Dr Jihad urges Muslims to wage jihad in the Middle-East or Western nations

…and he doesn’t mean ‘inner struggle’ either:

Australian Doctor appears in new ISIS video

Australian doctor Tareq Kamleh calls for violence in new ISIS video

ADELAIDE-TRAINED doctor turned Islamic State propagandist Tareq Kamleh has released a new video in which he wields a rifle as he calls for Muslims to fight in Iraq and Syria — or closer to home.

Kamleh — speaking from the group’s under-siege capital of Raqqa in Syria — has not been heard from since his last propaganda film in April 2015.

Tareq Kamleh travelled Australia to join IS and use his medical skills “as part of my jihad for Islam”.

The heavily bearded former paediatric doctor holds an assault rifle in the video as he urges Muslims to fight for their cause in the Middle-East or Western nations.

“It really surprises me of how the Muslim nation is acting at the moment and how stagnant you have become,” Kamleh says.

“We are under continuous bombing here and we are fighting hard to hold the lands of Islam, and hold that only the law of Allah is implemented in these lands.

“What more will it take for it to be justified cause for you to come here to fight for Allah’s sake? And if you can’t make a way to come and make hijrah, you can’t come here — jihad itself isn’t only in the lands of Syria or only in the lands of Iraq.”

An extract from Tareq Kamleh’s 2015 propaganda video

In mid-2015, Kamleh was exclusively interviewed by the Sunday Mail’sNathan Davies, and said “I made a very well educated and calculated decision to come here, it did not involve any brainwashing”.

“I have come here as there are locals suffering from normal medical conditions despite being surrounded by war, with an overt lack of qualified medical care. Is it not my humanitarian duty to help these children also, or only kids with white skin and blue passports,” he said.

Doctors who had studied with Kamleh at the University of Adelaide described him as a promiscuous party boy with a liking for crude pranks.

Also in 2015, heavily redacted court documents were released to The Advertiser by the Australian Federal Police and provided insight into the counter-terrorism case against Kamleh.

The papers accuse Kamleh of actively recruiting for ISIS by appearing in its propaganda material and breaching other federal anti-terror laws.

They allege his involvement with fundamentalist extremism began around the time he moved from Mackay, Queensland, to Perth in WA.

“Up until 2013, Kamleh was living a lifestyle not consistent with what would be described as a practising Muslim,” they assert.

Tareq Kamleh calls himself Abu Yusuf

The South Australian Joint Counter Terrorism Team obtained a warrant for Kamleh’s arrest during a closed-court hearing in 2015.

Issued jointly to the AFP and SA Police, the warrant authorises the doctor’s arrest on charges of:

MEMBERSHIP of a terrorist organisation, contrary to Section 102.3 of the Federal Criminal Code Act (1995).

RECRUITING for a terrorist organisation, contrary to Section 102.4 of the same act.

ENTERING or remaining in a declared area, contrary to Section 119.2 of the act.

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  1. I so hope the Chechens or Russians get this tool. Lets see how brave he is then.

  2. Another stupid dickhead wanting to die for some desert dwelling pig herder . This guy is a one shot, one kill opportunity if I ever saw one.

  3. Enough brains to be a medical doctor? But looks like that part of the brain responsible for critical thinking had atrophied when Islam was being evaluated. No sign of the Hypocratic Oath in the brain either. It was washed out with an Islamic enema of the brain.

  4. Dr Jihad studied at Otago Uni medical school , NZ. This school has produced fantastic doctors , many of them currently working in Australia. Sadly this one drops the ball or the severed head. Shame. NZers are the most naive people in the world. Many still think that this country is somehow immune to the violence elsewhere. of course, it is only a matter of time.

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