Are Muslims safe in the UK?

Do British Muslims feel safe in the UK?

What worries Muslims  is the Islamophobic tone in the British mainstream press. …

The question is not If Muslims feel safe behind enemy lines. The question is to which degree the infidel governments are derelict in their duty to protect their own citizens from Mohammedan cultural enrichers. Obviously, infidels in Islamic countries are not safe at all:

28-year-old graduate of the Faculty of Commerce at al-Azhar University murders 2 German tourists and attacks 2 others….

It just so happens that infidels, especially Christians, are not safe at all in lands that are occupied by the soldiers of allah:

Egypt: Churches halt all activities for the rest of July because of the jihad terror threat

“Churches In Egypt Halt All Activities For Remainder Of July Amid Terror Threat,” by Joshua Gill, Daily Caller News Foundation, July 14, 2017 (thanks to the Geller Report):

Egyptian churches announced Thursday they will suspend all church activities for the remainder of July per warnings of looming terrorist attacks.

The Evangelical, Coptic Orthodox, and Catholic churches agreed to halt services, conferences, and any church trips to protect their congregations after Egyptian security forces warned them of impending Islamic terrorist attacks, according to a Friday report from Egyptian Streets.

“The decision was taken by the three churches after they had consulted security sources,” a church leader told Al-Masry Al-Youm. “It’s important to protect Christians and their gatherings.”

Churches in Alexandria, however, opted instead to continue their services with stricter security, including police checks, private church security checks, and metal detectors, according to Al-Masry Al-Youm….

3 thoughts on “Are Muslims safe in the UK?”

  1. “Do British Muslims moslems feel safe in the UK?” [Sheik]

    Do British Nationals (non-islams) feel safe in their own country …
    Why would they …
    the islams are invading it …
    helped by the British Government !!!

    something to help every non-islam …
    understand the crime that is islam …

    (age irrelevant)

  2. Why should criminals feel safe from retaliation and justice (aka “blowback”) while living amongst their victims?

    (Rhetorical question)!

    Because they’ve already bought off all the local “authorities” with Saudi oil-money bribes and the implicit threat of violent jihad firebombings and beheadings of THIER families, too, if they don’t SUBMIT fast enough, that’s why!



  3. Why wouldn’t they be safe?
    They have the government in their pockets
    They have the police and the judiciary in their pockets
    The roam the streets without fear or favour
    They are professional dole and health bludgers
    They have got the British population scared of going out in their own country.
    I would say they are as safe as the houses they infest.

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