frightened, and easily manipulated.

The Red Bull founder said he sees numerous problems plaguing the European Union (EU), the architects of whom he fingered as belonging to a “so-called intellectual elite” with nothing to contribute to the continent.

“Policies which are steeped in political correctness have been imposed in the name of a self-proclaimed, so-called intellectual elite who have nothing to contribute to our country neither economically nor culturally despite their best intentions,” he said.

Mateschitz also poured scorn on how Russia has been framed as the EU’s nemesis by large parts of the media and Western liberal establishment, telling Kleine Zeitung: “I do not need anyone to tell me who my enemies are.”

Criticising attempts to destroy the former Soviet superpower through economic sanctions, the Formula 1 investor pointed out that “for Europe as a whole [this policy] results in losing billions of Euros”.

Challenged by the Austrian newspaper with the assertion that he too is an ‘elite’, Mateschitz hit back, describing himself as a “humanist” but “someone who basically opposes any dogma”.

Speaking about banning the Islamic veil, a talking point in Austria currently, the Red Bull boss said: “I can’t bring myself to think that this is really a matter of any importance … It’s silly to make a political issue out of something like this when there are far more pressing matters.”

Its time to start somewhere. Even if its just a minor thing like banning the veil.

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2 thoughts on “Red Bull Boss Slams Mass Migration, Forced Multi-culturalism in Rare Interview”

  1. Opening the borders was tantamount to treason. “Welcoming” those who hate everything that you stand for is criminal. One charge missing from the statute books needs to be added: “Criminal Stupidity”. it is beyond belief that societies founded and built on the noblest of principles and practices should be destroyed in just a few decades. That is Europe’s fate unless something is done and soon. It is not Islam’s fault. It is those who welcomed their enemies into their countries. Islam just took advantage of this foolishness.

  2. It is silly for the Red Bull boss to say“I can’t bring myself to think that this(banning the Islamic Veil) is really a matter of any importance … It’s silly to make a political issue out of something like this when there are far more pressing matters.”

    Well, that where it all starts, then what next Sharia law?

    He starts his interview well then goes off. And he does not say what exactly are the more pressing matters.

    That is the Australian PM say that free speech is not as important as economic matters.

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