For that, we would need politicians with balls who don’t hide behind some phony ‘human rights’ legislations that were never meant to protect  people who hate us.

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun, June 24, 2017

 “Deport them. That’s what we would do. If they’re your citizens, then stop them from preaching.” The foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates on how the West should fight Islamic hate preachers – but why our leaders are so weak.

This is a must-watch. The UAE foreign minister speaks first:

Reader Andrew Curran, back from eight years of working in senior engineering and security jobs in Saudi Arabia (and now looking for work here) gives the background:

The governments of the Gulf Cooperation Council nations, particularly Saudi Arabia, understand the threat presented by Islamic extremism and how illegal immigration is tied into that threat. Saudi Arabia experienced multiple attacks during 2003 to 2005 which brought the country to its knees economically and resulted in 100’s of deaths. Companies and government agencies were begging expatriate workers to stay, but could not halt the exodus of expertise until they hit back at the extremists, and hit back hard.

Part of that war on extremism was a recognition and subsequent action against people who were in the nation illegally. This became a real priority for them after the Arab Spring. The country had an estimate 2.5 million illegals and the Saudi authorities recognised these people as a significant threat to their culture, sovereignty and security. As a result, between 2012 and 2014, the Saudi Government rounded up approximately 1.5 to 2 million illegals and shipped them home. There was no fuss and no outcry. The police and security services arrested them as part of vehicle stops and sweeps of known areas. They were taken to holding areas where they were fingerprinted. Well over 90% of these illegals did not have any identification or passports. That was not an issue to the Saudis as they simply asked them their home country and put them on a plane to that country. The illegals knew that there was no point lying as it would only cause them more issues once they landed at the destination airport.

The Saudis also recognise the powerful roles Imams have in radicalisation. EVERY mosque in the country is monitored by the Ministry of the Interior. Every mosque has a member of the security forces, secret police, police or an informant monitoring what is preached. If an Imam is preaching a message which is against Saudi policy there is two possible results. If the Imam is not Saudi, they and their family are on a plane to their home country with their paperwork marked “never to return”. This process takes 12 to 24 hours. There is no courts, not AAT, not extensive detention whist various groups spend millions on lawyers. The Saudis recognise that these people have breached the conditions of entry to the country, cancel their visa and escort them to the airport. If the offenders don’t pay for an airline ticket, they are put in jail until the Saudi Government organises a ticket and then they are escorted to the airport for deportation.

If the Imam is Saudi, he is taken for “re-education”. This is a 6 month process and is a source of great shame to the Imams family. If the re-education does not work, they are jailed and their right to travel outside the country is revoked. The more offences, the longer the jail terms. We are talking years and decades here – not 2 months.

Today, Saudi Arabia still has an issue with extremism but in a far more controlled way. They have no issues with deporting or jailing people who are a threat to the community. Their government and population look at places like Europe and Australia and are amazed that we would allow the attacks which have happened.

The video demonstrates just how much the western world, and particularly its governments, have lost touch with reality.

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    Not enough …
    Every type of islam has to go …
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    Deus Vult

  2. Quite a laugh coming from the foreign minister of a country that promotes terrorism in the West by its funding of an extreme form of Islam and its unreported infiltration into all political parties of all western countries by “donations” and “personal contributions”. The Clintons were just one of the worst examples. The real reason why none of our politicians are listening to the people.

  3. I spotted Turnbull in a newsclip on Suday night in what looked like a Greek or other eastern / orthodox church. These people would know the truth about Islam yet Turnbull had the gall to lecturing them in his address that there was ‘a disease within Islam itself’ which was responsible for terrorism. Turnbull made a comment to the effect that he saw himself as linking terrorism with Islam and only Islam but it was still the same old same old BS which the likes of May etc spin, i.e. a perversion of Islam. The church attendees would have known this was a lie and should have straightened Turnbull out there and then.

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