“No Evidence” claims a Dunce who is sworn to protect us


Is playing dumb part of ASIO’s tactic to thwart Islamic jihad?

It better be, because any other reason why ASIO chief Duncan Lewis tells a parliamentary committee that he sees no connection between taking in more refugees (from OIC member countries) and Islamic jihad spreading to Australia and the West, would be extremely worrying.

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ASIO boss Duncan Lewis made a startling claim yesterday at a parliamentary hearing. (Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun)


Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

ASIO boss Duncan Lewis made a startling claim yesterday as he apparently tried to make One Nation leader Pauline Hanson look silly.

Instead, Lewis has made himself seem dangerously blind with this staggering claim:

I have abso­lutely no evidence to suggest there is a connection between refugees and terrorism.

Yes, that really is what he said:

ASIO boss tells Pauline Hanson there’s no evidence to suggest a connection between Middle Eastern refugees and terrorism

No evidence?

But what about Farhad Jabour, an Iranian refugee who murdered police accountant Curtis Cheng while shouting “Allah is the greatest”?

What about Man Monis, an Iranian refugee and Islamic State supporter who staged the deadly Lindt cafe siege and caused the death of two hostages?

What about Numan Haider, an Afghan refugee and Islamic State supporter who stabbed two police in Melbourne?

What about Mohammad Ali Baryalei, an Afghan refugee who became a recruiter and fighter for the Islamic State?

What about Saney Edow Aweys, a Somalian refugee who plotted to attack the Holsworthy Army base?

Then there’s this:

At its height more than 50 refugees were held for years after 2009 inside Australia’s immigration detention network on security grounds.

And this:

More than 500 Iraqi and Syrian refugees bound for Australia in the past year under the government’s humanitarian program have been refused entry after an alert from the Five Eyes intelligence network that their names were on an international security watchlist.

At least 30 of those refugees had also turned up on ASIO’s ­national security terrorism watchlist, with a further but undisclosed number red-flagged by intelligence agencies as having adverse national security profiles.

And this:

Young Somali refugees in Melbourne are being seduced by Muslim extremists, a Somali community leader has warned. Herse Hilole, a Sydney community leader and Islamic scholar, fears the recruits could be used in terrorism attacks in Australia.

And especially this:

[Immigration Minister Peter] Dutton made clear in parliament [that] his reference to the fact two-thirds of those charged with terrorism-related ­offences in Australia are “from second and third-generation Lebanese Muslim backgrounds” was related to Muslim Lebanese-Australians whose parents and grandparents entered Australia under the Lebanon concession, or as a beneficiary of family reunion schemes for Lebanon concession “refugees”.

There’s also this:

Between January 2010 and November 2011, the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) issued adverse security assessments to over 50 refugees, the majority of them Tamils.

Then there’s this other kind of terrorism:

A TRAUMATISED former asylum-seeker was last week placed on a good behaviour bond after threatening Department of Human Services staff in Dandenong with a bottle of petrol and a cigarette lighter. The defendant, 28, had threatened to “burn down the place” if he didn’t secure a public housing property “by the end of the day”

And this:

DESPERATE refugee parents are banishing their children to Africa to get the youngsters away from Melbourne’s teen crime scourge. Police say parents are regularly sending young troublemakers back to their homelands, including South Sudan, Sudan and Somalia, to break the cycle of criminality.

Or we could take heed from overseas:

Saffie Roussos was just eight years old… She is one of 22 people at a Manchester pop concert who were murdered by suicide bomber Salman Abedi, son of Libyan refugees.

Or from this, about one of the Islamists behind the shocking Paris attack:

The real name of the suicide bomber apparently carrying a fake Syrian passport when he detonated at the Stade de France remains a mystery, but officials say he entered Europe as an asylum seeker less than two months earlier.

In Germany:

5 people were injured, 2 of them critically, when a 17-year-old Afghan asylum seeker attacked passengers on a train with an axe and a knife.

Also in Germany:

A 27-year-old Syrian refugee detonated a bomb at a wine bar in Ansbach, killing only himself, but wounding 15 civilians.

There’s this warning from the European Union Institute for Security Studies:

The refugee flows present foreign terrorists with a potential new mode of entry to the European Union from ISIL-controlled areas in the Middle East…

In January 2016, … a man of Moroccan origin who had previously stayed at a refugee camp in Germany was shot dead by police in Paris while carrying out what appeared to be an uncoordinated attack. This raises a final eventuality – the spectre that refugees could act as lone wolves, and that the EU is permitting entry to large numbers of foreigners who may harbour resentments against the West and become more radical over time. As predominantly young, male and Muslim, the refugees – and migrants – from the Middle East do broadly fit the profile of those most susceptible to radicalisation,

So what on earth is Duncan Lewis saying – and why?

Did he mislead Hanson and a Senate committee?

Or is our ASIO boss blind to the facts – and to a clear and present danger?

Please explain.



Lewis’s patently false claim is exactly what Fairfax political writer Mark Kenny wanted to hear, and that Hanson was contradicted made it even more welcome.

So Kenny acccepts the falsehoods uncritically, and rejoices in a blizzard of polysyllables:

It is no revelation that an increasingly unabashed discourse of racism, nativist superiority and religious intolerance floats on ignorance… The spymaster’s testimony was a hammer blow to Hanson’s prejudice – an evidence-based exemplar of frank and fearless advice.

A pompous and sanctimonious sermon spolied only by the fact that Lewis was wrong and Hanson right.

But what is the truth to Kenny?


When ASIO chief Duncan Lewis told a parliamentary committee on Friday that he sees no link between taking in more refugees and jihad terror spreading to Australia and the West, he made one of two serious mistakes.

Either the chief of Australia’s national intelligence service is clueless as to the connection between Islam, Muslim fundamentalists and jihad terror, which would be unfathomable for a man in his position, or Mr Lewis intentionally misled our parliament and the Australian public.

In either case, in the current threat situation, the security of our country and our families must be placed into the hands of a qualified ASIO leader, a man or woman who understands the true nature of Islam and is not afraid to speak the truth.

Any other approach is bound to fail, as we have seen time and again across the world, wherever Islamisation progresses unchecked.

Debbie Robinson
Australian Liberty Alliance

ph 1300 188 869

6 thoughts on ““No Evidence” claims a Dunce who is sworn to protect us”

  1. He is either a liar or a fool.
    This overpaid clown must be fired for dereliction of duty. This idiocy must not be swept under the table.

  2. What do you expect? Who is going to admit that government policies have not only been a failure but actually the root cause of the problem of Muslim terror? No, they would rather spend a fortune trying to reduce the risk than deal with the cause of the problem. If there were no Islam there would be no terror. It really is that simple. Much of the media is complicit in the cover up and denial. Maybe they think of Charlie Hedbo before opening their mouths. Truth is the first casualty of war and we have been at war with Islam for a very long time.

  3. He’s not a dunce, just covering for his masters (Labhor and Liaberal) mistakes. Imagine his pay rise after this, good boy, now you can have a bone.

  4. Cops don’t enforce the LAW, they only do their political owners’ bidding.

    You know how pedophiles gravitate to Scouts and the RC Priesthood?

    The smarter criminals gravitate to the cops!

    Never trust the cops to tell the truth.

    Their job description is paid slanderer (fraud; liar) and extortionist gangster (aka slaver).

    If the cops’ boss says “Ignore attempted murders! Don’t enforce the law!” … then whose fault is it, really? Do cops take oaths to only enforce the laws on the books when their bosses OK it first – or do they swear oaths to enforce all the laws fairly and equitably?

    If and when they choose to obey those (technically, illegal) orders to ignore crimes, they are then willfully enabling those crimes, covering up for the criminals (as accessories after-the-fact) and often destroying evidence. All of these acts go beyond mere negligence and as acts of criminal negligence, are crimes in themselves. They all take oaths to serve and protect the people who pay them, not to serve their political masters to protect their own pensions. So when they continue to take their pay, but refuse to protect and serve the people who employ them (the public) they have chosen to become criminal frauds as well.

    “I vas chust following orders!” didn’t work as an excuse for the Nazis at their Nuremberg trials; so why should it work for these Legally Entitled Oppressors (“LEO”s) now?!

    Any cop who stands down when ordered to ignore crimes voids his oath, enables the criminals & supports their crimes, so should be arrested.

  5. There is only ONE soloution to islam (“allah’s” curse) in Australia (or Anywhere) !!!

    “incarcerate” our current crop of islam appeaser “authorities” (aka “allah’s” slaves)
    (eg. The ASIO Thief … er! ah! Chief)
    Purge the islams (aka “allah’s” vermin)
    Purge islam (aka “allah’s” curse)
    Burn the Qur’an (aka “allah’s” crime manual)
    Pulverise the Mosque (aka “allah’s” forts/barracks)
    Purge the non-islam criminal African Tribals (some are aka Sudanese) … here there and everywhere in Australia !!!
    (Return Australia … to be islam appeaser, islam and Criminal African tribals FREE)

    STOP … & Purge islam (“allah’s” curse) moving into the Philippines !!!

    STOP … & Purge islam (“allah’s” curse) moving into Australia !!!
    Stopping means incarceration of our own treasonous politicians,
    Stopping means incarceration of our own treasonous politicians’ appointees,
    Stopping means incarceration of our own treasonous local government councilors,

    Then …
    and only then will the job of purging islam (“allah’s” curse) from Australia begin …
    non-islam Australians have to “clear” the non-islam suicidal self-haters assisting islam first !!!

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