Australia: ‘Round them up and get them out’

‘Round them up and get them out’
PAULINE Hanson has called for African gang members to be deported following the latest incident of violence in Melbourne at the weekend.–NEWS.COM.AU
Perth man guilty of assault after throwing beer bottle at Muslim woman

She provoked him. She called him “white trash” when he wished her a Merry Christmas. But don’t expect our corrupt judiciary to take that into account.

A Perth man is found guilty of assaulting a Muslim woman after he wished her a merry Christmas and threw a beer bottle at her.
Fined $2400.00 even though the magistrate found that the hijab wearing lady was a “terrible witness”.
The court heard that after she was abused, Ms Kandemir pulled off her head scarf and yelled “do you want to see my hair? Do you want to see my butt?”–ABC.NET.AU

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Last month Moutia Elzahed was charged with contempt after refusing to stand or remove her veil when giving evidence in court.
Last month Moutia Elzahed was charged with contempt after refusing to stand or remove her veil when giving evidence in court.
Sydney University adopts law courses pushing for recognition of sharia law, polygamy and young marriage in Australian legal system

THE most prestigious law school in Australia has two courses which call for elements of sharia law to be recognised in the mainstream legal system — including allowances for polygamy and lowering the age of consent.

One of the Sydney University courses, Muslim Minorities And The Law, is taught by Salim Farrar and Dr Ghena Krayem and it uses a book the pair wrote as “the monograph upon which the unit of study bases its teaching”.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal the book claims “sharia and common law are not inherently incompatible” and that police’s failures to accommodate Islamic religious identity during operations was hampering the fight against Islamist terrorism.

Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham has warned universities that religion has no place in the law.

“Equality of the law, under the law and before the law should be one of the first principles in our law schools,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

“We all operate under the one legal framework in Australia, applied consistently to all and that is not a matter for negotiation.”

Mr Birmingham’s office also warned universities about using taxpayer funds to promote ideologies at odds with the Australian public

“Universities must keep in touch with Australian community expectations and that includes respect for and adherence to Australian law,” a spokesman said.

“Universities operate under a social license and we rightly expect that the taxpayer funding going to those institutions is being used to deliver benefits to all Australians.”

Milad Bin Ahmad-Shah Al-Ahmadzai, 25, has refused to stand for four judges over more than a year.

The book also takes aims at judges for denouncing “conservative Muslim values” during sentencing.

“Where found guilty of transgressing Western values, for example in gender equality, or violating national security, courts have clearly communicated their denunciation of ‘traditional’ or conservative Muslim values when sentencing, dispensing exemplary sentences and announcing aggravating factors, even when the written law does not explicitly demand it,” it says.

The idea of mixing sharia law with Australian law has been criticised by the legal fraternity and Islamic leaders, who said the “division between religion and courts” must be upheld.

However, the authors say when it comes to the law “we will suggest that ‘accommodation’ is not enough and that, as liberal democratic societies, we should move towards a notion of ‘recognition’.”

The authors also call for research into whether polygamy should be legally recognised.

Dr Ghena Krayem teaches one of the Sydney University courses, Muslim Minorities And The Law, with Salim Farrar. Picture: Andy Baker.

“There is no doubt that this is an area that needs to be researched, particularly given the fact that anecdotal evidence suggests that this is an increasing practice in Muslim communities,” it says.

The course brief for Mr Farrar’s undergraduate course Introduction To Islamic law says it will focus on “shari’ah (the classical laws as derived from the religious sources), and will seek to explain its relationship to the contemporary laws of Muslim states and to the cultural practices of Muslim communities living in Australia and other predominantly non-Muslim states.”

Sharia law is Islam’s religious law. It is often described as a code for living for Muslims. There is ongoing dispute between traditionalists and reformists over its application in Western society.

At its most extreme, sharia law calls for death by stoning for adulterers.

However, the Sydney academics condemn such practices in their writings.

The book says “in terms of police operational practice, there has been little evidence of accommodation of Islamic religious identity across our jurisdictions.

Associate Professor Salim Farrar teaches Muslim Minorities And The Law with Dr Ghena Krayem.

“Rather, evidence suggests police have targeted and discriminated against Muslims simply on grounds of religious identity. While Muslims tend not to object to greater personal intrusions where clearly justified for security reasons, such procedural unfairness is likely to be counter-productive in the fight against ­Islamist terrorism.”

In a chapter on Islamic Family Law, the authors say a man has the “exclusive” right to divorce his wife and states that sharia does not recognise minimum age in marriage.

“There is no minimum age for a contract of marriage, but it should not be consummated if that would cause harm to the putative spouse.”

It also criticised the Australian legal system for not recognising the religious significance of paying a woman a fee to marry her, a practice known as mahr.

Law Society of NSW president Pauline Wright said universities were “places of ideas and should be exploring them but having said that in terms of the law — in my view — all Australians should be subject to the same law.

“I don’t think bringing different laws in based on the religion of people coming before the courts is appropriate.”

Gay couple allegedly beaten and detained under sharia Law in Indonesia

The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils spokesman Ali Kadri said sharia was often “misunderstood”, but expressed a similar sentiment.

“I think there is nothing within Australian law which stops me from following my religion as I am supposed to and I would not be compromising anything within my religion by following Australian law as it is,” he said.

“I don’t think we need to have religious connotations with any law because we are a secular country.”

Dr Krayem and a team of Melbourne academics were awarded a federal government research grant in 2015 to research the Response Of Australian Family Law To Islamic Community Processes, to influence “future policy developments”. Family law expert Robert Balzola said it was concerning that public funding was behind the research.

A university spokesman said the “optional” course would provide students with a “basic understanding of the sources of Islamic law and its interpretation”. Both academics declined to comment.

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  1. (please consider)
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    Former Imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca confirms that ISIS has the same beliefs as all Muslims do

    IQ al Rassooli
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    Dear Americans, please always remember that as Infidels/ Kuffar/ Non Muslims, you are NOT the only ones targeted for Subjugation to Sharia or EXTERMINATION by Muslims (Arabs or otherwise) hence it is VITAL that you realize that one does not need more than two brain cells of logic to understand Muslims and Islam in a nutshell~

    Since every Muslim is Sharia compliant (London mayor Khan is a prime example who made Haj to Mecca and hence Sharia compliant as well as Linda Sarsour who LOVES Sharia) every Muslim cannot ever be a Law abiding LOYAL citizen in ANY non Muslim nation because these nations do not submit to Allah’s Sharia. Hence every Muslim is the mortal and eternal enemy of every non Muslim Infidel/ Kafir on planet Earth (80% of current humanity) who hide their disloyalty by PRETENDING and deceiving (Taqiyyah) non Muslims that they are loyal (such as mayor Khan and the Muslims in congress)

    Every Muslim is a potential Mass Murderer the instant he/ she decides that he/she is NOT Sharia compliant enough (just like in the recent Muslim terrorist attacks in UK and the Afghani Muslim soldiers who murder their American benefactors)

    I agree that Not ALL Muslims are Terrorists BUT 100% of all Terrorist attacks against Infidels/ Kuffar are committed ONLY by Muslims. Therefore, every Muslim is a hair trigger Time Bomb primed to go off (It is also a FACT that it is IMPOSSIBLE to point out who among Muslims is a terrorist or not)

    Only in the WARPED imagination of leftists can one find Moderate, Militant, Radical or Extremist Muslims because in reality Muslims are Muslims just as Nazis are Nazis and no one ever addressed Nazis as Moderate, Militant, Radical or Extremist. (Just ask PM Erdogan of Turkey to prove my statements)

    All other explanations are superfluous and redundant It is time for every decent and patriotic person to unshackle yourselves from the pre conceived but erroneous notion that ANYONE who is not a Muslim can make PEACE with Islam.

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  2. Hanson = Common Sense
    Bernardi = Common Sense
    All the rest = Appeasement and surrender.

  3. Two Questions to ask people.
    Is Islam a religion of peace?
    What has Islam done to make the world a peaceful place?

  4. There is no place in a civilized society which was founded upon Judeo/Christian values for any degree of Muslims.
    Sharia is their law. Keep it in the Middle East.
    There is no such thing as Utopia. Liberal, progressive, globalist thinking is a very real threat to democracy. Let your voices be heard!
    Fight back!

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