Sydney: #I’ll ride with you goes badly wrong for Greek priest who wears cross on train

Never forget : the real problem is “Islamophobia”. Making Muslims fearful causes jihad, so Christians must not wear crosses, Jews must not wear kippas…. these things make Muselmaniacs so fearful that they have to resort to violence. Deal with it, kaffir. That’s the way of the future.
One Greek community leader, Rev George Capsis, has gone so far as to warn Christians not to wear overt religious symbols when they are travelling though Muslim enclaves of southwestern Sydney.

Miranda Devine

WHILE we constantly are lectured about Islamophobic violence, despite little evidence of its existence, there is official silence about its flip side: religiously motivated attacks on Christians.

One Greek community leader, Rev George Capsis, has gone so far as to warn Christians not to wear overt religious symbols when they are travelling though Muslim enclaves of southwestern Sydney.

But last Tuesday afternoon, 30-year-old Greek Orthodox Christian, Mike, discovered too late the risks of wearing a large cross outside his clothing while travelling on the train from Campsie to Bankstown with his girlfriend.

He says he was minding his own business talking on his mobile phone, when four young men of Middle Eastern appearance allegedly violently ripped the crucifix off his neck, and stomped on it while swearing “F*** Jesus” and referring to “Allah”.

He says they punched him and kicked him in his face, back and shoulders during the attack which began about 3pm, just after the train left Belmore station.

When his girlfriend tried to defend him, two Arabic-speaking women also allegedly hit and kicked her.

The crucifix, which his mother had given him, was bent, and the silver chain broken in two places.

“I was born in Australia of Greek heritage,” says Mike. “I’ve always worn my cross. For him to rip it off and step on it has to be a religious crime… It’s not on to feel unsafe in your own country.”

He says the men also destroyed his Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Mike has a doctor’s report cataloguing his injuries, which include abrasions and bruises on his face, left shoulder, and upper and lower back.

Mike’s face was cut during what he says was a religiously-motivated attack on a Sydney train last week. (Pic: Supplied)
He claims that five uniformed railway “Transport Officers” watched the attack and did nothing to help him, although police were waiting for the train when it reached Bankstown station.

Two police officers took the names of three alleged assailants and a statement from Mike, photographed his injuries, told him they would review CCTV footage from the train and that he should expect a letter in a month, which may require his attendance at court.

After the assault, Mike was so shaken up that he contacted Baptist minister Rev Capsis, a pillar of the local Greek community, and former deputy mayor of Sutherland Shire Council.

Capsis claims Mike is the fourth Christian who has complained to him of a religiously-motivated attack in the past six months.

“This is not an isolated incident. There are gangs of these young fellows of Muslim background who have been harassing people they identify as Christian… You don’t hear about it because no one’s reporting it.”

The other three attacks Capsis says have occurred around public transport in southwest Sydney: “It’s like their territory; they don’t want Christians or other types of infidels there…

“People like Greek Orthodox carry a big cross. I tell them to be practical and if they’re in those areas and wearing a big cross and a group of young guys comes, hide it in your shirt. Why provoke it?

“If this keeps up, someone will be hurt. It’s got to be nipped in the bud.”

Mike says his cross necklace was torn from his neck and stomped on by attackers he says said “F*** Jesus”. (Pic: Supplied)
After our media inquiries, police contacted Mike and reinterviewed him yesterday.

A spokeswoman confirmed that detectives from Bankstown Local Area Command are investigating “reports of alleged religiously-motivated abuse on a Sydney train this week”.

“The incident has prompted police to remind the community that any bias-motivated crime will not be tolerated.”

Sydney Trains yesterday defended the inaction of its Transport Officers, with a spokesman saying they are not authorised to intervene in assaults and their primary responsibilities are customer service and fare evasion.

If an incident takes place, such as the attack on Mike, they are trained to stand back in a “safe space” to observe, and contact police, if necessary.

He confirmed that Transport Officers conducting operations on a train between Campsie and Bankstown stations on April 4 “requested Police assistance in response to a physical altercation between two groups of people”.

Mike says his crucifix was torn from his neck and stomped on. (Pic: Supplied)
Apart from the fact that this description of an unprovoked attack of six people against two is a curious downplaying of its seriousness, why are ticket inspections deemed more important than passenger safety? Surely, if taxpayers fund dedicated Transport Officers to ride the trains all day, they should be authorised to do more than just observe crimes and call police. Anyone can do that.

In any case, Mike says he and his girlfriend are now too scared to catch the train.

He doesn’t want his surname published because he fears for his safety, but has decided to speak out because he wants the attack to be taken seriously.

“It’s a multicultural society. I don’t attack anyone’s beliefs but if they attack me for no reason, justice has to be served.”

There have been isolated reports of anti-Christian abuse in recent years, such as churchgoers in Sydney’s west copping death threats from men driving past in a car bearing the Islamic State flag.

Christians also increasingly are fair game for intimidation by the militant LGBTI lobby, but for the most part, Christophobia is downplayed.

When the Australian Christian Lobby was car-bombed late last year, for instance, ACT police within hours made the extraordinary declaration that the attack was not religiously, ideologically or politically motivated.

And, while the Executive Council of Australian Jewry has reported a 10 per cent increase in anti-Semitic threats or acts of violence last year alone, the only religious bigotry we hear about is Islamophobia.

Police take it so seriously that during the Lindt cafe siege, they launched Operation Hammerhead to combat “bias crime” against Muslims, which didn’t occur. While the lives of the hostages were still at risk, hashtag activists sprang to the defence of theoretical victims of Islamophobia with the “I’ll ride with you” hashtag.

But there are no hashtags for Christians like Mike when they ride on Sydney trains.


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    1. If you have ever seen some of the so called “Transportation Safety Officers” they are what you may say of the same ethnic religion as the perpetrators. Hence the lack of assistance.

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  3. Manufacture a gun in the shape of a big cross. If these monsters come after your cross, “give it to them.”

  4. When you have a diseased tree destroying the rotten apples wont fix the problem, you have to cut down the tree and remove its roots. The first victims of the Qurans poison are Muslims, Mike was a secondary victim. The Quran is the disease that needs to be dealt with and unless that is removed from our society we will all eventually become secondary victims of the poison that is the Quran.

  5. When the FRACK are we going to turn around and start standing up for our rights, our convictions and our beliefs? Turning the other cheek can only last so long before we are totally dominated by these Islamic believers in the dead war mongering paedophile. Lets start turning the tide and giving as much back as we are taking.

  6. Brainless savages. They think they can get away with anything, but the police are letting them

  7. Islamophobia is a word created by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons.

    Tolerance to the intolerant is a fool’s philosophy followed by victims of Darwinism.

    If we didn’t have laws , people would be running around raping and murdering each other without consequence. We have grown light-years from where we started. And accepting these people who want to destroy us is something someone with NO empathy would do. Real empathy is understanding group decisions require compensation and plans, rather than impulse feels decisions and mass migrations which literally ruin everything. Liberal politicians are selling our countries in the name of “diversity” which is a complete lie, it’s all for money, it’s all for destroying our powerful countries and creating one global society, ruled by the very people who sold us out. Mark my fucking word.

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