Finsbury Park “racist” mowing down Muslims in Finsbury Park.

A man – seemingly non-Muslim from the video – is arrested in London after his van runs down people outside a mosque. Police report several casualties. UPDATE: Three reported dead.  Unconfirmed.

This will be incendiary if it proves to be an act of terrorism in response to terrorism. Britain now has the makings of a kind of civil war.

Violence will beget violence will beget violence will …


Police have still not confirmed what actually happened – whether this was an accident or terrorism.

But the Muslim Council of Britain has said the worshippers were deliberately run down:

Harun Khan, the head of the MCB, tweeted that the van had “intentionally” run over people leaving night prayers held during the holy month of Ramadan.

Shocked and outraged to hear a van has intentionally run over worshippers leaving night prayers on Seven Sisters Road

From the website of the Finsbury mosque:

Despite being free of radical Islamic cleric Abu Hamza for more than a decade, Finsbury Park mosque still suffers from its former association.

Following Hamza’s conviction on 11 terrorism charges in the US last month the mosque in St Thomas’s Road received hate mail, one of several instances over the past few years.

But this doesn’t worry Mohammed Kozbar, manager of the formerly named North London Central Mosque, who has helped transform a “hostile” environment for extremism into a thriving limb of the community.


The reaction on Twitter is dangerously ugly. Our side, your side.


A terrorist or a drunk? I suspect the former, but can’t rule out the latter from his demeanour:

Why isn’t the media not calling this a terror attack ?,is it because his White

What’s skin colour got to do with it?

Obviously it was motivated by hatred of islam rather than any particular race.  Stay tuned. If it was a kafir we will never hear the end of it.


  1. Civil war is real possibility (not that war is ever “civil”). When the government declares war on a majority of its population you can expect at least some to push back. Obviously the government learned nothing from the Brexit vote. The UK government firmly backs Islam at the expense of the native British citizen, who is now an alien in his own country. Attempts to strike back are futile of course, unless there is a full scale military coup. I think a substantial proportion of non-Muslims would actually welcome military intervention, if it put Islam back in its place.

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